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E.W. Moes, K. Sluyterman, Jhr. W.A. Beelaerts van Blokland - Nederlandsche Kasteelen en hun Historie - 1912

E.W. Moes, K. Sluyterman, Jhr. W.A. Beelaerts van Blokland et al. - Dutch Castles and their History - Amsterdam, Elsevier, 1912-1915 - Hardcover linen binding with gold print - Dimensions: 31 x 23 cm. In three parts: - First part - 1912 - 310 pp. - With 270 images and 12


Nicolaas Beets, Gustave Doré [ills.] - Bijbel. Het oude- en nieuwe testament [...] met 200 platen van Gustave Doré - 1868

Bible containing all the Canonical books of the Old and New Testament. according to the states translation with Two Hundred Plates by Gustave Doré Provided with a preliminary notice (9-2-1867) and issued under the supervision of. Nicolaas Beets, Preacher in Utrecht, Doctor of


H. Jongsma, e.a. - Kasteelen en Buitenplaaten in Nederland - 1912

1. H. Jongsma, A. Loosjes - Castles and country estates, gardens and parks of the Netherlands - Amsterdam, Scheltema & Holkema's Boekhandel, 1912-1921 - Hardcover decorated linen with gold-printed band stamps - Dimensions: 35.5 x 28 cm. In three parts: * First part - 1912 - 40


Du Plessis de Richelieu - Journal de Monsieur le Cardinal Duc de Richelieu - 1648

Rare original edition, published without editorial indications, of the "Diary" of Armand Jean du Plessis de Richelieu, known as Cardinal de Richelieu (1585-1642), famous ecclesiastic, statesman and peer of France. He was the chief minister of King Louis XIII. Journal of Monsieur


Charles Dickens - Werken (o.a. Kerstvertellingen en Kerstsprookjes) - 1890

Beautiful Christmas gift from Charles Dickens including fairy tales and stories. 22 volumes complete in beautiful bindings. A must have for the literature lover. Charles Dickens, complete work. Ed. E. & M. Cohen, Nijmegen, Arnhem, fifth edition. In 22 colored Art Nouveau


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Maurice Ravel - Scrap books by Edith Woodcock signed by Ravel - 1914/1930

3 scrap books of concert programs of many legendary performing artists form early 1900s. One program contains the autograph of the composer Ravel.


Théodore Godefroy & Jacques de Mailles - Histoire du chevalier Bayard, lieutenant Général pour le roi. - 1616

Precious and rare book. Godfrey Théodore & Jacques de Mailles. History of the knight Bayard, lieutenant general for the king in the government of Dauphiné, and of several memorable things that happened in France, Italy, Spain and the Netherlands, during the reign of kings Charles


Lewis Carroll / Arthur Rackham - Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland - 1907

Here I am offering for auction a wonderful First Edition children’s book Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. The book is illustrated by Arthur Rackham, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland has attracted a number of stunning visual interpretations ranging from


Lorenzo Pignoria - Characteres Aegyptii - 1608

CHARACTERES AEGYPTII, hoc est, sacrorum, quibus aegyptii utuntur, simulachrorum accurate delineato et explicativo (...) Frankfurts. Typis Matthiae Beckeri, Impensis vero dictorum fratrum, et viduae Theodoris de Bry, matris Eorundem. 1608. Collation: 1 blank paper, title page with


Ignatius Walvis - Beschryving der Stad Gouda - 1713

Full title: Description of the City of Gouda, Containing a Story of the City's Foundation, Water Streams, Freedom, Situation, Headquarters, Jurisdiction, Charters, Government, Rulers, Treaties with other Cities, Grand Buildings, Houses of God, Schools, Learned Men, Exchanged


Francisci Suarez (Doctor Eximius) - Metaphysicarum Disputationum - 1597

Great work in Latin on metaphysics from the 16th century: Metaphysicarum disputationem in quibus et universa naturalis theologia ordinate traditur, et quaestiones omnes ad duodecim Aristotelis libros pertinentes accurate disputantur. (Tomus prior, Tomus posterior.) Original Latin


Antoine de Saint-Exupéry - Le Petit Prince - 1945

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry (1900-1944). The little Prince. Paris, NRF Gallimard, 1945, 93 pp. A volume in-8 (225x170 mm), full blue cloth, first cover stamped with a drawing, the title and the acronym nrf (publisher cardboard). Exposed boards and backs. Pages a little yellowed.


