Rare ‘duck’ Citroen Sahara predicted to sell for up to £120,000 on online auction site Catawiki

The auction features a range of classic Citroens dating back to the 1950’s including two Citroen 2CV Saharas and a Citroen 2 CV AZU, each of which are available for classic car enthusiasts to bid upon from the 27th November to the 11th December. One of the best-known and admired cars of its time, the Citroen 2CV Sahara, is also known as the ‘duck’. A very rare find with only 694 cars produced of this type, it was primarily purchased by Spanish police or used by rescue teams in the Alps before earning its status as a cult classic. The first car available in the auction is a roadworthy 1961 grey four-wheel-drive Sahara. The unique design features two 425cc engines and two ignitions giving it the power to go off-road. This car has been kept in exceptional condition and has received a significant technical investment, making it an exciting buy. It is expected to sell for a cool £90,000 - £120,000, beating the current world record of $142,000 for this model. A similar version of the Sahara from 1963 is also available to bid upon, the beige ‘duck’ is perfect for Citroen lovers looking to add to their growing collections and is estimated to be sold for approx £50,000 during the auction. Completing the trio of flagship classics available in the auction, is a fully restored Citroen 2CV AZU in perfect condition. The ‘box-duck’, as it is often referred to, is an estate car that was previously used for delivering items and is expected to sell for minimum of £14,000. Catawiki’s Classic Cars Auctioneer and British car enthusiast, Till Rosenkranz has commented, "It was really hard work but we’ve managed to find 33 very special Citroen Cars for this auction. I`m really proud to present to our bidders this variety of French classics, especially these two Citroen 2 CV "Sahara" 4x4s we have on offer. With only 694 cars ever built, we have with production number 0033 one of the earliest, and with number 642 one of the latest. This will be a real "duck-fest" for all the Chevron enthusiasts around the world, and nicely timed leading up to Xmas." The Citroen car auction at Catawiki is now open for bids and runs until Friday 11 December at http://auction.catawiki.com/citroen-classic-car-auction