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Michetz - 2 Offset Print - A Califourchon - "Cowgirl" et "Ballerine"

Superb “Astride” prints: “Cowgirl” and “Ballerina”. Numbered out of 50 copies and signed by Michetz. They have a format of 30x40cm. New condition. The photos of the numbers are provided as an example. The number may be different from that in the photo. All your purchases


Walthéry + Gilson - Natasja e.a. - Luxe Lovely Wheels - Met originele tekening en ex-libris - EA 4/26 - Gesigneerd - Hardcover - First edition - (2023)

Deluxe version of the album 'Lovely Wheels', drawn by François Walthéry and friends (see photos for the correct frame). Published by Noir Dessin in 2023. This is an author's copy numbered E.A. 4/26 with a small picture signed by Walthéry. With an original color drawing by Bruno


Edouard Aidans - Toenga - De boommensen - Met opdrachttekening - Softcover - First edition (2012)

Toenga - The Tree People. 1st edition. signed. book in near mint condition, 1st edition. from 1981


Varanda, Alberto - Bloodline 2 - Met opdrachttekening - Hardcover - First edition

Bloodline 2 - A massacre for peace in the alptraum. with commissioned drawing by Varanda. signed. book in near mint condition, 1st edition. from 1999


Bédu - Hugo - special deel 1 - Met opdrachttekening - Softcover - First edition (1992)

Hugo special part 1. with commissioned drawing by Bédu. signed by the author. book in near mint condition. from 1986


Jean-Claude Servais - Lova - Integrale uitgave - Met opdrachttekening - 1 Album - First edition - 2000

Lova - complete edition. with commissioned drawing by Jean-Claude Servais. signed. book in near mint condition, 1st edition. from 2000. 1st edition of a reissue


Blake en Mortimer 24 - de laatste zwaardvis - Hardcover - First edition - (2021)

1 luxury linen hardcover Including numbered and signed ex libris new in seal. limited edition 1100 pcs. 5 figurines of Blake and Mortimer/yellow ticks 5 to 7 cm.


Harry Dickson - De fantastische samenzwering Met Opdrachttekening - Hardcover

Comic in excellent condition with dedication drawing by Zanon.


Axel Moonshine 1 t/m 7 + 10 t/m 30 - Diverse titels - zie beschrijving - 28 Album - First edition - 1982/2002

Beautiful science fiction series Axel Moonshine by Godard with drawings by Ribera. Very fine condition - see the notes. Albums in softcover and 1st edition. Various publishers, namely: Arboris = A. Dargaud = D. Vaisseau d'Argent = VA. 1 - The Vultures of the Cosmos - 1980 - new -


Agent 327 - Rot voor Rotterdam - Linnen luxe mét zeefdruk in linnen map - 1 Album - First edition - 1995

Luxury album by Agent 327 'Rot voor Rotterdam', signed by Martin Lodewijk. Published by Griffioen Graffiek in 1995 in an edition of 1500 numbered and signed copies. Contains the stories 'The Scourge of Rotterdam + The Eyes of Wu Manchu'. An extra page 45 has been added to the


Nero - 2x luxe dubbelalbums - Prinses Lovely/Mosterd van Abraham + Ijzeren kolonel/Kolbak van How - 2 Album - First edition - 2016/2018

Two luxury editions of Nero, drawn by Marc Sleen: two double albums: Princess Lovely/De musterd van Abraham from 2016 and De iron colonel/De kolbak van How from 2018. Produced in a numbered edition of 250 copies. With an extra section of information and/or drawings. Large format


Rode Adelaar 26, 27, 28, 29, 34, 35, 36, 37, 41, 42, 43, 46 - 12 lilliput uitgaven - 12 Album - First edition - 1953/1954

121 Lilliput editions from the De Rode Adelaar series, all in very good condition (some in almost new condition) After 40 years of collecting, it is time to seriously thin out my collection. Over the next few months, many first editions and luxury editions will be reviewed.