Raymond Radiguet / Maurice de Vlaminck - Le Diable au corps - 1926

Radiguet (Raymond) - Vlaminck (Mauritius) The Devil in the body. Original lithographs by Maurice de Vlaminck. Marcel Seheur, 1926; Paperback folio under filled dust jacket. Untrimmed. An etching on copper and 10 original lithographs in black including 3 full page and 7 in the


Simon Vinkenoog, Hugo Claus, Remco Campert, Hans Andreus - Vieren Delen - 1951

Paris 1951: Vinkenoog compiles a booklet with three friends. Claus provided the cover illustration in Cobra style and three poems. Of the 100 numbered copies. numbers 61 / 100 were marketed. Each employee received 15 copies of the first sixty issues. Hugo Claus had access to


Jacques de Hemricourt - Miroir des nobles de Hasbaye - 1673

Mirror of the nobles of Hasbaye by Jacques de Hemricourt. Where he deals with the genealogies of the ancient nobility of Liège and the surrounding area from the year 1102 until the year 1398. Put old into new language by Sr de Salbray. First edition of 1673. Rear binding (19°),


Mercure Français - Suitte de l'Histoire de nostre temps, sous le règne du Très-Chrestien Roy de France & de Navarre - 1619

MERCURY FRANCOIS. Fifth volume of Mercure françois, or, Continuation of the History of our time, under the reign of the Most Christian. King of France & Navarre Louys XIII (...). Paris, Estienne Richer, 1619. In-8, full corded ivory vellum of the period, (1) f., (46), 336 p.. 304


Willem Frederik Hermans - 8 bijzondere foto’s van Willem Frederik Hermans + 1 portretfoto van Willem Frederik Hermans

Eight unique photos of the famous Dutch author Willem Frederik Hermans, taken and printed by him for the exhibition in the La Cave Internationale restaurant in Amsterdam in 1960. The prints bear his stamp on the back. The photos are in the style of the French photographer Atget,


Tripitaka Koreana - Chronik über die 3 Königreiche Goguryeo, Baekje und Silla - Mandschurei - Reichseinigung, König Taejo, Die 3 Reiche Koreas, Guri-si- Provinz Gyeonggi-do, Korea 15.Jahrhundert - 1450

TRIPITAKA KOREANA. Chronicle of the 3 kingdoms of Goguryeo, Baekje and Silla. Manchuria and Korean Peninsula. Empire unification, King Taejo. The 3 kingdoms of Korea. Guri-si Gyeonggi-do Province, Korea around 1450. 4 double sheets = 8 pages. Dimensions per double sheet 31cm x


Oppiano / Salvini - Della Pesca, e della Caccia - 1728

Very rare first edition, dedicated to Prince Eugene of Savoy, of the first Italian translation of the works of the Greek poet Oppianus (2nd century AD), by the renowned Greek scholar Salvini. See Gamba: "Most esteemed version". Oppianus of Anazarbo, On fishing and hunting


Hendrik van Heijningen - Handboek der bijbelsche geschiedenis - 1820

Hendrik van Heijningen - Handbook of Biblical History - The Hague and Rotterdam, S. de Visser and J. van Baalen, 1820 - first edition - (4) + 334 pp. - original leather binding with blind stamping (including large rectangular medallions) and gold print (also on the edges);


Emile Verhaeren / Franck Brangwyn - Les Villes tentaculaires - 1919

With a litho frontispiece and 47 woodcuts. Headbands and lamp bases. One of 230 numbered copies on Arches. Untrimmed pages. Cover filled. Small relief from the cover on the endpapers.


Emile Verhaeren / Franck Brangwyn - Les Campagnes hallucinées - 1927

With 43 woodcuts and 7 lithos. Headbands and lamp bases. One of 240 numbered copies on Arches. Pages are untrimmed. Cover filled. Slightly detached back.


A. A. Milne - Winnie The Pooh - 1927

Book in fine condition. Dust wrapper very good. 5th edition in dust jacket as shown. First title page signed and dated by owner, pi and last page yellowed along spine.


Karl Kautsky - Античный мир, иудейство и христианство - 1909

This book was first published in Germany in 1908, and already in 1909 it was published in Russia in Russian. In the original language, the book was called “The Origin of Christianity.” In his work, the famous theorist of social democracy Karl Kautsky (1854-1938) focuses on the

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