Brick by Brick: Catawiki seeks LEGO expert to help shape the world of collectables

Amsterdam, 13 November 2023 - LEGO bricks are known for bringing even the most unexpected ideas to life, but could they bring your dream job to life as well? The answer might just be yes. Catawiki, the leading online marketplace for special objects, is thrilled to announce it has begun the search for a full-time LEGO expert to join its team. 

The search for a new expert coincides with a surge of nearly 40% in LEGO sales on the platform compared to the same period in 2022, evidencing the growing popularity of all things LEGO. The iconic toy manufacturer, which celebrated its 90th anniversary last year, has undergone a series of notable transformations throughout the decades. From its origins as a wooden toy manufacturer, LEGO pieces have evolved into potential investment opportunities and highly sought-after collectables. People’s passion for LEGO knows no bounds. It’s not just a hobby; it’s a community, a culture, and for many, an investment. 

Now, one lucky LEGO connoisseur will have the chance to further nurture this community and enable others to pursue their passion on Catawiki. Job tasks include evaluating sets submitted by sellers, leveraging expert knowledge and network to craft attractive item listings, and offering reviews and value estimates—all of it while blending your career with a lifelong interest.


Earlier this year, Catawiki expanded its team of experts with another special addition to the pop culture category - a Pokémon expert, Mickael Molé, selected for this unique role, shares insight into how his passion for pocket monsters blends with his daily responsibilities at work: “I've been working as a Pokémon expert at Catawiki for 6 months; it has been an exceptional experience so far. I have the chance to combine my childhood passion with my professional life and feel grateful to have the occasion to exchange with so many sellers and buyers around Europe.”

The list of people who could join Mickael and all our hundreds of in-house experts in turning their childhood passions into a livelihood does not stop there! Catawiki is also recruiting for the role of expert in Tin Toys and Dinky Toys

LEGO expert applicants are welcome to submit their candidature here



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