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Seljuks of Rum. Kaykā'ūs II, 2nd reign AH 655-660. Æ Fals, nd (R)

Kaykā'ūs II, 2nd reign AH 655-660 / AD 1257-1261. AE Fals no date Obv/Enthroned emperor, star at right Rev/ 3-line legend Reference Album 1231G (RARE) Izmirlier 1392. Size mm. 22 Weight g.3,6 High grade for this type of coin - see original pictures- Will be sent


Sicily, Syracuse. Litra 466-460 BC Superb Archaic style head of Arethusa

Sicily, Syracuse, c. 466-460 BC. AR Litra 13,68 mm 0,69 g Obv Head of Arethusa r., wearing earring, necklace and pearl diadem. R/ Octopus. Boehringer Series XIIIa; HGC 2, 1375.


Roman Republic. C. Scribonius. AR Denarius, 154 BC

C. Scribonius. AR Denarius. Rome 154 BC. 3.05 gr. – 18.2 mm. Helmeted head of Roma to right / Dioscuri riding to right, CSCR below (ROMA in ex.) Cr. 201/1 / Syd. 380. The coin will be sent with photographic authenticity certificate via DHL or UPS (Europe, US and Canada); via


Sicily, Punic. Lot of 2 early Sicilian coins, including Siculo-Punic and Kephaloidion 4th century BC

Lot of 2 Bronze Sicily Kephaloidion. 4th century BC Æ  Bromze 15,27 mm 2,40 g Obv: Head of Herakles right, wearing lion skin. Rev: Pegasos flying right. SNG ANS –; HGC 2, 654. Light green patina Siculo-punic AE Unit, c. 400-350 BC Æ  Unit 15,57 mm 3,51 g


Kings of Macedonia. Kings of Macedonia. Lot of 5 bronzes, including Philip II and Alexander III 4th century BC

Lot of 5 Greek bronzes, Macedonian Kings, 4th century BC Philippos II (359-336 BC) Alexander III (336-323 BC).


Roman Empire. Julia Mamaea (Augusta, AD 222-235). Denarius 232 AD. Fecunditas seated left.

Julia Mamaea (mother of Severus Alexander), silver denarius, 232 AD, Fecunditas. VF or better for struck detail, slightly rough, frosty surfaces, from worn dies. RIC IV 332


Roman Empire. Domitian (AD 81-96). Dupondius Rome, AD 90-91 - Virtus

Rome, 90-91. IMP CAES DOMIT AVG GERM COS XV CENS PER P P Radiate head of Domitian to right. Rev. VIRTVTI AVGVSTI / S C Virtus standing right, left foot set on tiny helmet, holding long spear with right hand and parazonium with left. BMC 446. Cohen 657. RIC² 706 See photos for


Byzantine Empire. Phocas, with Leontia 602-610 AD. Æ Follis mint Theoupolis, dated RY 6 = 607/8

Phocas, with Leontia (Augusta) 602-610 AD AE Follis mint Theoupolis, dated Regnal Year 6 = 607/8. Obv: + O N FOCA NЄ PЄ AV Phocas on left and Leontia on right, standing facing; he holds a globus cruciger while she holds a cruciform scepter, cross between their heads. Rev:Large


Seleucid Kingdom. Seleucus I Nicator (312-281 BC). Æ Antioch on the Orontes

Los 12223 Bronze Æ Seleukos I. Nikator 300-286 BC Antioch 20mm 7.74g


Byzantine Empire. Alexios I Komnenos (AD 1081-1118). Follis Class K

Anonymous Folles. temp . Alexius I, 1081-1118. Æ Follis. 5.40 gr. – 23.4 mm. Class K. Constantinople mint. Struck circa 1085-1092. Facing bust of Christ Pantocrator / Facing half-length figure of the Theotokos (Virgin Mary), orans . DOC K.1-26; SB 1901. VF+ The coin will be sent


Ibero-Roman. Lot comprising nine (9) coins, Asses, Semis, Quadrans, Sextans from Corduba, Castulo, Obulco mints.

Ancient Hispania / Ibero-Roman - Lot comprising nine (9) Bronze coins Asses, semis, quadrans and sextans. From Corduba, Castulo, Obulco mints. I-II centuries B.C. Medium-low qualities. Original patinas. Please see the photos for a better impression. Shipments to


Roman Republic. C. Vibius C. f. Pansa, c. 90 BC. Denarius Rome

Republican Ar Denarius , C. Vibius (90 a.C.) - 18 mm / 3.94 gr. C. Vibius C.f. Pansa, Head of Apollo to right, laureate., Minerva in quadriga right Seller ref: CW95 (2947)


Hispania, Emerita Augusta. Augustus (27 BC-AD 14). Quinarius

Augustus, Emerita Augusta (Merida) AR Quinarius - 14 mm / 1.52 gr. AVGVST, bare head right. P CARISI LEG, Victory standing right crowning trophy, dagger and sword at base. Seller ref: CW99 (4528)


Roman Empire. Philip I (AD 244-249). AR Antoninianus, Antioch - Spes

Rev: SPES FELICITATIS ORBIS. Spes advancing left, holding flower and raising hem of garment.


Roman Empire. Hadrian (AD 117-138). Denarius geslagen 119-125 na Chr.

Roman empire. AR Denarius of Emperor Hadrian (117 - 138 AD). Minted in Rome, 119-125 AD. 3.17 grams, 18 mm. Obverse: [IMP] CAESAR TRAIAN HADRIANVS AVG, Laureate head of Hadrian to the right, light drape over left shoulder. Reverse: P M TR P - COS III, Pietas standing to the


Greece (ancient). Thebes, Boeotia. Obol from Thebes, Boeotia. Boeotian shield / BO-I, Kantharos, club above, crescent in right field.

Ancient Greek - Thebes, Boeotia. Silver obol. ca. 395-340 BC. (0.64 g. 9 mm.) Boeotian shield / BO-I, Kantharos, club above, crescent in right field. Sear SG 2397; BMC 55-56. BCD Boiotia 46; HGC 4, 1169. nEF. Very rare. Please see the photos for a better impression.


Roman Empire. Constantius Gallus (AD 351-354). Follis Reparatio - Aquilée

Roman Empire. Constantius Gallus (351-354 AD). Follis Reparatio - Aquileia. See photo to better appreciate the condition of the coin. Fast registered delivery


Roman Empire. Lot de 2 jolis deniers Titus (79-81) / Caracalla (198-217)

Set of 2 pretty deniers: Titus - Neptune - Ric 155. Caracalla - Mars - Ric 223. Uncommon coins. See photos for impressions.


Roman Empire. Faustina I († AD 140/1). Denarius Rome, AD 147-161 - Aeternitas adjusting veil

Diva Faustina I AD 140/41 AR Denarius. Rome, AD 147-161 Obv: DIVA FAVSTINA draped bust to right Rev: AETERNITAS, Aeternitas (or Juno or Pudicitia or Venus) stg. front, head r., arranging her vell and holding sceptre. Diameter: 18 mm Weigth: 3,15 gr Ref: B.M.C, p. 54


Roman Empire. Hadrian (AD 117-138). As Rome, c. AD 132-135 - Tranquillitas standing left

Hadrian. Rome AD 132-135 AE As 10.75g / 24mm RIC II 730; Sear 3694


Roman Empire. Trajan (AD 98-117). Denarius Rome, AD 101-102 - Hercules

Trajan. Rome AD 100. AR denarius. 3g / 18mm. RIC II 37


Roman Empire. Hadrian (AD 117-138). Denarius Rome, AD 132-134 - Liberalitas

Hadrian. Rome AD 132-134 AR denarius 3.1g / 17mm RIC II.3 1042


Roman Empire. Hadrian (AD 117-138). Denarius Rome, AD 128-129 - Pudicitia

Hadrian, Rome AD 128-129. AR denarius. 3.2g / 18mm. RIC II.3: 914


Roman Republic. T. Cloelius, Rome, 98 BC. Quinarius Rome

T. Cloulius (or Cloelius). Rome 98 BC AR qinarius 1.82g / 14mm RIC 332/1c; Sear 212


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