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Trilobite - Fossilised animal - Subasaphus platyurus (ANGELIN 1854) - 7.3 cm

Subasaphus platyurus, it is known for the dramatically-curved genal spines. Its dark caramel-colored Calcite shell is well set off by the white limestone matrix, with the trilobite well positioned on its nearly half billion year old seafloor throne. This sample is big size of


Spiny Trilobite - Fossilised animal - Belenopyge estevei - 2.5 cm

Belenopyge estevei Corbacho & Kier, 2013. Professionally worked. It belongs to the lower Devonian and comes from the Ihandar Formation in El Achana, Mader region (Morocco). It has a length of about 25 mm. Preserves the hypostome. This specimen appears in a scientific article. The


Megalodon - Fossil tooth - 15.5 cm - 12 cm

Megalodon tooth from Sukabumi Indonesia.


Nicely Preserved Large 11,1cm Spinosaurus Dinosaur Tooth - Cretaceous KemKem Beds - Fossil tooth

Scientific name: Spinosaurus aegyptiacus. Location: Taouz, South Morocco. Geological Formation: Ifezouane Fm. Age: Upper Cretaceous, Cenomanian stage ( 96 million years) Size (long): 11,1cm. REF.: A37. DESCRIPTION: Outstanding specimen. Awesome enamel color. Incredible sharp


Huge Robust Red Spinosaurus Dinosaur Tooth - Cretaceous KemKem Beds - Fossil tooth

Scientific name: Spinosaurus aegyptiacus. Location: Taouz, South Morocco. Geological Formation: Ifezouane Fm. Age: Upper Cretaceous, Cenomanian stage ( 96 million years) Size (long): 8,7cm. REF.: A38. DESCRIPTION: Outstanding specimen. Awesome red enamel color. Incredible


Baltic Amber - Ephemeroptera - Mayfly w. Mite, Acari & larva - Amber

Baltic Amber - Ephemeroptera 3 tails - Mayfly w. Mite, Acari & larva. (extremely rare offer) Size: 59 x 47 x 32 mm. Includes: 4-10 mm & 4 mm. Weight: 32.6g. If interested, I can send the buyer original JPEG images by email


Fossilised wood - Palmoxylon - 290 mm - 190 mm

This slab of petrified palm wood, belonging to the Palmoxylon species and coming from Sumatra, Indonesia, is a visual testimony of an ancient and fascinating world. Petrified palm wood is characterized by rod-like structures within the regular grain of the wood, now silicified or


Woolly mammoth - extremely good molar - Fossil molar - Mammuthus primigenius - 25 cm

Exceptional molar / molar in the very best quality. - unusual tooth enamel retention. - almost continuous enamel / all around. - plus fascinating chewing surface. - beautifully pronounced. - seems uninjured - hardly any rejection. 100% genuine. - no addition. - has excellent bone


Woolly Mammoth - Tooth - 240×160×73 mm

Beautiful molar of the woolly mammoth, excellently preserved. Found in the Amur region of Russia. Dimensions 240×160×73 mm. Weight 3370 grams. Professionally preserved. See also my other ads. Good luck bidding


Fossilised shell - Manticoceras sp.

Species: Manticoceras sp. Age: Upper Devonian. Locality: Morocco. Measurements: 19 cm diameter. Weight: 1.8 kg. A finely polished ammonoid Manticoceras sp. with beautiful suture lines, enhanced by special preparation with the carved body chamber. This and the grey and orange


Decorative Ammonite on Custom Made Display - Fossilised animal - Manticoceras sinuosum (HALL, 1843) - 20 cm

This nice specimen preserves beautiful brown / golden colors and nice calcite crystals. Elegant custom display increase the high decorative effect of this authentic fossil. Name : Manticoceras sinuosum (HALL, 1843) Age : Upper Devonian. Location : Alnif near Erfoud, Morocco.


