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Disney Parks - Album Disneyland Paris 30eme anniversaire

work of the 30th anniversary of Disneyland Paris. This very good quality book was produced in very limited quantities because it was created for employees working at Disneyland Paris (Cast Members). It was never offered for sale in the park. This book retraces the highlights of


Tintin - Les aventures de Lanceval - Zinzin maître du monde - C - (1985)

Exem - The Adventures of Lanceval - Zinzin master of the world - Futuropolis & Editions Tchang - (1985) Mini cardboard album - 9.5X7 cm - 22 pages - Color. Limited edition of 2500 unnumbered copies. Like new condition - A small trace on the left cover page at the beginning


Tarawa Atoll sanglant - B - 2ème édition - (1952)

- Tarawa Bloody Atoll, 2nd edition, 1952. Very close to new condition (tiny traces of reading on the edges of the covers) - An extremely rare marvel to find in this condition. To respond to the success of sales of French comics, from Tuesday November 21, Catawiki has


Jerry Spring T1 à T6 - 2x C + 4x B - First edition - (1955/1958)

- Golden Creek square back eo 1955: The boards are very beautiful. The spine is in good condition, slightly sunken at the ends with a small slit at the bottom. The corners are square with a clear slot on the top right. The interior is in good condition with no writing or tears.


Batem (Collin, Luc) - Marsupilami T5 - Baby Prinz - Met opdrachttekening - Hardcover - First edition (1998)

Marsupilami 5 - Baby Prinz. with commissioned drawing by Batem. signed. book in near mint condition, 1st edition. from 1998


Tintin T16 + T17 - Objectif lune (B8) + On a marché sur la lune (B11) - 2x C - First Belgian edition - (1953/1954)

Moon lens B8 + We walked on the moon B11. 2XEO. -Moon lens - 2nd cover B8 - Red back. -Original Belgian edition - 1953. 1st cover rubbed on the top with a few small stains - 2nd cover with a small mark but in good condition - Blunt corners and caps - Red spine in good condition


L'Histoire Secrète - 23 Albums - 23x C - First edition - (2006/2016)

A large part of the collection, all albums in new EO. Volume 21 is accompanied by a fresco. Volume 25 is with the headband. 3. The Grail of Montségur 02/2006 Noted "First edition". 5. 1666 05/2006 Noted "First edition". 6. The Eagle and the Sphinx 08/2006 Noted "First edition".


Hopper Jack-Henry pseudo de Jacques Géron & Michel Brice, Christini - Lot de 10 BD Madame & Hôtel "Con-d'or" & Sections spéciales & Miami beach & Le fantôme de Géronimo 3 - 1977

Madame, volume 1, CAP editions, undated. Madame, volume 2, CAP editions, undated. Madame, volume 3, CAP editions, undated. Hôtel "Con-d'or", volume 1, CAP editions, undated. Special sections, volume 1, CAP editions, undated. Miami beach, Geron edition, undated. The ghost


Vous avez dit Jijé + dédicace Bruno Marchand - C - First edition - (1983)

Hardcover album in first edition and near new condition. The work contains a dedication tribute to Jijé by Bruno Marchand. Autobiographical album published on the occasion of the exhibition "You said B.D.? Jijé!..." presented at the Wallonie-Bruxelles Cultural Center, French


Le Révérend T1 + T2 + 2x dédicace - 2x C - First edition - (2012/2015)

Volumes 1 + 2 constituting the complete series The Reverend. Both books are in first edition and perfect condition. The albums are also autographed by the author.


Corto Maltese T1 - La Ballade de la mer salée + Lettre (Édition anniversaire) - C - First edition - (2007)

Anniversary print of the famous album The Ballad of the Salt Sea by Hugo Pratt. Large format 40vm x 30cm in black & white 172 pages with many pages of unpublished documents. Complete with the letter of Obregan Carrenza. Hardback book on high quality paper. A stain on the front


Capitain MOKO T1 à T5 + 10x ex-libris - 5x C - Série complète - TL - (2013)

Complete series in 5 albums CAPTAIN MOKO by Fenzo. FENZO, creator of Jungla, collaborated with Hugo PRATT and took over Captain Cormorant under the name Captain Moko. Complete luxury edition, hardback with black cloth back, 5 albums of more than 100 black and white pages, limited


Tintin T21 - Les Bijoux de la Castafiore (B34) - C - First edition - (1963)

The Jewels of Castafiore (B34) EO 1963. The first dish with a name. Caps packed, corners blunted. Interior in good condition, without tears. Traces of use. Postal delivery with tracking.


Tintin - Tintin et Milou chez les Toréadors - B - First edition - (1945)

Hergé - Tintin and Snowy among the Toreadors - Histoire Furet - Coeurs Vaillant - (1945) History & Joy Collection - Notebook n°12 - Edition The valiant hearts and valiant souls of France - 2nd edition. Blue cover - 24 pages - 12X16 cm. Near new condition - Free from traces, tears


Tintin T8 - Le Sceptre d’Ottokar (B7) - C - Reprint - (1952)

The Scepter of Ottokar in 1952 edition - 2nd cover B7. Spine in very good condition, caps packed. Beautiful colors of the first cover. Blunt square corners. Interior Very beautiful


Jo, Zette and Jocko T1+T2 - Le Stratonef H22 - Le testament de M. Pump (B5) + Destination New York (B5) - 2x C - First edition - (1951)

Jo, Zette and Jocko - The Stratonef H22 - Mr. Pump's testament + Destination New York. The first adventure of Jo, Zette and Jocko - The two albums in first edition - 2nd cover B5 - Red pellior spine - Front page with white square. Good general condition - Boards still very


Lonesome T1 - Les Liens de sang + dédicace - C - First edition - (2021)

Volume 3 of the Lonesome series by Yves Swolfs. Original edition 2021. Accompanied by a very beautiful full cover page drawing dedicated and signed by the author.


Jessica Blandy T3 à T5 + signatures + dédicace - 3x C - First edition - (1988/1989)

T3- The Devil at Dawn- EO-1988- Two handwritten dedications - Interior in very good condition. T4- Nuits Couleurs Blues- EO-1988- Two handwritten dedications - Interior in very good condition. T5 - Peau d'enfer- EO-1989-Drawing and dedication by Renaud- EO-1988- Interior in


Spirou et Fantasio T27 - L’Ankou + dédicace (Champignac) - C - Reprint - (1980)

The adventures of Spirou & Fantasio. Volume 27 / The Ankou. 1980 edition. Accompanied by a signed drawing by Fournier on the flyleaf. Excellent condition.


Blake & Mortimer T5 - La Marque jaune - C - Reprint - (1959)

The yellow mark reissue 1959. Good condition with Tintin points present. 2nd checkered plate, last title in the catalog "The great challenge" Brepols Printing Company. - 1st dish a little rubbed, small damage at the bottom (photos) - nice last dish, a little rubbed. - corners


Marc Dacier T3 - Au-delà du Pacifique - B - First edition - (1961)

Marcdacier, Beyond the Pacific EO 1961 very beautiful, cover slightly rubbed, no tears.


Tintin - Cinquante ans de travaux fort gais - C + Cello 22bis - First edition - (1978)

Album “Fifty years of very gay work” published on the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of Tintin - Casterman - (1978) Limited edition of 2000 copies. Rare album and in 'crisp new' condition


L'Irlandaise T1 + T2 + dédicace couleur - 2x C - First edition - (2011)

Volume 1 and 2 of the L’Irlandaise series. Original edition 2011. Volume 1 is accompanied by a very beautiful & rare drawing on the full cover page dedicated and signed by G.Pascal


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