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Europe, Italy; Giovanni Giamcomo de Rossi/ Cantelli da Vignola/A Barbey - L'Italia con le sue Poste e Strade Principali - 1681-1700

Detailed map of of the area, dated 1695 as from Cartouche. Condition as from photo, some light foxing more visible from the back. Published on watermarked paper, strong impression and crisp copy.Present some small light tears on edges,small worms trailson the left side, stains


Middle East and Asia Minor, Israel / Egypte / Italië / Griekenland / Turkije / Irak / Iran / Arabië; Bastiaan Stoopendaal - Complete set van de vijf mooist gedecoreerde bijbelkaarten - 1682-1688

Rare and complete set of the five large Bible maps by engraver Bastiaan Stoopendaal, from the period 1682-1688. He initially engraved five large maps for the Statenbijbel of the publishing house Keur. But it soon became apparent that there was a greater need for handy, smaller


Astronomy, Map - Astronomy; Barbié du Bocage / Jean-Denis / Pierre M. Lapie - Lot. 7 mappe astronomiche, Meridiani, Paralleli, Fasi Lunari, Rosa dei venti - 1801-1820

Copper engraving with coeval coloring of the contours on laid paper with some watermarks in excellent condition, slight traces of foxing and browning, wide margins and central editorial fold. Shipping tube\rigid package by courier\post office. Provenance from private collection.


Asia, Town plan - India; Nicolas Bellin - Carte de l' Indostan - 1761-1780

Its finely engraved, hand-coloring engraved map from the Dutch edition of acques Nicolas Bellin Histoire General des Voyages. Published in Amsterdam, 1770 year. Antique map of the Guianas - present day Guyana, Suriname and French Guiana, including Paramaribo and Cayenne.The area,


Europe, Map - Belgium / Mechelen; Georg Braun, Frans Hogenberg - Nitidissimae Civitatis Mechlineensis - 1575

33 x 45.5 cm. Copper engraving published in: "Urbium Praecipuarum Totius Mundi Liber Tertius". Published by Georg Braun and Frans Hogenberg. Published in Cologne 1575. Fold as issued. Paper yellowed. Tear in top center, reinforced on verso. Shipping: insured.


America, Map - United Kingdom [Lot of 2] England / Wales / Scotland / Ireland / London; R. Bonne / G.A. Rizzi Zannoni - Carte des Isles Britanniques / Carte du Royaume d'Angleterre - 1761-1780

This LOT of 2 Folio Geographical Maps, are an original copper engraving from around 1786. This is a map from the Rigobert BONNE edition, published in ca. 1786. in his Atlas, which bears the name of: "Atlas portif general pour servir a l'intelligence des auteurs


America, Town plan - South America / Cayenne / Guyana; Chereau - Le Débarqument des Francois pour l'etablissement de la nouvelle colonie dans le port de la nouvelle - 1751-1760

Afmeting: 25 x 38 cm. Copperengraving published as an optical view. Chereau Paris Ca. 1760. Insured shipping


Europe, Map - Germany / Upper Saxony; f de wit - Circuli Saxoniae superioris : pars meridionalis in qu a sunt ducatus Saxoniae ... Autore F. de Wit. - 1681-1700

Colored, hand-engraved map of Upper Saxony. Includes decorative title and scale bar title blocks. Showing administrative boundaries, cities, towns, waterways, forests, lakes, mountains and landmarks. Relief illustrated by images.


World, Atlas - World in 1620; Sebastian Münster - Cosmographia, Die Beschreibung der ganzen Welt - 2021

Sebastian Münster's Cosmographia. Die Beschreibung der ganzen Welt - complete facsimile of the last edition of 1628, published in 2 volumes by Heinrich Petri in Basel 1628 - Berlin, Frederik Palm / Frölich und Kaufman, 2021 - 1892 pp in 2 volumes - hardback - 34 x 25 x 7,5 cm


Middle East, Map - (LOT of 2) Middle East, Syria, Turkey, Jordan, Georgia, Armenia, Israel, Palestine, Iran, Iraq; Christopher Weigel & David Kohler - Syria Propria cum Phoenice / Mesopotamiae, Assyriae et Babyloniae Tabula - 1701-1720

This LOT of 2 Geographical Maps is an original copper engraving from 1720 (18th Cen). This is the Latin edition of WEIGEL's fantastic work, published by D. KOHLER on Geographia Antiqua. The map in question comes from the beautiful work, entitled: "Descriptio Orbis Antiquii in


Oceania, Polinesia / Tonga / Tongatapu; J. Hall / S. Middiman - The Natche, a ceremony in honour of the Kings son in Tongataboo - 1761-1780

A ceremony honoring the king's son, on the island of Tongatapu. Engraving by J. Hall and S. Middiman, 1784, by J. Webber. The engraving is one of a series of 78 plates, based on some of Webber's many drawings from the voyage, by various engravers. They were first printed as part


Europe, Map - Belgium; Eredi Homann - Belgii Universi - 1721-1750

Etching engraved by the Heirs of Homann in Nuremberg in 1748. Map of Belgium with excellent contemporary colouring. Exemplary with corners of the margins worn by time, otherwise in good condition, original colours, printed on laid paper with contemporary watermark


