Ancient Egypt, First Intermediate Period Archaeology

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Viking Era Bronze Finger ring - 25 mm

Medieval bronze Viking ring with horse engraving. The horse meant something to the Vikings; it was used for riding, working the land, etc. With a beautiful dark green patina. Old German collection from 2002, Purchased in 2008 by a private collector from Germany. The seller


Ancient Egyptian Cornelian Hathor Amulet - 2×0.7×1.6 cm - (1)

Superb Cornelian Hathor amulet. New Kingdom. Acquired from a Spanish private collection, S.V.S in 1980. The Seller can prove that the lot was obtained legally. Important information. The seller guarantees that he is entitled to ship this lot. The seller will take care that any


Tlatilco, Mexico Terracotta Figure. 1200-900 BC. 7.4 cm. "Michel Vinaver collection". Spanish Import License.

"After all, our present, is also the memory that remains from the past of humanity”. Said by Michel Vinaver at the interview 9th January 2022, at the radio "France Culture". Figure. CULTURE: Tlatilco, Mexico. PERIOD: 1200-900 BC. MATERIAL: Terracotta. DIMENSIONS: Height


Ottoman Empire Silver-metal Ring with Red Hardstone Intaglio of a Winged Quadruped

A very impressive Ottoman Empire silver-metal ring. It presents a raised bezel with a square red hardstone intaglio showing a quadruped with wings and a raised tail (possibly a pegasus). Two incised circles enrich the background. The intaglio decoration served as a stamp or a


Cham/Vietnam Silver Anthropomorphic Bird Headed figured Ritual Bowl - 10th - 14th century A.D. - (63×133×133 mm)

An exceptional ritual bowl with anthropomorphic bird headed mythical creatures decoration from the Cham/Vietnam culture, 10-14th century. It has been cleaned, but the nice antique patina is preserved. The piece was made from 2 silver sheets than chased, hammered, ciseled


Ancient Greek, Hellenistic Pottery Unguentarium * No reserve price * Spanish Export License.

ITEM: Unguentarium. MATERIAL: Pottery. CULTURE: Greek, Hellenistic period. PERIOD: 3rd - 1st Century B.C. DIMENSIONS: 175 mm x 74 mm. CONDITION: Good condition, repaired. PROVENANCE: Ex Jerusalem private collection, acquired between 1975 – 1990. Hellenistic pottery refers to


Medieval, Crusaders Era Bronze Crucifix - 22 mm

Crucifix from the time of the Crusades. Beautiful model and still very wearable. In very good condition. Sizes; - 32 x 22 x 3 mm. (including carrying eye). Material; - Bronze. Weight: - 4.1 gr. Dispatch; Parcel, registered and/or DHL.


Attic Black-glaze Squat Lekythos

Ca. 450-400 BC. A squat lekythos featuring a distinctive black glaze and notable characteristics. Crafted from clay, this lekythos exhibits a flattened globular body, adorned with vertical incised decoration encompassing the entire shoulder. It possesses a short neck, leading to


Mezcala Stone Figure idol. 1200 - 1500 AD. 20 cm. With Spanish Export License.

Figure idol. - big and nice patina and coloro - Mezcala, Guerrero, Mexico, 1200 - 1500 AD. Grey Stone. 17,5 cm height and 20 cm heigth wiht stand. Provenance: Private collection, France, since 1960. After in a private collection of Barcelona, Spain. With Spanish Export


Indus Valley Terracotta Figure of a standing Fertility Goddess. 22 cm H. c. 2000 BC. Spanish Export License.

Indus Valley Figurine of a Standing Fertility Goddess. Indus Valley, c. 3000 - 2000 B.C. Terracotta. 22 cm height. Condition: Good state of preservation. Provenance: Private collection, Paris, France, 1960 - 1970. The Indus Valley civilization was rediscovered in 1920-21


Ancient Roman Bronze Turtle Figurine

Ca. 100-300 AD. A turtle figurine, expertly crafted from bronze to capture its distinctive features. With its small head and a beautifully domed shell, the figurine embodies the unique characteristics of a turtle. The flat underside and the legs protruding on the sides add to its


Ancient Egyptian Faience Male Divinity Amulet

Ca. 664-332 BC. An Egyptian faience amulet, possibly of Thoth. He is depicted striding forward, with arms by his side and his fists clenched. He wears a short kilt and tripartite wig. Size: L:36.7mm / W:13.2mm ; 2.7g. Provenance: From the collection of a London gentleman;


