Wood (Mahogany) Longcase clock

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Wall clock - Comtoise clock duration 31 days - Brass and steel - 1750-1800

An antique Comtoise clock with a duration of approximately 31 days. Rooster casting with 'hands' Fraternité (brotherhood) Revolutionary period 1790-1795. The clock is in perfect running condition. Going gear: Verge escapement with wire crank and lead pendulum body. Duration of


Wall clock - Comtoise clock - Brass and steel - 1750-1800

A Comtoise with rooster casting from the period 1780-1790. Spiral escapement with wire crank and lead crank body. Duration of one week. Percussion: half-hour striking mechanism on bronze bell. The clock is in perfect running condition. Comes with weights, key, crank. Can be


Mantel clock - Bronze, Marble - 19th century

No visible damage.


Mantel clock - Clock and garniture set - A. Ferrand / Lyon - Art Deco - Gilt bronze, pink marble - 1920-1930

Magnificent clock from the 20th century. Gold medal encrusted in the movement. Pink marble and gilded bronze. Very good state. Hand numbered under the trimmings. Numbered on the movement. Luxury clock A la Grande Bijouterie. From A. Ferrand Lyon. Careful shipping with postal


Mantel clock - Figural mantel clock - A.D. Mougin - Marble, Spelter - 1910-1920

Mantel clock model “ROSEE” by Ruchot. marble base. statue in regula. height: 53 cm. weight: 7kg300. works. tracked delivery


Opus - Cylinder music box - (1) - Japan - 1990-2000

OpusIII, 30 Note Crystal Glass Music Box w. Detailed Feet, Limited Sale - 'Eine Klein Natchmusik (Mozart)' Mint Condition. Plays perfect. A combination of old world charm and modern design, the gorgeous crystal music box with dragon feet is a perfect addition to any home. The


An Important Mantel Clock from the Directoire Period - Dieudonné Kinable, attributed to Claude Galle - Marble, Ormolu - around 1800

Clock made under the Consulate (1799-1804) signed Kinable. Rare model attributed to the famous French foundry-engraver Claude Galle whose subject represents General Bélisaire reduced to begging. Belisarius was a general of Emperor Justinian. He remains famous for his feats of


Clock - Comtoise clock - Albisola - Baroque - Brass, Steel - 1850-1900

Well-running comtoise clock with anchor movement, equipped with a beautiful boom pendulum and in good condition. The clock will be shipped by registered mail with a suitable key, but can also be picked up


Mantel clock - Clock and garniture set - Louis XV Style - Gilt bronze, Marble - 1850-1900

French - Circa 1870 ~ ~ Excellent condition, fully overhauled ~ An exceptional antique French Louis XV style clock set. Beautifully made in ormolu (finely gilded Bronze Dore), patinated bronze and Rouge Griotte Marble. The clock is mounted in a bronze orb floating in the


Table/desk clock - Restauration Style - Crystal, Gilt bronze - 1900

Pendulum in cut crystal and gilded bronze, Restoration period circa 1900. In cut crystal and chiseled gilt bronze mount. white enamel dial. circa 1900. French work. good general condition (see photos) please note that there are cracks and small losses in the crystal visible in


Mantel clock - Bernard Barrard et Cie. Paris - Napoleon III - Onyx, Bronze, Brass etc. - 1880-1890

Entire clock is in excellent condition. The movement functions as it should with a striking bell every half hour. Just adjust on site and you're done. Unfortunately, the winding key is missing.


