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Louis Bretez - Le Plan de Paris de Louis Bretez dit Plan de Turgot 1734-1739 - 2005

Luxurious reproduction in in-plano format of Turgot's famous plan representing Paris in "cavalier perspective", complete with 20 plates and the assembly table. The plates are reproduced in a reduction of one third on Lana paper in 1/2 jesus format based on a print on the


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Lord Macartney / George Staunton - ‎Voyage dans l’intérieur de la Chine et en Tartarie fait dans les années 1792, 1793 et 1794 - 1804

Third French edition, translated by Jean Castéra, revised, corrected and augmented with a Summary of the history of China due to the translator and Voyage en Chine et en Tartarie by Johann Christian Hüttner, also translated from German by Castéra. Complete in 5 volumes. Without


Victor Tissot - ‎La Hongrie de l'Adriatique au Danube, impressions de voyage - 1883

Very beautiful copy preserved in its splendid publisher's cardboard in excellent fresh condition; gray percaline, first cover decorated with a magnificent Souzé plaque with polychrome decoration (red, black) and gold: with a character in traditional costume, smoking a pipe and a


Louis Maimbourg - Histoire de la décadence de l'Empire après Charlemagne [reliure aux armes du Dauphin de France] - 1686

Louis Maimbourg - History of the decadence of the Empire after Charlemagne and the disputes of the Emperors with the Popes on the subject of investitures and independence - in Paris, at Sébastien Mabre-Cramoisy, King's printer, 1686 - (10) ff , 573 pages, (1) ff - full calf of


Louis Maimbourg - Traité historique de l'établissement de l'église de Rome [rel. aux armes du Dauphin de France] - 1686

Louis Maimbourg - Historical treatise on the establishment and prerogatives of the church of Rome - in Paris, at Sébastien Mabre-Cramoisy, printer to the King, 1686 - (16) ff, 357 pages, (1) ff - full calf the time - in-4 - 19 x 26 cm. Condition: caps, joints and corners in good


Arago - Souvenirs d'un aveugle. Voyage autour du monde : Australie, Hawaï, Tonga, Terre de feu, Brésil. - 1839/1840

"Reworked & recast edition, partly original here increased by a 5 volume on hunting, considered the best of the circumnavigation travel account of Arago who was engaged as a draftsman aboard the Urania under the command de Frayssinet between 1817 and 1820. Contains the first


Engelhard / Henry Ganier‎/ Souze - La Chasse et la pêche. Souvenirs d'Alsace. Illustrés de 132 gravures par Henry Ganier‎ - 1888

First edition. Very rare in publisher's cardboard, green buckram, beveled boards, first historiated board decorated with a very beautiful gold and black plaque signed Souze, spine decorated with the title, silent second board, gilded head. ‎Half of the book is devoted to hunting


Jules Gourdault - La Suisse. Etudes et voyages à travers les 22 Cantons [Reliure aux armes] - 1879/1880

First edition of this very beautiful and monumental work on Switzerland, abundantly illustrated with 750 wood engravings in the text and full page, titles in red and black. Complete in 2 folio volumes. Established in two luxury bindings from the publisher in full shagreen, upper


James Bruce - Voyage en Nubie et en Abyssinie, entrepris pour découvrir les sources du Nil 1768-1773 & Atlas - 1790/1791

First French edition of the famous "Journey to the sources of the Nile" by the Scottish diplomat & explorer James Bruce (1730-1794). "considered one of the very first scientific explorers" "one of the best travel stories about Africa". Complete copy of the small folio atlas


Henri Lepage - Les Communes de la Meurthe. Journal historique des villes, bourgs, villages, hameaux et censes ... - 1853/1854

First edition of this local history reference publication, complete in 2 large volumes printed in Nancy by A Lapage. Monumental work which contains the history of all the localities of the Meurthe department. In the article devoted to each locality the author, the archivist of


Fernand‎ Bournon - Paris-Atlas [cartonnage art nouveau] - 1900

Reference atlas on Belle Epoque Paris preserved in its beautiful publisher's binding: cardboard with special monochrome plates, brown shagreen spine decorated with a cold-stamped floral column and gilt title, cold-stamped first cover, with floral motifs surrounding the vessel


Francois Charpentier - La Bastille dévoilée, ou Recueil de pièces authentiques pour servir à son histoire. ( Révolution ) - 1789

Rare. Collection of the first 5 issues of this very interesting work devoted to the Bastille, published in 1789. Opens with a large moving Bastille Plan. (56 x 43 cm) engraved by Gaitte. Very rare complete with nine issues, here 6,7,8 and 9 (published in 1790) in deficit.


