Rock and Roll! Painting by Libertines frontman Pete Doherty comes up for sale on online auction site Catawiki

Created in 2013, little is known about the piece, entitled Time Out / Patron Saint of Tourment, leaving it open to interpretation. Arguably capturing his current state of mind, Doherty can be seen to be attacking the canvas with a multimedia of oil paint, pencil, ballpoint and collage. What could easily be mistaken as damage to the canvas is intentional and typical of his work. Characteristically disturbing, Doherty’s seemingly visceral work has captured the art world and combined with his celebrity status, has seen his blood-spattered paintings fetch up to £35,000 at auction. His time spent as The Libertines frontman has earned him a legendary rock star status and won him a loyal following, affording the highest bidder a small slice of rock and roll history. Catawiki’s specialist art auctioneer, Anthony Crisp has commented, “Full of energy, Doherty’s artwork can be seen as snapshot into his life and in this way is arguably performance art. There is always a keen market for celebrity artwork, particularly that of musicians and Doherty’s popularity and cult status mean there will undoubtedly be strong interest around this lot.” But Pete Doherty is not alone, as many musicians have decided to lay down their instruments in favour of a paintbrush. With Doherty’s Time Out / Patron Saint of Tourment expected to sell for up to £3,500 on Catawiki, how does his work fair against other musicians-come-artists? Bob Dylan: Topping the chart, Dylan’s artistic efforts have created quite a stir among art collectors and fans alike, with prices ranging from £95,000 to £450,000. Ronnie Wood: Famed for being a member The Rolling Stones, Wood has also become known for his paintings, often featuring his fellow band members, which have been known to fetch a staggering £300,000 at auction. Marilyn Manson: Often dark and disturbing, the divisive goth rocker’s watercolour paintings have got a cult following, with previous pieces selling for over £70,000. Paul Simonon: The Clash bass guitarist has been painting since the Eighties. Despite facing criticism over his art, Simonon’s works go for between £5,000 and £30,000 at a time. Pete Doherty’s Time Out / Patron Saint of Tourment Catawiki is now open for bids and runs until Sunday 6 December at: