2023 Trends

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Beyond Normal
Express your rebellious side with design and art in a myriad of styles and mediums – from Banksy and Sottsass to Margiela and AI-driven artwork.
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New Heroes, More Narratives
2023 is about more inclusive narratives and special objects that tell a story everyone can relate to. In spirits, emerging tastemakers are taking centre stage and putting a new spin on long-held traditions.
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Y2K Is Now
Return to the early 2000s with glittery fashion and flashy cars. Grab your Pokémon cards, or your favourite Balenciaga City bag for a fabulous night with friends.
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Elevate your space for a serene living environment. Create cosy interiors with softer edges and organic shapes. Find ways to unplug with vintage tarot cards, model trains, vinyl records and more.
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Alternative Investments
Invest in timeless fashion and the latest generation of classic cars: new oldtimers. Discover cognac, armagnac and grappa as worthy alternatives to the traditional investment whisky.
The 2023 Trends Report
Discover the tastes and trends set to define the year ahead. Read the report to learn more about the trends of 2023.

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