Signé, Lucien Ph. Moretti / Joseph Joffo - Un Sac de Billes. Lithographies originales [Reliure en box mosaïquée et signée] - 1975

Splendid copy of a luxury art edition in folio format, perfectly established in a binding signed by R. Marchal executed in full black box on the covers decorated with an abstract composition made in mosaic leathers and gilded irons, covers and guards lined in red leather, gilded


André Ernest Modeste Grétry - Mémoires ou Essais sur la musique - 1797

‎Original edition of volumes II and III and expanded edition of volume I, first published alone in 1789. The work was printed by order of the government and supported by a petition from the composers of the National Institute of Music (Méhul, Chérubini, Gossec, Devienne, etc.).


Cherubinus Mayr - Recollectiones morales extemporaneae super theologiam moralem universam R. P. Patritii Sporer. - 1739

Recollectiones morales extemporaneae super theologiam moralem universam R. P. Patritii Sporer... a M.V.P. Cherubino Mayr,...


Chateaubriand / Philippoteaux; Fath - ‎Mémoires d'Outre-Tombe - 1860

Exceptional copy in a red half-maroquin binding, of this beautiful edition of Mémoires d'Outre-Tombe in 6 volumes, complete with 48 engravings by Philippoteaux and Fath‎ bound in a separate atlas, forming a 7th volume in the format quarto (the engravings are generally found bound


[Jules Verne] André Bottin - Bibliographie des éditions illustrées des voyages extraordinaires de Jules Verne en cartonnage - 1978

First fundamental bibliography, produced at the author's own expense, numbered copy on superior laid paper (225/1040). Complete with cardboard of pp 335b-336b. Paperback copy, preserved with two dust jackets illustrated in pink and beige. Dust jackets with small handling tears at


Monseigneur Le Dauphin - Nouvelles étrennes spirituelles, dédiées a monsieur le Dauphin - 1778

Brown French morocco ribbon around 1780 with rich gilding on the cover and back, inlaid center pieces made of red morocco, standing. and inner edge gilding, spine plate and gold trim. Contents: New Spiritual Separations, Dédiées to Monsieur le Dauphin. Printed in Paris in 1778.


Albert Einstein - The World as I See It - 1943

Scarce Title of Einstein's Work of 'The World as I See It' “The book is composed of assorted articles, addresses, letters, interviews and pronouncements, it includes Einstein's opinions on the meaning of life, ethics, science, society, religion, and politics”. Item Description.


I. Watts, D. D. - The Psalms of David - 1828

The psalms of David imitated in the language of a New Testament and applied to the Christian state and worship. By Isaac Watts, D. D. London: printed and sold by C. Corrall, 38 Charing Cross. Dimensions 9 x 5 x 2 cm, weight 65 g. Good storage conditions with traces of use,


Louis Maimbourg - Histoire des croisades [reliure aux armes du Dauphin de France] - 1686

Louis Maimbourg - History of the crusades for the deliverance of the Holy Land - in Paris, at Sébastien Mabre-Cramoisy, King's printer, 1686 - (10) ff, 574 pp, (1) ff, (8) ff, 507 pp, (1) ff - full calf of the period - in-4 - 19.5 x 26 cm. Condition: Tears on the upper caps,


A Le Moine - Les témoins de la résurreciton de Jésus Christ examinés et jugés selon les règles du Barreau. - 1753

In Le Moine, The witnesses to the resurrection of Jesus Christ examined and judged according to the rules of the Bar. Paris, Tilliard, 1753. In-12, [4]-XX-367-[3]p. New, partly original edition of this interesting work, written by an Anglican pastor, and intended to be a


Wilhelm Nakatenus / Joannes Grangé - Le Palmier Céleste, Ou Heures De L'Eglise : Enrichies d'Exercices chrétiens, Offices... Anvers, - 1785

Remarkable copy of this very beautiful book of Christian piety. Beautiful binding in full green morocco, ribbed spine decorated with a piece and gilded irons, Greek-style framing on the covers with a fleuron in the center. Beautiful rococo typography, careful printing on very


Capitaine Danrit / G. Dutriac - Robinsons de l'air - 1908

Very beautiful book written by Captain Driant. Upper cover illustrated in colors by G. Dutriac. Spine with title, and gilded drawings. First published as a serial in Le Journal des Voyages, from October 18, 1908 to May 2, 1909, the Robinsons de l'Air were published in parallel in

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