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pBONE - Trombone Mini In Plastica Rosso In Mib - Alto trombone

Never used instrument displayed in shop. Alto Trombone in Eb. Body in red ABS. Fiberglass slide. Bell 7" Double bore: 12.32 - 12.7 mm. Ultra light: approx. 0.7kg. With bag and synthetic mouthpiece (small pen)


大正琴 - TAISHO KOTO Harp - Number of items: 1 - Koto - Japan

We'll be using either Japan Post or DHL to ship your item. It will be shipped from Japan, so it will take some time to arrive. Please note that the prices of the items listed do not include taxes like duties. There may be scratches and dirt caused by age. If an item exceeds the


Onbekend - Antieke Lingam Singing bowl 21 cm 1700 gr. - - Musical instrument - 1950

Rare Lingam Singing Bowl. Origin Tibet/Nepal. Dating is approximately 1950. Weight approximately 2000 grams. Diameter 21 cm. Height 9 cm. Extremely rare. This bowl, which is considered one of the oldest bowls, has an elevation made in the middle of the bowl during forging. The


No brand - Anklung - Indonesia

Beautiful Angklung! An angklung is an Indonesian musical instrument made of bamboo. An angklung consists of tuned bamboo tubes inserted into a frame. When you move sideways back and forth, a warm sound is created. Each instrument is hand tuned and produces a tone. UNESCO has


Constantinopole - Diverse percussion - Turkey

Vintage hand cymbals, stemmed 'Constantinople' with logo for sale. The straps are new and the cymbals are perfectly playable. Attic find. Year unknown, but they have been in the attic for a long time. Diameter = 32cm.


Labelled Simonazzi Amedeo - 4/4 - - Violin - Unknown country

A nice old full size violin. The label reads: Simonazzi Amedeo allievo di Stefano Scarampella di Brescia fece in Santa Vittorio R E anno 1948. This violin is in good condition with some tears, wears and old repaired crack right to tailpiece. Beautiful model with a very elegant


Labelled R. Parramon, Barcelona - special - - Violin - Spain - 1930

Stunning old master violin, with a beautiful two pieces softly flamed maple back with interesting carvings, matching ribs and scroll is being auctioned off to the highest bidder! Absolute unique single made instrument from Barcelona, Spain. The top is a straight and finely


JORDAN - TRJ560 tromba in SIb - - Trumpet

Bb trumpet, polished golden brass lacquered finish with backpack case and mouthpiece


Cantiulia - Senorita - - Piano accordion - Germany - 1970

Traviata. German accordion in original condition. Nice warm sound and light weight. 72 basses and 3 choirs. The accordion is in good overall condition, from what can be seen in the photos it needs a complete set up on the tunes. With case. Cantulia later merged with Hohner


Flageolet - - Piccolo

Antik flageolet instrument in EXCELENT condition. Not have brokens or other problems or repairs. Springs, keys, pads working perfectly.Material is wood probably grenadilla. Conform Wikipedia this flageolet wos manufacured in 1800s-1900s. Sound is verry Sweet. Length 40.5 cm.


Moeck - Grote (230) en kleine Moeck (125) blokfluit - - Flute - Germany

Set of a large and small recorder, from the Moeck brand. The large recorder (230) consists of 3 parts with brass edges. The length is 47.5 cm, the weight is approximately 200 grams. The small recorder (125) is 31 cm and consists of 2 parts, the weight is approximately 100 grams.


Unlabelled - Violin - Germany

Beautiful unlabeled 4/4 violin from the Markneukirchen region (Saxony) from the 1930s. The violin has signs of wear, but otherwise has no defects. The violin has a full, warm sound. The sizes are: Total length 59.6 cm. Scale 32.5 cm. Body 36.0 cm. Waist 11.5 cm. Width above 16.6


Labelled Giuseppe Pedrazzini - 4/4 - - Cello - Unknown country

Dear musicians and collectors, you are bidding on a very fine 4/4 Cello, labeled Giuseppe Pedrazzini Cremonese fece in Milano 1926 Gius. Pedrazzini. Beautifully and selected wood and work of an experienced craftsman. Two pieces back of softly flamed maple wood with matched ribs,


Labelled L. Storioni - 4/4 - Number of items: 1 - Violin - Unknown country - 1801

Offering is a beautiful full size antique violin, labeled: ¨Laurentius Storioni fecit Cremonae 1801¨ The violin is in good condition, professionally restored with no visible cracks, grafted scroll, bushed peg-holes, new bridge, new ebony set up. Very nice two pieces flamed


Yamaha - 281 - - Flute - Japan

Yamaha 281 flute with original case. Serial number: 69400. Ton of the key “C”. Length of the instrument is: 67 cm. Weight with the case: 830 grams


Labelled Ferdinandus Gagliano - - Violin - Unknown country

3/4 violin labeled Ferdinandus Gagliano filius Nicolai fecet neap 1772. Instrument in good condition with no breaks, almost new strings, has a high-grained spruce top and 2-piece flamed maple back with matching sides. The neck and scroll are in flamed maple. Beautiful varnish


Unlabelled - - Violin - Germany

Beautiful, intact, unlabeled 4/4 Saxon violin from the 1930s, built in the Markneukirchen area (Sachsen). The violin is finished in detail and has a beautiful sound. THE sizes are: Total length 59.2 cm. Scale length 32.8 cm. Body 36.0 cm. Waist 11.3 cm. Width above 16.7 cm. Width


Casio - VL-Tone VL-1 - - Musical instrument - Japan - 1981

Hello and welcome to my auction you are bidding on very rare The legendary musical instrument from the 80's. Casio VL-Tone VL-1. World famous thanks to the song “Da Da Da” by the German band Trio. The device is in top condition both optically and technically. The device, the


Philipp Reichel - Alto Horn - - Alto horn

Vintage Alto horn Philipp Reichel. mouthpiece. valves working well. There are small dents. Bell Ø 20 cm. L 50 cm


Bosphorus - Master Vintage 28" - Ride cymbal - Turkey

Handmade ride Bosphorus Master Vintage 28". In excellent condition; like new. No breaks, damages or keyhole. Handmade in Istanbul, Turkey. Material: bronze B20. Only 120 specimens made. VERY RARE.


Alexander Heinrich, Hohner, Oebra - various - - Fife

Lot 10 flute varies wood. 1.Alexander Heinrich Meister. Lenght 47 cm,excelent condition. 2.Oebra Solist. Lenght 32 cm, is broken. 3.Oebra Solist. Lenght 32 cm, good condition. 4.Hohner made in Germany. Lenght 32.5 cm. Good condition. 5.Not write nothing. Lenght 32.5 cm. Good


Yamaha - 221 N - - Flute - 2000

yamaha 221N transverse flute. The flute is complete with case, in fair condition, used. The flute was purchased in 2000 and has since been kept in its original case


Yamaha - DTXPLORER - Number of items: 1 - Electronic drum

Complete Yamaha DTXPLORER electronic drum kit, as per the instruction booklet, used very little and in excellent condition. With battery included. Trigger, sticks (3 pairs), Dante Agostini's manual "Introduction to drums", assembly manuals, power cables.


Lefima - Metalophone with damper - Glockenspiel - Germany

Lefima Metalophone with mechanical damper. Or in other words, a great sounding big Glockenspiel / Xylophone with a heavy wooden cabinet that has a sustain mechanism, sort of like in a piano: By moving the slider on the left side of the instrument, a damping mechanism mutes all


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