Mercedes: the most popular classic car in the Netherlands

Amsterdam,  December 2019 – When it comes to buying classic cars, the Mercedes is a clear favourite – and not just in the Netherlands. Prowling the streets of the DACH region (Germany, Austria and Switzerland), Mercedes tops the list by taking over 23% of the classic cars sold. In the Netherlands, Citroëns and Volvos closely follow the taillights of the Mercedes. This was observed in a study on classic cars by Catawiki, the online platform for unique and special objects, and the Italian Quattroruote Professional , the Editoriale Domus leading business unit that collects data to understand, evaluate and identify the trends that vintage cars are taking today.

Studying purchase patterns and consumer behaviour across Europe, Catawiki observes the pulse of the market and offers some interesting insights. Having put more than 7000 cars on auction since the beginning of 2019, Catawiki is setting the benchmark and becoming a good source for such studies, thanks to the broad variety of cars that is put up for sale on the website. The average price of Mercedes across the six markets that were studied is over 15,000 Euros. Sellers sell about 30% of vintage cars to buyers within the country while the remaining 70% reaches international markets.

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Mercedes 220A

How old is old?

Much like the adage “old wine in a new bottle”, classic car enthusiasts like their cars old but shiny. Nearly 32% of buyers and collectors in The Netherlands have a weakness for cars from the 60s, followed by Youngtimers making the cut at 28% and cars from the 70s making up 18% of the trend. The Fiat 500 Lusso, for instance, is one of the most-sold vintage cars on Catawiki, at an average price of nearly 5,000 Euros. The other models in the top 3 include the Mercedes 560 SL and Chevrolet Corvette C3 Coupe.

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Who is in the driver’s seat?

Whether or not they actually end up in the driver’s seat or don a flashy style to match their classy cars, the average buyer of a classic car is in their 50’s. They are usually men who already own or have sold another classic car from back in the days. They pride themselves over other car collectors for their passion for vintage cars and are willing to spend about 20,000 Euros dedicated to their passion.

Catawiki Mobility General Manager Federico Puccioni: “The study shows that with more shipment partnerships and reliable online payment methods revolutionizing the market, online sales are fast becoming a valuable trend in the car business. At Catawiki, 350 classic vehicles from all over Europe are put on auction every Friday, giving potential buyers access to rare models that are sometimes almost impossible to find in local markets. Needless to say, every classic vehicle put up for auction on Catawiki is reviewed in detail by an expert, through extensive documentation. This way, our experts guarantee that only validated items go out to the buyer. The main concern has always been earning trust, and that is also one of the reasons why making purchases on one’s home ground is a popular option. However, times and trends are changing.”