England, Map - Hemisphere; J.C. Russell - The World - 1821-1850

Beautiful impression on wove paper. Laid down on card. Hand tinted. William Chambers of Glenormiston or William Chambers FRSE (16 April 1800 – 20 May 1883) was a Scottish publisher and politician, the brother (and business partner) of Robert Chambers. The brothers were


Europe / Nederland, Atlas - Republiek der Zeven Provincien; Hondius, Blaeu, Janssonius e.v.a. - De Kaart der Republiek der VII Provincien 1615-1797 - 2005

HAM. van der Heijden and D.I. Blonk - The Map of the Republic of the VII Provinces 1615-1797 - Alphen a/d Rijn, Canaletto / Repro-Holland, 2005 - 442 pp., linen binding, with dust jacket - 32 x 23 x 3.3 cm. - weight: 2.5 kg. Condition: in very good condition. The dust jacket has


Middle East, Map - Mediterranean Countries / European Empire / Europe; Louis Desnos / Buy de Mornas - Quatrieme Age depuis la Loy Ecrite ou la Sortie d'Egypte Jusqu'a la Dedicace du Temple de Salomon - 1761-1780

This LARGE Folio Geographical Map is an original copper engraving from 1761. This is the edition of BUY de MORNAS & DESNOS, published in 1761 in his Atlas, which bears the name: "Atlas général, civili, ecclesiastique et militaire, methodique et elementaire pour l'etude de la


Europe, Map - x; Ortelius / Vrients - Europa - 1602

Dimensions: 8 x 10.5 cm. (on sheet: 10.5 x 14.5 cm.). Condition: good (minor foxing) Verso: french text. Author: A. Ortelius Publisher: Vrients. Antwerp. Note: from "Abrege du theatre D'Ortelius"


Middle East, Map - Turquie D'Europa; Sr Janvier - Turquie d'Europa et partie de celle d'Asie - 1761-1780

Turquie D'Europa. A paris, Par le Sr Janvier - 1770. Good condition. Dimensions 32 x 44 cm (image)


World, Atlas - Worldwide cartography; Peter Whitfield, P.D.A. Harvey, J.R. McNeill & William H. McNeill - Medieval Maps + The Image of the World + The Human Web - 1000 - 1990

1- Medieval Maps - P.D.A. Harvey - Toronto, University of Toronto Press, 1991 - 96 pp - hardback (linen) with dust jacket - 28,5 x 22,5 cm. Language: English. Mint condition. 2 - The Image of the World. 20 Centuries of World Maps - Peter Whitfield - London, The British


Asia, Map - Japan; M. Mallet - Isles du Japon - 1681-1700

Dimensions: 14.5 x 10 cm. (on sheet: 20.5 x 16 cm.). Condition: good (minor foxing) Verso:blank. Author: M. Mallet. Publisher: J. D. Zunner. Paris. Note: from "Description de L’Univers" Alain Mannesson Mallet (1630-1706) was a French mapmaker and engineer who served in the


Europe, Map - Greece / Rhodes; Sebastian Münster - Rhodys die Insel und Haupt statt darinn - 1598

View of the fortified city of Rhodes, capital of the island of the same name, a few years after its fall into the hands of Suleiman the Magnificent and the expulsion of the Knights Hospitaller to Malta; however, the representation with the sailing ships and the three circles of


Middle East, Map - Qatar / Bahrain / UAE / Arabia / Oman / Yemen; Pascal Francois Joseph Gosselin - Arabie - 1790

Good size map dedicated to the southern part of Arabia. On the left side it is shown according to the vision of the Ancients handed down by Ptolemy; on the right the same territory as it was known at the end of the eighteenth century. In the ancient half the names refer to the


Middle East, Town plan - Turkey / Constantinople; Georg Balthasar Probst - Avenues du Grand Sultan vers les iardin de ciprés - 1750

Beautiful engraving with original colors of the time with a view of the avenues of the Topkapi palace in Constantinople, seat of the Great Sultan, towards the cypress garden animated by characters in Turkish clothes. At the bottom we can read the title in Latin, Italian and


Celestial Map, Map - (LOT of 2) Celestial Map of Eclipses of the Sun & Moon / Solar System; A. K. Johnston - Spectrum Analysis applied to the Sun and Stars / Part of the Spots across the disc of the Sun - 1861-1880

This LOT of 2 Folio Geographical Maps is an original engraving from around 1870. This is the rare edition by Alexander Keith Johnston, published around 1870. in his Atlas which bears the name: "JOHNSTON'S ASTRONOMICAL ATLAS..... in London & Edinburgh, 1870." Beautiful and large


Asia, Map - Japan / Ōsumi (大隅国, Ōsumi no Kuni); Ino Tadataka / Motonobu Aoo / Toshiro Eirakuua - Map of Ōsumi (大隅国, Ōsumi no Kuni), taken from Kokugun Zenzu / Atlas of Japan (De luxe version) - 1821-1850

Japan: 1830. A map of the Ōsumi (大隅国, Ōsumi no Kuni) is a former province of Japan, located in the present day prefecture Kagoshima. Ōsumi lies next to the provinces Hyuga and Satsuma. Printed on two pages (fixed together) on rice paper. Produced as part of Kokugun Zenzu (Atlas


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