Unique chance - original Star Trek suits for auction

Special start into the year for Star Trek fans: The online auction platform Catawiki auctions suits of the films and series.

Amsterdam, January 10, 2022: A dream is coming true for fans who have always wanted to own a real Star Trek suit, as Catawiki is auctioning off three original suits from the popular science fiction franchise until Jan. 22, 2021. The franchise has been repeatedly expanded with various movies, television series, video games, novels and comics. Most recently, a new season of the series "Star Trek: Discovery" was released last November. New Star Trek movies and series have already been announced for 2022 as well. Now, in line with this, Catawiki, Europe’s leading marketplace for special objects is auctioning off a treasure trove of very special Star Trek fan items, including three original Star Trek suits made for the films and series. 

In the auction from January 7 to 22, 2022, numerous props, replicas, autographs, photos, posters, scripts, statues, figures and more from the TV series or films can also be purchased on Catawiki.

A highlight for real fans

At the heart of the auction are three unique Star Trek suits. The first is Mr. Spock's iconic blue suit from Star Trek - The Original Series (1966-1969), in which the actor Leonard Nimoy played the human-alien first officer of the Starship Enterprise. Objects from the older original TV series of the 60s are rare and this suit is estimated at around 70,000 euros.

The second suit on offer is that of Dr. Leonard H. "Bones" McCoy from Paramount's first Star Trek film in 1979. The gray suit was made for actor DeForest Kelley. The estimated value of this costume is around 10,000 euros.

The third item to go under the hammer is the complete burgundy original costume of Captain James T. Kirk from Star Trek V; The Final Frontier (1989) with William Shatner - who has seen the final frontier not only in the movies, but recently in real life when he became the oldest person ever to fly into space aboard Jeff Bezos spaceship ‘Blue Origin’. It is estimated that this object will bring the seller about 50,000 euros.

In addition to the suits, also up for auction is a Type II phaser pistol from “Star Trek III: The Search for Spock” and more. Click here to see all the items.

Catawiki Expert for Movie Memorabilia & Merchandise Luud Smits says: “At Catawiki we’re all about celebrating the special and the strange. We know die-hard fans will be thrilled to have the chance to bid on these three Star Trek costumes, made for Captain James T. Kirk, Mr. Spock and "Bones" McCoy. Let the auction voyage commence!”

Exceptional auctions on Catawiki

Catawiki regularly offers numerous, exceptional treasures for fans of special objects of all kinds. Over 250 experts examine the objects from 22 categories and thus contribute to the high quality of the offers. The auction platform offers buyers a wide selection and uniqueness. Whether collector's items, unusual objects or rare merchandise items such as Star Trek suits - there is a special find for everyone on Catawiki.

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