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Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra - Autógrafos de Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra - 2016

Exceptional edition that brings together the facsimiles of all the autograph letters that are preserved from Miguel de Cervantes, the most universal Spanish writer. The work is presented in a red silk fabric case with gold typography. Inside the case we find an album in which the


Félix Colón de Larreategui - Juzgados Militares de España y sus Indias - 1788

Félix Colón de Larreategui. Military Courts of Spain and its Indies. Madrid, by the Widow of Ibarra, Sons and Company, 1788. Half skin 21x15 cm, XII pp., 437 + 715 + 361 + 573 pp.


Oswald Schier - Sellos y hojitas. Defensa de Madrid 1938-1939. - 1991

Title: Stamps and sheets. Defense of Madrid 1938-1939. Study of the "Defense of Madrid" postal issues issued during the civil war by the Spanish mail. Description: Dust jacket in perfect condition, without any damage. Interior of the book like new. Contains numerous


Frank Pfendler d'Ottensheim - Madera, Nice, Andalucia, La Sierra Nevada y los Pirineos - 1848

Pfendler d'Ottensheim, Frank. Madera, Nice, Andalucia, the Sierra Nevada and the Pyrenees. Considered the most interesting and picturesque places to travel to, and the most convenient for curing or preserving consumptives and other chronic patients, preserving the descendants of


Francisco Michelena y Rojas - Viajes científicos en todo el mundo desde 1822 a 1842 - 1843

Michelena y Rojas, Francisco. Scientific trips around the world from 1822 to 1842. Ignacio Boix editor: Madrid. 1843. 1 volume. 25.5 x 18cm. In good condition. Some pages with rust stains. It presents folding maps as well as lithographs by J. Aragón. Michelena y Rojas,


M. Vauquelin - Manual del ensayador de Oro, Plata y Otros Metales - 1826

“Manual of the Assayer of Gold, Silver and other Metals”, by M. Vauquelin,... approved by the coin management, following a report by M. d'Arcet, General Inspector of Assays.. Translated from the latest French edition with the reduction of weights and measures, and several tables


Joaquín Yarza Luaces - Beato de Liébana - 1998

Joaquín Yarza Luaces. Blessed of Liébana. Illuminated Manuscripts. Moleiro, Barcelona, 1998. 26 x 37 cm, 324 pp. Profus. illus. in color. with golden inks. Editorial cloth with dust jacket. Includes "El Ambiente Lebaniego de Beato", by Joaquín González Echegaray and "Apocalypse


Édouard Rouveyre - Conocimientos Necesarios par un Bibliofilo. Acompañados de notas críticas y Documentos bibliográfic - 2007-2012

Volume 1: origin of the book - amateurs - bibliophiles and bibliomaniacs - formation of an amateur library - conservation and maintenance of books. Volume 2: on the format of ancient and modern books - on the collation of books - abbreviations used in bibliography - appendices


Gregorio Lopez - Las Siete partidas del Sabio Rey don Alfonso el nono - 1555

There are 4 volumes with hard cover and leather, Large folio 40 x 26 cm. Volume I includes First batch of 151 sheets all numbered, except the first two (seen in the photos) and Second batch of 116 sheets all numbered or a total of 267 sheets. The main pages of the First and


Don Antonio de Guevara - Epístolas familiares del ilustre señor Don Antonio de Guevara, obispo de Mondoñedo - 1585

De Guevara, Antonio. Family epistles of the illustrious Lord Don Antonio de Guevara, bishop of Modoñedo, preacher, and chronicler, and of the council of our Lord Emperor and King. Salamanca: House of Juan Fernandez, 1585. 321 pp. 14.5 x 10.5cm. In good condition. Vintage


Sor Maria Jesus de Agreda - Mystica Ciudad de Dios - 1681

mystica ciudad de dios, milagro de su omnipotencia; y abysmo de la gracia. historia divina y vida de la virgen madre de dios 1681 Vol. I and II (lacks the III vol.)


