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Calabria, Tarentum, Greece (Magna Graecia), Sicily, Syracuse. Lot x 2 coins: AR Nomos, Æ Timoleon, 3rd-2nd century BC

Greece (Magna Graecia) - Lot x 2

CALABRIA. Tarentum. AR Nomos (6.02 gm). Circa 272-240 BC. Reduced standard.
Obv. Youth on horseback left, placing wreath on horse's head; ΦIΛΩ/TAC in two lines below, ΔI above.
Rev. Phalanthos, nude, holding kantharos and distaff, riding dolphin left; to right, cock standing left.
Vlasto 846 | HNItaly 1024.

SICILY. Syracuse. Timoleon and the Third Democracy. Æ (4.45 gm). Circa 344-317 BC.
Obv. ΣYPAKOΣIΩN, laureate head of Apollo to left; [uncertain symbol] behind.
Rev. Pegasos flying to left; monogram below.
CNS II 85 | HGC 2, 1486 (Agathokles).

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Culture/region Calabria, Tarentum, Greece (Magna Graecia), Sicily, Syracuse
Denomination Lot x 2 coins: AR Nomos, Æ Timoleon
Year/Period and Variation 3rd-2nd century BC
Condition Ungraded