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Jack London -Illustrated by Philip R. Goodwin and Charles Livingstone Bull - The Call of the Wild - 1905

Book in fair condition. Some white spots to front and rear board. Spine-ends scuffed and frayed. Complete with the 18 full-page illustrations and head and tail-pieces. Free of names, inscriptions, or underlining. ¶ The Call of the Wild is a short adventure novel by Jack London,


Pierre Loti / Émilien Dufour - Mon Frère Yves - EO Avec Suite + Envoi - 1936

My Brother Yves. Author: Pierre Loti. Illustrator: Émilien Dufour (1894-1975) Publisher: Calmann-Lévy, Paris, 1936, 285 pp. Art Deco binding in full garnet shagreen, triple gilded fillets along the first cover, spine with protruding ribs with triple gilded fillets, title and name


John Ireland - Hogarth Illustrated From the Original Pictures in the Shakespeare Gallery - 1791/1804

I have here for sale a 3-volume set entitled HOGARTH ILLUSTRATED From the Original Pictures in the Shakespeare Gallery by John Ireland, Vols I-III. It is a second edition, Vols I and II published in 1791 and Vol III in 1804 by J and J Boydell, London. It has a feature on Hogarth


Louis Aragon - Je n'ai jamais appris à écrire ou les incipit - 1969

I never learned to write or incipit. Author: Louis Aragon. Publisher: Éditions d’Art Albert Skira, Geneva, 1969, 156 pp. Collection: “The paths of creation” First edition bound in full burgundy shagreen, double gilt fillet framing on the covers, smooth spine with author, title


Aldous Huxley - Point Counter Point / Ends and Means - 1931/1938

Aldous Huxley - 2 books published by Chatto & Windus London; 1. Aldous Huxley "Point vs. Point" - 1931 - First edition, 5th printing. Publisher: Chatto & Windus London; A satirical look at the intellectual life of the 1920s. The characters are based on celebrities of the time,


Cicerone annotato da Denis Lambin - Rhetoricorum ad c. Herennium libri IIII, ciceronis, Dionysii Lambini - 1569

The book is complete and in excellent condition. It shows minimal signs of aging. Only one puncture hole on the title page. Pages: 4, 42, 185 cc., 38 cc. Total pages 492. The book is divided into two parts: 1. Rhetoricorum ad c. Herennium libri iiii. Uncertain author.


Tasso / Tempesta - La Gerusalemme Liberata - 1735

ART & PASSION: JERUSALEM IS REBORN IN THE SPLENDID ILLUSTRATIONS OF THE STORM. IN FOLIO. Very elegant Urbino edition of Gerusalemme Liberata enriched by 20 splendid copper engravings by Arnold van Westerhout at the beginning of each canto. The table of the fourth canto was


Privé-domein - Lot met 10 delen uit de reeks - 1975/2019

Private domain, Lot with 10 volumes – various authors, Amsterdam 1975/2019. Soft cover 19.5 x 11.5 cm. Good condition unless otherwise stated. no. 304 Heinrich Heine, Memoirs and confessions, Amsterdam 2019. 159 pages. no. 22 August Strindberg, Tijd van fermentation, Amsterdam


Erasmo / Manuzio / Plautus - Plauti Comoediis - 1522

EXTRAORDINARY COLLABORATION BETWEEN ERASMO AND ALDO MANUZIO - ALDINA POST INCUNABLE. "First and only Aldine edition of Plautus' comedies. Text revised and commented by Erasmus Roterodamus (Erasmus of Rotterdam) in 1508, with the collaboration of Aldus Manutius". (See Renouard, p.


Paolo Manuzio - Epistolarum libri X [bound w:] Illustres Viros [bound w:] Epistolarum Libri IX et X - 1571

3 BEAUTIFUL ILLUSTRATED ALDINE - COLLECTOR'S COPY. A collection of the famous Latin epistles in Ciceronian style by the Venetian scholar-publisher Paolo Manuzio (1512-74), third son of Aldus the Elder (1449-1515), founder of the famous "Aldino Press". The letters, dated between


Pierre Loti / Maurice Lalau - Un Pèlerin d'Angkor. EO Avec Suite + Envoi - 1937

A Pilgrim of Angkor & The Book of Pity and Death. Author: Pierre Loti. Illustrator: Maurice Lalau (1881-1967) Publisher: Calmann-Lévy, Paris, 1937, 260 pp. Art Deco binding in full garnet shagreen, triple gilded fillets along the first cover, spine with protruding ribs with