Unusual Large 9cm Elosuchus Fully Rooted Tooth Cretaceous Crocodile KemKem Beds - Fossil tooth

SPECIES Elosuchus cherifiensis, Lavocat 1955. AGE Upper Cretaceous, Cenomanian stage, (~96 Million Years) LOCATION Taouz, Kem Kem Basin, South Morocco. FORMATION Ifezouane Formation, Red Sandstone Beds. SIZE: 9 cm. REF. A91. The crocodile rests represent a high percentage of the


Finest Quality Coelodonta antiquitatis Woolly Rhino Molar Tooth - Ice Age Pleistocene - Fossil tooth

Scientific name: Coelodonta antiquitatis (Woolly Rhino) - Molar Tooth. Location: North Poland. Geological Formation: Pleistocene deposits of Poland. Age: Upper Pleistocene, (~50.000 Years) Size: 7cm long. Ref: A118. The woolly rhinoceros (Coelodonta antiquitatis) is an


Very Big Megalodon Shark Tooth - Carcharocles megalodon - 127×94×36 mm

A specimen of considerable size of Megalodon fossil tooth. Megalodon, scientific name Carcharocles megalodon, is a gigantic extinct shark that lived between 2.6 and 23 million years ago, known especially for the finds of fossil teeth. On the basis of these fossils, this animal


Plesiosaur - Vertebra Agglomeration on matrix - Plesiosaurus dolichodeirus - 355×250×150 mm

Belonging to the marine reptiles known as plesiosaurs, these fossil vertebrae belong specifically to the Plesiosaurus Dolichodeirus. This reptile is also well known thanks to the discovery of complete skeletons in England dating back to the Lower Jurassic. The body of this


Bison Priscus - Vertebra - Natural History - Curiosity Cabinet - 275×130×52 mm

A Bison Priscus vertebra dating back to the Pleistocene, a piece of history to be jealously kept in your Wunderkammer. This fossil bison vertebra is dated 50,000 years ago and comes from the North Seas. the Bison Priscus sometimes called "ancient bison", was the most common large


Nicely Preserved Rare Cadomites sp Ammonite - Middle Jurassic Germany - Fossilised shell

Species: Cadomites sp. AGE Middle Jurassic, Bajocian Stage (170 million years) LOCATION Sengenthal, Germany. FORMATION Middle Jurassic outcrops of Sengenthal. Size: 4,3cm - Matrix: 7,5cm x 7cm. Ref: A195. All our fossils comes with Certificate of Authenticity.


Megalodon - Fossil tooth - 14.9 cm - 11 cm

Beautiful megalodon tooth, of wonderful dimensions, in shades of brown and yellow. root and partially restored, serrated and perfect enamel, found on the island of Java in Indonesia.


Megalodon - Tooth - 116×83×27 mm

Fantastic Megalodon tooth. Beautiful and strong brown colours! Very nice contrast and well preserved. Weight: 169gr. Length: 116mm. Width: 83mm. Thickness: 27mm.


Chubutensis - Fossil tooth - Chubutensis - 60 mm - 46 mm

This beautiful piece was found in South Carolina. The teeth are called Otodus Chubutensis and are 'ear' shaped teeth from Megatoothed sharks. The tooth is in a very good condition, cleaned with no restorations. Weight: 21gr. Length: 60mm. Width: 46mm. Thickness: 9mm


Megalodon - Fossil tooth - 117 mm - 73 mm

Very beautiful piece found in South Carolina. USA teeth are very different from the Indonesian Megalodon teeth. These teeth are much more robust with stronger roots and are more preserved. This tooth is in it's original condition and has not been repaired or restored. Weight:


Decorative fossilized wood on stand - Polished with nice colors and big size - Fossilised plant - Araucaria - 22 cm - 17 cm

The slab is very decorative, and has a size of 22 x 17 cm. It shows nice and uncommon colors. The bark is visible . The stand will come for free. Name : Araucaria. Age: Triassic. Find spot : Madagascar. ATTENTION: colors may slightly vary onto the pictures (due to pictures taken


Atlas Vertebra Woolly Mammoth on handmade display - Fossil vertebra bone - Mammuthus primigenius - 25 cm - 35 cm

Beautiful and very decorative complete fossil Atlas Vertebra of a Woolly Mammoth. This vertebra was found during the construction of the lock in Zemst (near Mechelen) in an area called Bos van Aa. Age is early Weichselian (~130,000 years old)


Ammonites & Belemnites - Fossilised shell - Amaltheus stockesi - 29 cm

Magnificent block of two Amaltheus stockesi from the Pliensbachian (Carixian) of France. About 190 million years old!... fossilized with several belemenite rostrums, all. forming a superb, very aesthetic ensemble. The entire block measures 29 cm high and weighs 3.5 kg. The


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