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Canada. 30 Dollars 2020/2021 Proof, Prestance Faunique set, 4 x 2 Oz

A VERY LIMITED WORLDWIDE PRINT! The mintage of each of the 4 coins, limited to 2,500 copies, making it a very sought-after collection series!

SALE of the complete PRESTANCE FAUNIQUE 2020-2021 series in its original box! Very nice offer:

- Legal tender currency!
- In perfect condition kept in a box signed the ROYAL CANADIAN MINT. Parts protected by 4 capsules; only open with gloves for taking pictures. Proof coins (see photos)!
- 99.99% pure silver!
- Weight per piece: 62.69 g or a total of 4x62.69 = 250.76 grams of pure silver (2 oz per piece)!
- Worldwide mintage: only 2500 coins worldwide for each of the 4 coins!
- Certificate: numbered for each piece!
- Face value: 30 DOLLARS!
- Diameter: 50mm!

A PORTRAIT FROM A WHOLE NEW ANGLE! Wildlife-themed pieces have featured animals full-length or in profile, but full-face representations are rare… and to date, none offered such closeness. You can almost smell the animal's breath!

A LARGER DIAMETER (50 mm) THAT IMMERSE YOU INTO THE SECRETS OF WILD LIFE! Imagine yourself photographing the landscape… when suddenly an elusive animal appears – the perfect image of the Canadian wilderness!

A MIX OF FINISHES! If the selective coloring immediately draws the eye to the animal, the wild environment in the background is just as splendid. From the mountains to the forest, the Canadian panorama is beautifully rendered by an engraving rich in fine details and enhanced with multiple finishes that bring depth to the pattern!

A SWEET THOUGHT FROM CANADA! Canada is well known for the vastness of its nature and for its wildlife. Their beauty is rendered to perfection on the four coins in this series, honoring the still virgin corners of the country and the discreet wild animals they shelter!

Official LINKS for each of the 4 coins (ROYAL CANADIAN MINT website):

- 2 oz. Pure Silver Coin – Wildlife Prestance: Moose - Mintage: 2,500 (2020): pure-presence-wildlife-moose

- 2 oz. Pure Silver Coin – Wildlife Prestance: Bighorn Sheep - Mintage: 2,500 (2020): -pure-silver-personable-wildlife-mouflon-americ

- 2 oz. Pure Silver Coin - Wildlife Prestance: Bison - Mintage: 2,500 (2021): pure-bearing-wildlife-bison

- 2 oz. Pure Silver Coin - Wildlife Presence: White-tailed Deer - Mintage: 2,500 (2021): -coin---imposing-icons-series-white-tailed-deer---mintage-2500-2021

Good luck ! May the best bid win, it's up to you to bet ;-)!