French Madonna with Cross Clock - Exclusive - Gilt bronze - 1820

Exclusive French Bronze Clock from the early 1820s. Material: Gilded Bronze, gold and mercury. Conditions: Perfectly working with original mechanics. Dial: Original enamelled. Subject: Madonna with Christ, represents Italy. On the table it says love of country is our law. It


Mantel clock - Louis Philippe Style - Gilt bronze - 1830-1840

Pretty gilt bronze table clock from the Louis-Philippe period, circa 1830-1840, representing a young boy playing the transverse flute. Paris movement with wire suspension and advance/delay adjustment on the front (key provided) signed A. Gouel in Paris. Ringing half past hours on


Mantel clock - Fleur(ie?) - Gilt bronze - Mid 19th century

Antique French Empire mantel clock - bronze, fire-gilt, patinated - 1855. ANTIQUE mechanical Empire table clock with boy king, ca. 1855. Original French Empire table clock with a young hunter and traditional Napoleon decor. Antique around 1855 The clock is functional. An antique


Mantel clock - Gothic Style - Gilt bronze, Patinated bronze - 1850-1900

Rare Neo-Gothic French clock, circa 1850. Patinated and gilded bronze, with a seated Cupid with rose and other ornaments near a Gothic cathedral. Beautiful finely carved openwork mantel clock. Clock and striking mechanism have been checked and function fine. The photos are part


Mantel clock - Empire - fire-gilded bronze - 1800-1850

This beautiful openwork Empire clock is richly decorated with cupids and associated elements of him. The photos are part of the description. Our items can be viewed in Mora Antiques showroom in Bilzen / Belgium.


Mantel clock - Figural mantel clock - Empire - Gilt bronze, Ormolu - 1800-1850

A large, rare patinated and gilded bronze. pendulum representing Venus imprisoning Cupid in a cage. The base of the clock is decorated with griffins and mythological leaves. Griffins are depicted as a symbol of divine or royal power and a good protector of treasure (love). The


Mantel clock - Neuchâteloise clock - Josué Robert (1691-1771) - Louis XIV - lacquered wood - 1740-1

Antique Neuchateloise clock by the well-known Swiss watchmaker Josue' Robert, green lacquered wood case finely decorated with floral motifs, golden dial with Roman numerals, 8-day winding mechanism with verge escapement and hour and half hour chime on bell. Mechanism signed


Mantel clock - Empire Style - Wood (Mahogany) - 1850-1900

Beautiful Mahogany Glass mantel clock with facet cut diamonds on both the front and the back of the mantel clock. The time is indicated by hands on a silver-colored dial. The mahogany from which the clock is made is in excellent condition. The timepiece runs and strikes correctly


Mantel clock - Louis Philippe - Bronze - approx. 1840

French clock in burnished bronze c.a. 1840' Louis Philippe period. Conditions: In perfect working order with original mechanics (small cracks on the rear glass) Dial: Original. Our art gallery personally takes care of the construction of wooden boxes to ensure safe


Table/desk clock - Table clock - Art Nouveau - oak, brass, steel, opal glass - 1900-1910

Special and rare Art Nouveau / Jugendstil mantel clock. Also called the Arts and Craft period in English-speaking countries. The robust housing is made of oak and features brass ornamentation and roof. Typical Art Nouveau dial and hands. The multi-coloured glass, so-called pate


Clock & garniture set - Clock and garniture set - AD. Mougin - Louis XV Style - Gilt bronze, tortoiseshell - 1850-1900, 1878-1899

A rare French gilt bronze (ormolu) tortoiseshell veneered Boulle style fireplace garniture comprising a central clock (French: cartel) and a pair of flanking four-candle chandeliers. Movement stamped by Adolphe Mougin, clock signed ‘Martinot a Paris’ on the dial. France, late


Mantel clock - Regency - Gilt bronze - 1850-1900

Hello, here's another top offer from the time trader. A beautiful top mantel clock that is part of a clock set. The candlesticks are also sold through this auction. Beautiful beautiful large bronze Regency pillar mantel clock. Clock is from around 1890. Beautiful model. Very


Figural mantel clock - AUBREE Rue St Honoré 154 - Louis XVI Style - Gilt bronze, Marble - approx. 1860

19th century French Louis XVI gilt bronze mantel clock with marble base and large Putty reading sculpture, This work uses fine carving and subsequent polishing to present two playful and cute children with naturally curly hair, combined with frosted carving techniques. The chubby


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