Wendel I Dietterlin (1550-1599) classical art

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Erich Kittmann (1892-1978) - Portrait of the artist's wife - NO RESERVE

This is a large portrait of the artist’s wife by Erich Kittmann (Kłodzko 1892 - 1978 Mittenwald) a Polish-German portrait , landscape and graphic artist born in Klodzko ( an old historic town situated in Lower Silesia, Poland, very close to Czechia) and a portraitist ‘par


Gerhard Mayer (1911-1999) - Expressionist landscape with Bichlbach in Tyrol (Austria)

Large colourful painting of a landscape with Bichlbach in Tyrol with dynamic brushwork. It is inspired by classic expressionist painters like Ernst Ludwig Kirchner and Erich Heckel. The German artist Gerhard Mayer studied at the Stuttgart Academy of Art, but was expelled for


Gennaro Pardo (1865 - 1927) - Marina siciliana con barche - NO RESERVE

GENNARO PARDO. (Castelvetrano, 1865 - 1927) Sicilian navy with boats. Oil on panel, cm. 23 x 29. Signed 'G. PARDO' bottom left. Frame size, cm. 35 x 41 x 5 approx. NOTES: Publication of the catalog of works from the Intermidiart collection. Signed lower right. Certificate of


Otto Wilhelm Eduard Erdmann (1834-1905), After - Gesellschaft im Rokoko-Interieur

The work is signed at the bottom. The state of conservation of the work can be seen, it has some flaws and some slight cracks. The work is presented framed (the frame has several flaws) Work measurements: 20 x 28 cm. Frame measurements: 26 x 34 cm.


Antoni Trulls Pons (1925-2008) - Una terraza sobre la Costa Brava

Signed on the bottom by the artist (Antoni) On the back, it is again signed, dated 1985 and titled. The painting is presented framed. work measurements: 65 cm. Height x 54 cm. Wide. frame measurements: 88 cm. Height x 77 cm. Wide. Painter from Manresa, who practiced the


Augusto Valli (1867-1945) - Pastorello arabo - NO RESERVE

Beautiful work from the orientalist period by VALLI AUGUSTO Modena 1867- 1945 depicting an Arab Patorello with flock. The panel painting is in good pictorial condition and is signed lower left. The frame is contemporary with the work. Provenance from private collection. Fast


Luigi Codini (XX) - Tempio di Vespasiano e Tito a Roma

The watercolor with a golden frame describes the remains of the Temple of Vespasian and Titus in the Forum of Rome. Every detail is created with a high and accurate descriptive capacity and the light present is particularly effective in rendering every shape, volume and colour.


Janos Szöllösy (1884-?) - Dorfidylle

Painting by Janos Szöllösy, Hungarian artist (born 1884) beautiful original painting, framed and signed. Individual work. Frame size 65cm x 50cm x 4cm thick, fold dimensions: 49cm x 40cm. 3.5kg heavy. Motifs: Hungarian village landscape with a farmer's wife. Signed lower left.


Scuola Francese (XVIII), seguace di Jean-Baptiste Jouvenet - La Pesca Miracolosa

Ancient painting, oil on canvas, dating back to the first half of the 18th century, depicting The Miraculous Peach. This splendid and evocative canvas, of which a very refined execution technique is observed and in which the author demonstrates great talent, is derived from the


Carlo Capelli (XX-XXI), after Lempicka - Selfportrait

Beautiful reproduction of the famous "Self-portrait" that Tamara de Lempicka painted in Paris in 1928. The new handcrafted black listel frame enhances the painting, protected by a glossy varnish. A furnishing accessory ready to hang that can become a successful gift! As always:


Scuola Lombardo (XVII/XVIII), attribuito a Antonio Cifrondi (1656-1730) - Giocatori di carte

LOMBARD SCHOOL OF THE 17TH/18TH CENTURY, Attributed to ANTONIO CIFRONDI. (Clusone, 1656 - Brescia, 1730) Card players. Oil on canvas, cm. 38.5 x 44. Frame size cm. 45 x 51 x 4 approx. NOTES: Publication of the catalog of works from the Intermidiart collection. Certificate of


