Beatles’ hair sells for €10,000

During an online auction on Catawiki, the auction platform for special objects, strands of hair belonging to the four Beatles members were sold for €10,000. The hair, which yielded four times its estimated value, attracted the attention of bidders from all over the world. According to Denny Hoekstra, Beatles expert at Catawiki, the lots concerned were very special Beatles memorabilia. “The hair in the auction was cut off on 12th December 1964 whilst filming The Beatles’ film, ‘A Hard Day's Night’. Afterwards, the strands of hair were immediately collected by a smart makeup artist who later sold them to fans.” According to Catawiki, nowadays there's a booming trade in the hair of famous people. “In general, the hair of celebrities will only become more and more valuable over time, which makes these locks of hair good investments.”

Paul McCartney's hair yielded the highest revenue

During the auction, the hair was offered up as 4 individual lots and consequently, a true bidding war started for each lot. “Paul McCartney's hair was the most sought after. It was sold for more than €2,700. The hair of George Harrison and Ringo Starr were sold for €2,600 each and were bought by a bidder from France. Surprisingly, the hair belonging to John Lennon yielded only €1,200.”

Most expensive hair in the world

The most expensive hair in the world is probably that of emperor Napoleon. Last year, a tiny piece of hair (4 mm) belonging to Napoleon was sold on Catawiki for €2,400. With regard to the length, this was probably the most expensive hair in the world.