On the occasion of the Apple keynote on June 6, Catawiki, the leading online auction marketplaces for special objects, is hosting its geekiest auction yet - featuring all vintage products from the flagship brand, running from May 30 to June 6. Taking an in-depth look at these unique devices up for auction, the creator specialized in new technologies, Romain Lanéry, will host a Live on Twitch on June 6th after the keynote. 

The growing trend for “Vintech” (vintage high tech)

Since 1976, Apple has revolutionized new technologies with the first new generation computers followed by the introduction of the iPhone and the iPod. With their uniquely playful aesthetic and groundbreaking design, the house of Apple's approach to hardware and software development has been able to strike an eternal chord with consumers and collectors alike. 

Today, these first products have become vintage and can be bought second hand (an Apple computer can be considered vintage when it dates from the early 2000s), as tech loving millennials search for the cult objects that were part of their youth. And the trend is confirmed by online consumer habits, especially in France. 

Catawiki has noted a clear increase in purchases of high tech products and collectibles on its platform, having almost doubled in France in two years. “This “vintech” boom can be linked to an increase in demand for these products - as tech-loving 90’s kids are often drawn to the cultural nostalgia of these objects and a desire to own a pristine example of techno-history. They also have more freely disposable incomes to start these kinds of collections. Vintech collectors are coming to Catawiki for its specialist quality, rare worldwide supply and pristine condition.” explains Toby Wickwire, expert in toys and high tech at Catawiki. “Often nowadays, the next hot product launch focuses on the future of Apple. However, with this auction, we want to look at the amazing past of Apple’s vintage tech products.” 

An exceptional auction to find rare items on the occasion of Apple keynote

To celebrate the Apple brand and on the occasion of the 2022 Apple keynote, Catawiki is offering a curated auction featuring a selection of rare vintage Apple products highlighting the brand's most iconic models: Apple computers, MacBook and iMac (from 1998 and 1999) as well as the first iPod and iPhone. More specifically, the auction includes the whacky Blue Dalmatian iMac, a cult first gen iPod, the (at the time) futuristic and luxury 1997 limited edition 20th Anniversary Apple Macintosh, and more.

Catawiki and the famous French content creator Romain Lanéry have teamed up for a live Twitch event on June 6th, to give explanation and guide the users in the purchase of the devices. On the day of the keynote, he will be showcasing the Apple devices available on Catawiki and will comment on the Apple Keynote live on Twitch, followed by a Catawiki focused live from 9PM (end of the keynote) to 10.00 / 11.00 PM. Romain will find and select his favorite products among those offered during the auction and will make live bids with his community. He will also be accompanied by a Catawiki expert in computer collectibles who will advise his community on the value and conservation of products, and  how best  to place a bid to win the product.

Five tips to recognize valuable Apple and electronic vintage products:

1 - The very first version of the iPod uses a click wheel that is mechanical and actually spins instead of just using touch. These are very collectable.

2 - Early Macintosh models have signatures of the Macintosh team molded into the inside of the case including Steve Jobs. The owners would never find it unless they took it apart.

3 - To find out the value of an item, you can search for similar computer collectable items and auctions on Catawiki and check the auction results.

4 - Many peripheral cards were made for the Apple II series of computers so it’s always important to look at each one and research the value before selling.

5 - To maintain maximum resale value of tech collectibles in the future, keep the original box, paperwork and receipts. If you are selling something that has been well used or you found it in a poor state there are many tutorials on Youtube for how to disassemble and clean items.

Notes to editors

Previous vintech objects sold on Catawiki:

  • Floppy disk signed by Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple, sold for €2405 in 2021

  • 1980's Apple Personal Computers lightbox dealer sign sold for €2500 in 2021

  • A rare and sought after item in working condition, an Apple Lisa computer sold for €4775 in 2021.