Ancient Roman Bronze Ring With Sun Symbols

Ca. 200-500 AD. A bronze ring with a round hoop, and circular bezel decorated with a set of four irregularly placed 'ring and a dot' patterns, probably associated with the cult of the sun. Sun worship was an integral part of the beliefs of the ancient Romans. They believed that


Celtic Iron Age Bronze Seal With Animal

Ca. 300-100 BC. A finger ring of bronze with a thin, ribbed hoop and applied bezel which is roughly round and flat. On it is an engraved animal with a nicely accentuated body. Size: D: 18.34mm / US: 8 1/4 / UK: Q ; 5.29g. Provenance: Private London collector, acquired on the


Ancient Egyptian Faience Goddess Sow amulet (Comes with Certificate of Authenticity and Export license) - 2.3×2.9×1.6 cm - (1)

Superb Goddess Sow amulet in faience from Late period (722-332 B.C). Mostly depicted in nude human form, Nut was also sometimes depicted in the form of a cow whose great body formed the sky and heavens, a sycamore tree, or as a giant sow, sucking many piglets (representing the


Colima, West Mexico Terracotta Male Figure. 13,3 cm H. Very Big sculpture. Spanish Import License. 100 BC - 250 AD

Male Figure. - fine quality - Colima, West Mexico, 100 BC - 250 AD Terracotta. DIMENSIONS: 13,3 cm heigth. CONDITION: Good condition. Provenance: Private collection, Nevada, USA. Private collection, Dr. David Hamer, Arkansas, 1950 - 1960. Old number of the


Ancient Egyptian Faience beads Necklace. 68 cm L. Late Period, 664 - 323 BC. NO RESERVE PRICE.

Neacklace. Ancient Egypt, Late Period, 664 - 323 BC MATERIAL: Faience SIZE: 68 cm large total. PROVENANCE: Private collection, Paris, acquired in 1970s. CONDITION: Good, see photos. Notes: The seller guarantees that he acquired this piece according to all national and


Middle East, Tell Halaf Terracotta Big Female Idol. 13.5 cm H. TL Test . 6th- 5th Millennium BC. Spanish Export License.

Female Idol - Thermoluminescence Test - Middle East, Tell Halaf, 6th- 5th Millennium BC. Terracotta 11 cm height and 13.5 cm with the stand. PROVENANCE: Private collection of David Hendin, United States. 1960. CONDITION: Good Condition. Notes: The piece


Ancient Egyptian Faience Thoth Baboon Amulet. Spanish Export License. - 2.5×1.2×1.2 cm

An ancient Egyptian amuletic pendant crafted in faience and depicting the god, Thoth, in his baboon form. The deity appears seated with forepaws on his knees, as his legs are bent beneath him, with his shoulders to the chest. The amulet shows the discoid plaque, or lunar


Ancient Egypt, Greco–Roman Period Terracotta Oil Lamp. 1st-3rd century BC. Spanish Import License. - 4 cm

Lucerne (oil lamp) Provenance: Private Collection of Frédéric DUVAL (1880 - 1954) 7.5cm in length; 4cm high. Ancient Rome (terracotta) Small utensil from ancient Rome for luminescent use as a type of lamp made of terracotta.


Ancient Roman Limestone Sculpture of Goddess Fortuna

A limestone acephalous sculpture of the Goddess Fortuna,probably part of a stele with the goddess in relief. The goddess depicted standing with her weight on her left leg, wearing a high-belted tunic centered by a Herakles knot, the tunic clinging to her body, revealing its form


Ancient Roman Bronze decorated Key Ring - 3.5 cm

Important! Due to new custom regulations we can no longer ship outside the E.U. Please make sure you have an EU shipping address before bidding. Registered shipping. Provenance/Known History: Ex. Private UK collection. Collected before 1970. After that A.A. Gallery, UK.


Western Asiatic Gold Earring Pair with Filigree Decoration

A pair of striking Western Asiatic gold earrings. Each earring features a crescent section decorated with rows of filigree spirals and large gold granules attached to the outer edge of the earring. The earrings have a coiled gold wire closure. Many grand civilisations inhabited


Ottoman Empire Silver-metal Ring with Flat Black Hardstone

A very impressive Ottoman Empire silver-metal ring. It presents a square bezel with a flat, matt black hardstone. The bezel is decorated on all sides with a granulated border. The ring shoulders feature a symmetrical geometric pattern. Good solid condition, wearable. Signs of


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