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Yoichi 20 years old - Nikka - 70cl

Yoichi 20 Year Old. A Japanese single malt bottling from Nikka's flagship distillery in Hokkaido. Nikka was founded in 1934 by Masataka Taketsuru, a former Suntory employee who had studied at the University of Glasgow, and later trained as a blender at the now lost Hazelburn


Yoichi 10 years old - Nikka - 70cl

10 Year old from Nikka's Yoichi distillery, now discontinued and becoming increasingly sought after at auction


Oban 1996 21 years old Limited Release - Original bottling - b. 2018 - 70cl

The nose is lively and vibrant, lightly salty with a distinct bacon character, herbal and woody, with hints of sage-infused brown butter. Based on the aroma, you’d expect an intense, savory experience on the tongue — but that would be misleading, because the palate of the whisky


Highland Park 1984 28 years old Cask no. 9968 - One of 133 - Douglas Laing - b. 2013 - 700ml

Higland Park 28 years old Directors’ Cut. ABV: 48.5% VINTAGE: 1984. DISTILLED-BOTTLED: 1984-2013. CASK_TYPE-BOTTLED: Hogshead DL 9968. BOTTLE_NO: One of 133. BOTTLER: Douglas Laing & Co., Ltd. VOLUME: 700ml. Please note that no shipments outside the European Union will be made.


Ardbeg - 0.75 Ltr

Hello everyone! Selling these great bottles of Ardbeg 30 Y from my private collection! The bottle is in great condition! Fill level as well as the wooden box! I ship the bottle from an EU country! (In terms of customs!!, there are no customs costs for you if you are from an EU


Macallan 12 years old - Original bottling - b. Late 1990s early 2000s - 70cl

1 bottle of Macallan Single Highland Malt Scotch Whisky, 12 Years Old, 70cl , Vol.: 40%, Provenance: From a private collection


Macallan 10 years old - Original bottling - b. Late 1990s early 2000s - 70cl

1 bottle of Macallan Single Highland Malt Scotch Whisky, 10 Years Old, 70 cl , Vol.: 40%, Provenance: From a private collection


Glenfiddich Ancient Reserve, 18 years old Ancient Reserve Decanter & 15 years old Solera Reserve - Original bottling - 70cl - 3 bottles

3 bottles of Glenfiddich Single Malt Scotch Whisky: 1. Glenfiddich Ancient Reserve, 18 Years Old, 70cl, Vol.: 40%, ca. 1.400g. 2. Glenfiddich Ancient Reserve, 18 Years Old, 70cl, Vol.: 43%, ca. 1.400g. 3. Glenfiddich Solera Reserve, 15 Years Old, 70cl, Vol.: 40%, ca. 1.400g.


Karuizawa 1978 35 years old Cask no. 8383 - Original bottling - b. 2014 - 700ml

Stains on the label, see pictures. + No doubt this Karuizawa would have inspired Giuseppe Arcimboldo when he created his series of paintings entitled The Four Seasons. Like these famous masterpieces, this Karuizawa is a fruity, malty, floral, smoky and finely wooded allegory. A


Auchentoshan Three Wood - Original bottling - 700ml

Auchentoshan Three Wood, 43%, original bottling (circa 2006). Ageing: Bourbon casks, then Oloroso and Pedro-Ximinez sherr casks. Nose: Very special. Flower meadow, sweet sherry and a little gunpowder. Chinese plum wine, sultanas and chicory, plus a little wood glue. In the


Glenfiddich 18 years old Small batch reserve giftpack w/ 2 glasses - b. 2010s to today - 700ml

Glenfiddich 18 Year Old Small Batch Reserve. Glenfiddich was an early advocate of the single malt Scotch category, and their faith is rewarded today by being one of the best-selling Scotch brands in the world. The distillery was built by William Grant in 1886, distilling its


Glenfiddich Project XX - Original bottling - 700ml

Glenfiddich Project XX is een uniek experiment van Glenfiddich. Men heeft 20 whiskyambassadeurs en experten van Glenfiddich betrokken om deze malt te componeren. Brian Kinsman liet 20 van zijn whiskyambassadeurs los in het warehouse van Glenfiddich met de volgende opdracht. Kies


Talisker 1978 40 years old The Bodega Series - One of 2000 - Original bottling - b. 2010s to today - 700ml - 2000 bottles

Talisker 40 YO the bodega series in perfect condition and stored with controlled humidity and temperature. I do not ship to Cyprus and non-EU countries


Macallan 12 years old Sherry Oak Cask - Original bottling - 700ml

The Macallan Sherry Oak 12 years single malt whisky One of the core expressions in the Sherry Oak collection, this 12 Year Old is brilliant in quality and taste. It has been matured in casks that have been seasoned with Oloroso Sherry and imported from Jerez in Spain.


Macallan The Archival Series Folio 5 - Original bottling - 700ml

The fifth release from The Macallan Archival Series, an iconic series that celebrates the classic advertising campaigns of the 1970s, 80s and 90s. The Macallan Folio 5 commemorates an advert featuring the tale of a “Luggy Bonnet” with the words “Keep this knot firmly tied”. The


Macallan The Archival Series Folio 6 - Original bottling - 700ml

The sixth release in The Macallan Archival Series, Folio 6 celebrates a wonderfully witty advert, which cleverly featured ‘The Chairman’ as a Scotsman dancing the Highland fling over a pen and brush, the symbols of the advertising team of Holmes and Salaman. [Please note


Bowmore Darkest - Original bottling - b. 1990s - 70cl

Bowmore Darkest bottle perfectly stored away from direct light and heat and in the original box in perfect condition. The bottle is 700 ml and 43%. I do not ship to Russia and South America and Switzerland and England please see imperfection on the capsule.


Balvenie 6 years old - Sanley Bologna import - Specially for Ladies - Original bottling - b. 1970s - 75cl

condition of the bottle in excellent condition. the shipment will be managed by me but I allow the buyer to collect it for free from me


Glenallachie 16 years old 50th Anniversary Billy Walker - Present Edition - Original bottling - 700ml

Glenallachie 16 Year Old Present Edition is the second in the series following the past to celebrate the half century career of master Billy Walker. This rare expression illustrates the master's present, where he greedily implements an incredibly innovative cask management


Macallan 10 years old - Original bottling - b. 1980s - 75cl

Vendo fantastica bottiglia di macallan 10 years old matured in cherry wood, damaged label no box


Glen Garioch 1986 One of 342 - In the Pink - Moon Import - b. 2000 - 70cl

Glengarioch “In the Pink” 1986. Bottiglia rarissima N 303 di un lotto irripetibile di 342 bottiglie. Importato da Moon Import per deliziare i palati più esigenti. Stato di conservazione e livello eccellenti con astuccio originale.


Cragganmore 1971 43 years old Cask no. 2300 - One of 474 - Original bottling - 700ml

Cragganmore 43 years old. 1971-2015. 47.4%vol-700ml. Single cask release. Cask no. 2300. Bottle no. 128/474. Bottle for Travel Retail - Dubai Original big case box. a part of the front writing slightly damaged, the writing has become pulverized and stuck in the area where the


Chichibu London Edition 2019 - 70cl

The second released from Chichibu released in honour of the UK capital. Aged in a cask previous used to mature imperial stout, this is a fruit forward, concentrated dram from Chichibu with honey, sweet barley and floral notes dominating on the nose. Unpeated and without a


Talisker 25 years old - Original bottling - 70cl

Perfect bottle in its original box


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