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Roman Empire. Trebonianus Gallus (AD 251-253). AR Antoninianus, Rome - PIETAS AVGG, Pietas standing to left

Roman Empire - Trebonianus Gallus, 251-253 A.D. Silver antoninianus (3,57 g, 22 mm), minted in Rome, AD 251-253.

IMP CAE C VIB TREB GALLVS AVG Radiate, draped and cuirassed bust of Trebonianus Gallus to right, seen from behind. /

PIETAS AVGG, Pietas standing to left, raising both hands.

RIC IV 42; RSC 84a.


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Culture/region Roman Empire
Ruler/era Trebonianus Gallus (AD 251-253)
Metal AR
Denomination Antoninianus
Year/Period and Variation Rome - PIETAS AVGG, Pietas standing to left
Condition gVF