Alessandro Lupo (1876–1953) - Scena Galante

ALESSANDRO LUPO. (Turin, 1876 – 1953) Gallant scene. Oil on canvas, cm. 67 x 100 – unsigned. Work accompanied by verbal opinion. of authenticity by Dr. Alessandro Lupo. NOTE: Publication of the catalog of works from the Intermidiart collection. Unsigned work. Work coming from the


Europäische Schule (XIX-XX) - Weiblicher Akt im Atelier - NO RESERVE

European School (XIX-XX) - Female nude in the studio. Watercolor on paper, mounted on a support. Sheet size: 37 x 26 cm. Total: 53 x 43.5 cm. The edges of the watercolor are irregular. Please look at the photos, which are part of the condition description.


Scuola francese (XVIII) - Ragazzo con ciliegie

Ancient painting, oil on canvas, from the 18th century, depicting a boy with cherries. This fascinating and evocative canvas appears to be attributable to an artist active in France during the eighteenth century, just as the pictorial quality and stylistic references of the work


Scuola italiana (XX), After Francesco Guardi (1712–1793) - Veduta della Piazzetta verso San Giorgio

ITALIAN PAINTER OF THE 20TH CENTURY. After by FRANCESCO GUARDI. (Venice, 1712 – 1793) View of the Piazzetta towards San Giorgio. Oil on canvas, cm. 45.5 x 37 – Signed “MIGLIARA” at the bottom right. Dimension with frame, cm. 55 x 46 x 5 approx. NOTE: Work signed lower right and


Escuela italiana (XVIII) - Piedad

The work is not signed. The painting is presented without framing. The state of the work is acceptable, although it is necessary to comment that it has some slight fault (judging by the photographs). Measurements of the work: 95 x 88 cm.


Frédéric Borgella (1833-1901) - Jeunes filles au narguilé

This charming work represents three young girls in a wood smoking a hookah and drinking tea. This painting is both tender and joyful. The work is in very good condition, two small restorations have been made but are invisible on the surface of the canvas. The damaged frame is


A. Della Valle (XX-XXI) - Interno Classico

The painting captures the serene atmosphere of an elegant living room, enriched with baroque details. A woman intent on sewing on the sofa creates a contrast between the artisan tradition and the surrounding opulence. Through an open door you can glimpse a welcoming kitchen with


Valentino White (1909-1985) - Mareggiata a Positano

Valuable oil painting on 50x70 canvas, beautiful and bright sea storm signed by the professor WHITE VALENTINO. Supplied with a 65x85 golden frame in good condition, 1960s free date. we ensure accurate professional packaging, with U.P.S. shipments.


Francisco Carbonell Massabé (1928) - Almendros en flor

Signed by the author at the bottom and on the back it is again signed and titled. Good condition. The work is presented framed. Work measurements: 60 x 73 cm. Frame measurements: 80 x 93 cm. Artist biography: He was born in the city of Barcelona on April 28, 1928. His time at


English painter (19th-20th century) - Portrait of a girl

English painter (19th-20th century) - Portrait of a girl. 46 x 36 cm without frame, 51 x 41 cm with frame. Antique oil painting on canvas, in a gilded wooden frame. Condition report: Lined canvas. Good condition of the pictorial surface, there are signs of aging and wear. -


Amador Torresechandi (1950) - Paisaje

Signed by the author at the bottom. Good state of conservation. The work is well framed. Work measures: 33 cm height x 41 cm width. Frame measurements: 60 cm height x 67 cm width. Artist biography: Spanish painter born in Olot (Gerona) on July 10, 1950. Torresechandi is a


Maurice Ambroise Ehlinger (1896-1981) - Monique

Maurice Ambroise EHLINGER (1896-1981) Internationally renowned French artist. Works preserved in many French museums, notably in Saint Dié where thirty-seven paintings and a large number of drawings are exhibited. Public sales and exhibitions in Europe, USA, Japan etc. The


Pere Colldecarrera (1932 - 2020) - La Moixina (Olot)

The work is signed by the artist at the bottom (p.colldecarrera) On the back, it is again signed and titled "La Moixina (Olot)" The work is well framed. the state is good. Work measurements: 33 cm. high x 55 cm. Wide. Frame measurements: 52 cm. height x 74 cm. Wide.


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