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Ionia, Colophon, Mysia, Cyzicus. Variés - Lot de 3 AR (Vè-IIIè siècles av J-C ). Rare.

Collection of 3 pieces.

AR x 3

IONIA - Colophon (c.450-410 BC) Tetartemorion AR
7mm; 0.26g; TTB. R2. See: SGKB.399 var.
Obverse: Laureate head of Apollo right TE
Reverse: Monogram (TE) in a hollow square.

MYSIA - Cyzicus (c.520-480 BC) Tetartemorion AR
5mm; 0.20g; TTB. R2. See: France 359.
Obverse: Tuna head left
Reverse: Quadripartite Hollow Square

MYSIA - Cyzicus (c.450-400 BC) Hemiobolus AR
8mm; 0.33g; TTB. R1. See: SNG BN 375.
Obverse: Leaping boar protome left, behind,
a tuna.
Reverse: Lion's head, gaping mouth in a hollow square;
above, a globulated cross or a flower.

Tracked shipment.

Culture/region Ionia, Colophon, Mysia, Cyzicus
Year/Period and Variation Variés - Lot de 3 AR (Vè-IIIè siècles av J-C ). Rare.
Condition Ungraded