Teresa de Jesús - Obras de la gloriosa madre santa Teresa de Jesús : [tomo I] - 1793

Extraordinary copy of the first volume of the works of Teresa de Jesús printed in Madrid by Joseph Doblado in 1793. This edition of the saint's writings is one of the most appreciated by bibliophiles, both for the correctness of the texts and for its great typographical work,


R.P. Jose, J. Reboli S.J. / Victor Delhez / DR. Juan R. Sepich - Los cuatro evangelios de nuestro señor Jesucristo - 1944

Being Pius XII maximum Pontiff of Christianity, on the eve and in homage to the IV National Eucharistic Congress, Guillermo Kraft Ltda. Soc. Of general impressions, this work includes the gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, along with 91 plates reproduced from original


Juan Bautista Cubíe - Las mugeres vindicadas de las calumnias de los hombres - 1768

Women vindicated from the slander of men. With a catalog of the Spanish women, who have distinguished themselves the most in Sciences, and Weapons. Juan Bautista Cubíe. The traditional lack of social consideration of women has meant that studies on their role as writers have


Augustín Urgellés - Guía y viaje del Español a París (con firma y dedicatoria) - 1878

Guide and trip from Spanish to Paris. Augustin Urgelles. very rare book. Print by L. Domenech, Barcelona, 1878. Half skin 20 x 13 cm., 314 + VIII p. + 22 p. advertising + folding map. Autograph dedication from the author to Ramón de Valls y de Barnola. Unique on the


Marcos Kaltí /anónimo - Gestas miniadas [214/335] - 1991

Exceptional facsimile edition. Gestas miniadas is the masterpiece of Hungarian miniature of the 14th century. This is a richly illuminated compilation written during the reign of Louis I the Great. The codex is in the National Library of Budapest. Although it is most likely that


Cristobal Colón. - Cartas autográfas de Colón - 2006

Set of facsimiles of Christopher Columbus' letters edited to commemorate the V Centenary of the death of Christopher Columbus, never before reproduced in a high-quality facsimile edition. List of letters and documents: - Autograph minute of Christopher Columbus addressed to the


Varios diputados - Discurso jurídico político por el ilustrissimo reyno de Aragon - 1689

Several deputies (Ivan Fernandez, Mr. Lorenzo Portella, Mr. Josef Lorenzo de Bardaxi y Castro, Gaspar Añon, Agustin Lozano, Mr. Josef Nolibos). Political legal speech by the most illustrious king of Aragon. 1689. 1 volume. 30 x 21 cm. 59 pp. In good condition. Several members.


Teresa de Jesús - Las obras de la S. Madre Teresa de Iesus : primera parte que contiene su vida - 1649

Good copy of the first volume of the works of Saint Teresa of Jesus printed in 1649 by Balthasar Moreto in the famous printing press founded by Cristóbal Plantino in Antwerp. This is the rare second edition, of which there are no copies in the BNE (the first by Moreto dates from


Ivan Martinez Fortun - Refranes y modos de hablar castellanos con latinos... - 1675

Martinez Fortun, Ivan. Proverbs and ways of speaking Spanish with Latin that correspond to them, together with the glossa and explanation of those who need it. Madrid: Julian Izquierdo printer, 1675. 21 x 16 cm. 319 p. In good general condition. Cover with some faults, restored.


Julio Verne - Lote de Julio Verne - 1933-1935

Lots of 8 books by Jules Verne from Editorial Ramon Sopena. The following titles are included: 1. The Country of Fur. 2. The Black Indies. 3. Adventures of three Russians and three Englishmen in Southern Africa. 4. Twenty Thousand Leagues of Underwater Voyage. 5. Michael


Juan de Escoiquiz - México conquistada. Poema heroyco - 1798

by Escoiquiz, Juan. Mexico conquered, heroic poem. Royal Printing Office: Madrid. 1798. 3 volumes. 386 p. 18.5 x 12cm. In good condition. Spines somewhat deteriorated. by Escoiquiz, Juan. Mexico conquered, heroic poem. Royal Printing Office: Madrid. 1798. 3 volumes. 386 p. 18.5


Antonio Pigafetta - Viaje alrededor del mundo de Magallanes - Elcano [603/750] - 2007

Guillermo Blázquez editor, Madrid, 2007. Size: 33 x 24 cm. Two volumes in a box case: Premier volume: Daily: 40 fols. On aged paper with a letter from Elcano to Carlos V, Francisco Albo's course, the relationship of the surviving sailors and several vocabularies. With drawings on


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