Paul Claudel - Connaissance de l'Est - 1994

Knowledge of the East. Authors: Paul Claudel. Korean collection, directed by Victor Ségalen. Publisher: Chatelain-Julien, 1994, 226 pp. Two large octavo volumes in accordion (Chinese-style folded leaves), Chinese-style paperbacks, in blue canvas flap wallet, Chinese-style


Jacques Delille - Les trois règnes de la nature - 1808/1822

Belles planches gravées en cuivre sur le frontispice de chaque volume. Élégante reliure d'époque en demi-cuir rouge, dos lisses avec titres et filets dorés. Bel exemplaire barbu et avec témoins. Édition enrichie de notes de Cuvier et d'autres membres de l'Institut des Sciences de


Maarten 't Hart - Mammoet op Zondag - 1977

This collection of stories by Maarten 't Hart contains nineteen short stories. Rare first edition with dust jacket. Condition: The book and the cloth binding are in very good condition. The dust jacket has some wear, mainly at the top.


Henry de Montherlant - Manuscrit autographe intitulé Comment on écrit une pièce [7 pages] - 1960

Henry de Montherlant - Autograph manuscript of 7 pages numbered from 1 to 7. Draft of an article published in the magazine "La table rond" in April 1960 on the Cardinal of Spain. "How to write a play. What follows are not small personal stories. It is a view of the relationship


Voltaire - Premiere Lettre a Monsieur La Voltaire - 1773

Beautiful collection of letters to Voltaire from 1773 in the original language (French), excellent condition. Voltaire's name is linked to the cultural movement of the Enlightenment, a current of thought of the 18th century, of which he was one of the animators and main


Pierre Arétin, Charles Bordes, Ronsard et anonyme - Sonnets Luxurieux. Petits contes phalliques, le canapé couleur de feu, Parapilla, Folastries.‎ - 1958

Collection of 5 licentious works, masterpieces of erotic literature, in a luxurious 20th century edition, illustrated and annotated by the publisher Jacques Haumont. Copies on pure rag vellum from Johannot stationers (N° 359 / 1500). Pretty unsigned erotic illustrations except


Joost van den Vondel - Vier treurspelen in convoluut; 3 stukken(over) Joseph en Palamedes - 1720

Parchment (blind) binding with 4 lamentations by Vondel, at least early editions, containing: - Joseph in Dothan (date under introduction 1640), 56p. - Joseph in Egypt (date under introduction 1640), 4+41p. - Josef in 't Hof / Sofompaneas (date 1635) 4+43p. - Palamedes or


Maurice Barrès - La Colline inspirée [avec suite] - 1962

BARS Maurice. The inspired hill published by Rico and Auphan master printers in 1962. Paperback in sheets, in slipcase. Book published to celebrate the centenary of Maurice Barrés (1862-1923) is a French writer and politician. Copy number 48 (out of 295) on arches vellum with a


Niccolò Carteromaco - Ricciardetto di Niccolò Carteromaco. Tom. I. In Milano dalla Società Tipografica de' Classici Italia - 1813

Ricciardetto di Niccolò Carteromaco. In Milano dalla Società Tipografica de' Classici Italiani e dallo Stampatore Gio. Bernardoni. Anno 1813. Bound in bluish half-leather, spine decorated with morocco titles, plates with marbled paper in bluish hues; Slight wear to corners and


Dante Alighieri - La divina Commedia. Purgatorio / Paradiso - 1837

The Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri. by Del P. Pompeo Venturi. Ed. G. Formigli 1837. Two volumes available: Purgatory and Paradise


Francis Carco / Dignimont - Perversité [1/149 ex. avec suites] - 1933

Book with beautiful illustrations (16 etchings) by Dignimont (etchings are protected by silk tissue paper) Limited edition of 149 copies. This is 104, with 3 additional suites. Very good condition! See pictures!


Joan. Stephani Menochii - Commentarii totius s. scripturae ex optimis quibusque ayctoribus collecti... - 1768

Complete collection in 4/4 of large format books (see photos). Menochii doctoris theologi Commentarii totius s. scripturae ex optimis quibusque ayctoribus collecti. Full period calfskin bindings, decorated spines, volume numbers, title labels, red edges, headbands, ends of


[Samuel Chappuzeau] - Le théâtre françois Divisé en trois Livres, où il est traité I. De l'Usage de la Comédie ... - 1674

(Samuel Chappuzeau). The French theater. Divided into three books…, Paris, Chez René Guignard, 1674, 274 p. (+ others unnumbered), 14.5x8.5 cm. Probably the original edition (the book was published in 1674 in Paris and Lyon). This book belonged, according to the handwritten


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