Harald de Viking Lombard collectie 45 - Harald de Viking - 1 Album - First Belgian edition - 1958

Perfectly preserved colours. The spine is in very good condition. There is no trace of reading. No tear, nothing written. The corners of the album are slightly damaged. The endpapers are in perfect condition. The inner block is in perfect condition. The Tintin point has been torn


Jan Kordaat 1 t/m 3 - Integraal - 3 Album - First edition - 2015/2018

The 3 first complete editions of the hero Jan Kordaat. After 40 years of collecting, it is time to seriously thin out my collection. Over the next few months, many first editions and luxury editions will be reviewed.


Jean-Yves Delitte - De nieuwe tsaren - 2 Het blast-effect - Met opdrachttekening - 1 Album - First edition - 2005

The New Tsars 2 - The Blast Effect. hardcover version. with commissioned drawing by Jean-Yves Delitte. from 2005. signed. new condition


Bernard Capo - De teutonen - 1 In de schaduw van het zwarte woud - Met opdrachttekening - 1 Album - First edition - 1999

The Teutons 1 - In the shadow of the black forest. hardcover version. with dedication drawing by Bernard Capo. from 1999. signed. new condition


Juan Antonio Parras - De haas van mars 4 - Met opdrachttekening - 1 Album - First edition - 1999

The Hare of Mars. hardcover version with linen spine (without extra print) with dedication drawing by Juan Antonio Parras. from 1999. signed. new condition


Steven Sterk 1 - De Rode Taxi's - 1 Comic - First edition - 1962

A unique copy! The first edition of Steven Sterk's very first album. Conceived and drawn by the legendary Peyo, the spiritual father of The Smurfs. The drawing style of the series is part of the Marcinelle school and that is clear. You can also find Steven Sterk in the streets


Charly + Aria + Largo Winch - 3x Silhouet uitgaven luxe - Met gesigneerde prenten - 3 Album - First edition - 2002/2003

3x Silhouette editions luxury: 'Charly', drawn by Magda and 'Aria', drawn by Weyland from 2002. Made in an edition of 200 copies. Each with a numbered and signed print. 'Largo Winch', drawn by Francq from 2003 in an edition of 300 copies. Also with a signed print. Cardboard


Jan Kordaat 1 - De speurder - 1 Album - First edition - 1944

Original first cardboard edition from 1944, signed by Jijé (Joseph Gillain). Published by Dupuis. With original price indication on the cover and the authorization number 7044 on the back cover. Album with visible wear and the known remains of the glue layer used. The original


Blake & Mortimer 2 - De Vuurpijl - Luxe in seal - 1 Album - First edition

Title. The flare. Series / hero. 'U' ray, De. Series. Blake and Mortimer spent luxury. Number in series. 2. Add number. Draftsman. Cailleaux, Christian, Schréder, Etienne. Screenwriter. Hamme, Jean van (Vanam), Jacobs, Edgar Pierre [after] Publishing house. Blake and Mortimer


Nero - groot formaat hardcover - 250 expl. - Prinses Lovely en De mosterd van Abraham - 1 Album - First edition - 2016

large format luxury version of Princess Lovely and The Mustard of Abraham. edition 250 expl. numbered. Standard publishing house


Franka - Techni Color Wide Screen en de vlucht van de Atlantis - luxe - 2 Album - First edition/1990

Techni Wide Color Screen. Numbered 1827 and signed. The Flight of the Atlantis deluxe edition. Numbered 449 and signed


De Angelis, Roberto - 3 Original page - Nathan Never Gigante - n. 1 ''Doppio Futuro'' - 1995

Nathan Never Gigante n. 1 '' Doppio Futuro '' pages 224 - 228 - 235...Number 3 Original Plates by Roberto De Angelis, taken from the first historical issue of Nathan Never's Giant.... They measure about 30.00 x 40.00 cm, each.... general condition, excellent, very well preserved,


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