Wood (Walnut) Bracket clock

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Tabletop clock - Ferrari - Steel (stainless) - Late 20th century

The watch is in perfect working order. New battery recently installed. Revised movement. It has always been kept in a glass case. Consisting of two parts: 1) The balanced base that holds it in place and is the heaviest part. 2) The actual watch with a 5cm diameter dial. The


Comtoise Rooster - Bronze, Steel - Second half 18th century

Beautiful, perfectly restored Comtoise rooster


Cylinder music box with bells - Brass, Wood (Rosewood) - Late 19th century

RARE LARGE ROLLER GAME WITH 5 BELLS. PROBABLY WALNUT. MECHANICS: Ratchet winding mechanism on the left side in the housing for the elevator, upper lever on the right side for selecting one or more songs, lower lever on the right side for start/stop, roller as far as can be seen


Mantel clock - Franz Rzebitschek, Prague - Alabaster, Wood - circa 1801

Clock with music box dating back to the 18th century, enriched by alabaster columns. This watch is a testament to the art and engineering of the era, with the music box adding a musical dimension to its beauty. The alabaster columns give a touch of elegance and nobility to the


Table/desk clock - Table clock Swissmade - Imhof - glass - brass - - 1950-1960

Table clock - ball clock. Manufactory Imhof, Swissmade. 1960s. Material: glass - brass. Condition: good for its age, with small traces of time. No defects, clockwork runs perfectly. The photos are part of the description


Mantel clock - Bronze - 1870

Gilt bronze mantel clock. Louis seize style. Beautifully decorated. Dating: 1860. Movement with medal argent 1855. Weight: 3745 grams. Supplied with key and crank. In good condition with traces of use. Not restored.


Mantel clock - Gilt bronze - 1800-1850

Beautiful empire mantel clock depicting Amor in the cradle. Clock is intact and the movement has been professionally cleaned. The timepiece has a pendulum suspension on a wire. The clock strikes a bell on the half and full hours. A suitable key is included. Shipping as a


Table clock - Vetta - Brass - 1940-1950

Swiss Vetta watch with manual winding lasting 8 days. The style is classic, suitable both as a table, shelf or desk clock, and as a bedroom alarm clock. Manual winding movement and alarm function. Marked "Vetta" "8 15 jewels" on the dial. Material: case entirely in solid brass


Table/desk clock - Alarm clock - Audemars Piguet - Steel - 2010-2020

Audemars Piguet - AP TABLE CLOCK 11.59 EDITION RARE. Audemars Piguet Code 11.59 alarm table clock. Quite heavy and with a stunning dark blue dial, this watch looks the same as any Code 11.59. Measuring approximately 6.5cm, the Audemars Piguet Code 11.59 Alarm Table Clock is


Mantel clock - Gilt bronze - 1820

A 19th century gilded bronze pendule with a beautiful and elegant putto seated on a small low bench intent on playing a flute. In good condition with slight traces of use and age. Dimensions: 14.5 cm width, 11 cm length and 30 cm height.


Table/desk clock - Table clock - Montblanc - metal - 2000-2010

Montblanc travel watch/alarm clock. Set in leather case with classic external logo. Used little, well preserved and in working order. There are some slight signs of the time. Shipping via Express Courier


Table/desk clock - Travel clock - Cartier - Gold-plated - 2000-2010

Stylish travel clock from Cartier, type Trinity. Gold yellow, white and rose gold plated with a silver colored dial. Alarm function and Roman numerals.


Mantel clock - Gilt bronze, Wood - Late 19th century

Boulle pendulum table clock. These watches are known for their elegance and intricate design. Made with the Boulle inlay technique, which combines brass and tortoiseshell or brass and ivory, these watches are true artistic masterpieces. With their pendulum movement that


Mantel clock - Gilt bronze, Onyx - 1890-1900

Rare mini mantel clock on a glass console, with a well-functioning movement. The clock will be well packaged and shipped by registered and insured mail, including key.


Table/desk clock - Alarm clock, Travel clock - Brass - 1950-1960

jaeger, recital. alarm clock in gilded brass openwork with foliage. golden dial, Roman numerals, striking index-style hand at 12 o'clock... dimensions length 21cm, width 7.5 cm, depth 3cm. A small screw is missing from 4 of the hinges visible in one of the photos. he works .


Skeleton clock - Congreve rolling ball clock - Brass - 2020+

Congreve Clock. Rolling Ball clock. Skeleton movement Brass with gold colour plated Clock size 40cm x 22cm x 18cm. Weight 8 kg. Rolling Ball movement 8 days power reserve Rare and unique Made in China Shop display condition Shipping by UPS with insurance . We will not


Mantel clock - Empire - Gilt bronze, Marble, Patinated bronze - 1800-1850

Very high quality Empire clock clock with beautifully patinated bronze statue of Father Time on rouge marble base, signed by Charles Oudin Elèvede Breguet. Charles Oudin: Charles Oudin is one of the oldest French watchmaking companies. It was founded in Paris in the late 18th


Wall clock - Comtoise clock - onbekend in Jura - Louis XVI Style - Brass, Enamel, Iron (cast/wrought) - 1750-1800

small saucer cock 21.5cm. 18th century dish rooster-Comtoise with its old rooster casting with a medallion with three lilies flanked by two 'hens' on each side. casting: medallion with three lilies and rooster looking back. a restored saucer cock, completely original, beautiful,


Table/desk clock - Bulova - Glass - Aluminum - Plastic - 1980-1990

Beautiful, like new, Bulova pulse battery table clock. Made of glass - aluminum - metal and black plastic. Skeletonized movement, strikes once every hour on the bell. Dial with Roman numerals for the hours and small dial with Arabic numerals for the seconds. Measurement: Height


Table/desk clock - Table clock - Art Deco - wood metal - 1960-1970

Table clock in good general condition, brand Junghans Eletronic Ato/Mat like a quartz cube, wood and metal, with door that opens forward, excellent condition, signs of wear from normal use


Mantel clock - Pendulum clock - Louis XVI Style - Brass - 1950-1960

Boulle Louis XVI style clock. Conditions: Working with key. Brass inlay workmanship and wooden case. Production of the 60s. Height 38 cm.


Wall clock - Cuckoo clock - Bronze, Wood - 1960-1970

Mechanical - 1 day movement - half hour, one gong Forest Cuckoo 35cm. Cuckoo clock with 1-day-movement. Handmade from wood and painted in the Forest. Mechanical one-day chain movement, wooden hands, wooden dial, night cut. Chimes at half past the hour. Hubert-Herr is one of the


Wall clock - office clock - JAZ - Plastic - 1950-1960

Very beautiful wall clock from the French brand JAZ. It is a great vintage decoration item. in very good aesthetic condition and works perfectly!


Floor clock - Longcase clock - Wood, Oak - 1960-1970

A beautiful large grandfather clock. Equipped with an excellent timepiece that runs like a charm. He has three weights which indicates he has a Westminster strike. This clock will not be shipped and can be picked up after consultation.


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