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Greece (Magna Graecia), Sicily, Panormos, Sicily, Sileraioi. Lot x 2 Æ coins, 3rd-2nd century BC

Greece (Magna Graecia) - Lot x 2

Sicily. Sileraioi. Circa 340-330 BC. Æ (6.82 gm).
Obv. Forepart of man-headed bull to right; [ΣΙ]ΛΕΡΑ[ΙΩΝ] (retrograde) around.
Rev. Warrior advancing to right, holding shield and spear; ΣI[Λ] (retrograde) behind.
CNS 2 | HGC 2, 1243. Rare.

Sicily, Panormos. Circa 211-200 BC. Æ (4.61 gm).
Obv. Conjoined heads of the Dioscuri to right.
Rev. ΠANOP-MITAN in two lines within wreath.
CNS 1 | HGC 2, 1074. Rare.

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Culture/region Greece (Magna Graecia), Sicily, Panormos, Sicily, Sileraioi
Denomination Lot x 2 Æ coins
Year/Period and Variation 3rd-2nd century BC
Condition Ungraded