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Italy - 7 banconote Lire - anni vari inclusa sostitutiva e R3

Lot n. 3.
Lot of no. 7 circulated banknotes, including two classified rare (r3) composed as follows:
- 1 x Lire 500 Arethusa, decree 23.04.1975, Giant Catalog BS 25E, classified R3;
- 1 x Lire 2,000 Galileo Galilei, Substitute Series XA....C, Decree 10.22.1976, Gigante BI 59Ba, Classified R3;
- 2 x Lire 1,000 M. Polo, Decrees 1988, Letters F and E;
- 2 x Lire 1,000 M. Montessori, Decrees of 1990 and 1996, Letters A and F;
- 1 x 2,000 G. Marconi, Decree 1990, Letter A.
The banknotes in this lot are circulated, in particular the 2,000 lire banknote Galileo Galilei Serie Sostitutiva XA....C, as can be seen from the high-resolution photographs, has a cut on the left front of about 2.5 cm.

Country Italy
Quantity x nominal value 7 banconote
Denomination Lire
Date - anni vari inclusa sostitutiva e R3
Grade (Certified notes) Ungraded