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Ghana. 5 Cedis 2022 "Alien Coloured", Proof (.999), Box & Certificate, mintage 1,500

Original, Very rare and sought-after silver 5 Cedis "Alien Colored" coin from 2022, Queen Elizabeth II (1952-2022), Ghana, catalog weight: 31.1035 grams, 1 Oz, catalog diameter: 39 mm, pure silver of the highest quality Ag.999, silver fineness: 999/1000, UNC Proof Color mint


Niue. 2 Dollars 2023 Star Wars™ Weihnachten Season's Greetings, 1 Oz (.999)

Issuing country: Niue Island. Year of issue: 2023. Face value: 2 dollars. Materials: silver. Fineness: 99.9% Weight: 31.1 grams. Embossing quality: PP. Circulation: 2,023. #disneyinspired


Tuvalu. 1 Dollar 2023 James Bond 007™ - Casino Royale Casino Chip, 1 Oz (.999)

Ausgabeland: Tuvalu. Prägejahr: 2023. Nennwert: 1 TVD. Material: Silber. Feinheit: 99,9 % Gewicht: 31,135. Prägequalität: Antique Finish. Auflage: 2.500. Lieferung inkl. Zertifikat, Etui und Umverpackung


Niue. 10 Dollars 2022 Cinema Masterpieces - Das Dschungelbuch, 3 Oz (.999)

Ausgabeland: Niue Island. Prägejahr: 2022. Nennwert: 10 Dollar. Material: Silber. Feinheit: 99.9 % Gewicht: 93,3 Gramm. Prägequalität: PP. Auflage: 2.000. Lieferung inkl. Zertifikat und Umverpackung


Tuvalu. 2 Dollars 2022 Bart Simpson, 2 Oz (.999)

Country: Tuvalu. Face value: $2. Year of issue: 2022. Metal: silver. Quality proof - high relief. Mintage: 3.000. Diameter (mm) 40.90. Mint: Perth Mint. Series: The Simpsons. Weight in ounces: 2. Gross weight (g): 62.2. Grade: 999.9. Delivery: in original box with certificate


Canada. 30 Dollars 2015 Looney Tunes: The Cat vs. Tweety Bird, 2 Oz (.999)

Specifications. No. 144892. Mintage: 5,000. Composition: 99.99% pure silver. Finish: proof. Weight: (g) 62.67. Diameter: (mm) 54. Edge: serrated. Certificate: serialized. Face value: 30 Dollars. Artist: Warner Bros. (reverse), Susanna Blunt (obverse)


United States. Médaille 1984 Franklin Mint Medallic Register World's 100 Great Ships (Limited Edition)

Franklin Mint Medallic Register World's 100 Great Ships (Limited Edition) “THE MEDAL REGISTER OF THE GREAT SHIPS OF THE WORLD”, rare edition in French! 1984. Franklin Mint issue comprising 100 925/1000 sterling silver bars, each weighing approximately 2gr. Very good condition and


Greece. 10 Drachmai ND Serie Les 7 Merveilles du Monde, 7 monnaies

superb collector's box 7 wonders of the world, corner flowers, very beautiful proofs, in individual capsules, in a superb black & navy blue velvet box. country-Greece. vintages-1976. pea-7.5g. diameter-26mm. with certificate of authenticity


Netherlands, United Kingdom. 2021 Amalia 18 jaar Gouden postzegel / 2023 BU-set Royal Mint King Charles II

BU set Royal Mint King Charles II - 2023- 1st BU set GBP 2 - GBP 1 - 50 p - 20 p -10 p - 5 p. 2 p - 1 p - nickel. Amalia 18 years (in box) -2021- Gold stamp. Gold 999/100. Issued by Royal PostNL. Edge serrated. Limited edition. See pictures


United States. 1 Dollar 2010 Silver Eagle, 1 Oz (.999) - MS69

Specification: Country: USA. Year: 2010. Face value: 1 Dollar. Metal: Silver .999. Weight: 1 oz (31.1 g) Diameter: 40.6 mm. Please see images for correct impression.


Austria. 500 Schilling 1995 Alpine Foothills, Proof

Austria 500 shillings, regions and traditions - at the foot of the Alps 1995. 0.925 silver


Spain. 100 - 2000 Pesetas 1989 Serie I ,V Centenario Descubrimiento América, 5 monedas

***Series I 1989 V Centennial Discovery of America. Values 100,200,500,1000 and 2000 Pesetas*** 925 Thousandths Silver. Coins with Capsule, Wooden Case, Cover and Certificate. 100 pesetas. Weight: 1.68 Gr Diameter: 15 mm. 200 pesetas. Weight: 3.37 Gr Diameter: 20 mm. 500


Canada. 100 Dollars 1979 Jahr des Kindes - 16,96g

Country of origin: Canada / Canada. Year of issue: 1979. Face value: 100 dollars. Coin Weight: 16.96g. Fineness: 917‰ Fine weight: ½ oz (15.5 g ) Diameter: 27mm. Condition: Proof. Circulation: 61,000


Niue. 1 Dollar 2020 Taurus - Zodiac Signs Antique finish Silver Coin 1 oz (999)

This incredible coin belongs to the 12-elements series. Each element of this series represents each astrological zodiac sign. As for this coin, it is dedicated to the Taurus – the second astrological sign in the Zodiac. On this coin, we can see the representation of Taurus – the


Niue. 1 Dollar 2020 Gemini - Zodiac Signs Antique finish Silver Coin 1 oz (999)

This wonderful coin belongs to the 12-elements series. Each element of this series represents each astrological zodiac sign. As for this coin, it is dedicated to the Gemini – the third astrological sign in the Zodiac. On this coin, we can see the depiction of Gemini. It


Niue. 1 Dollar 2020 Leo - Zodiac Signs Antique finish Silver Coin 1 oz (999)

This beautiful 1 oz silver coin belongs to the unique 12-elements series. Each element of this series represents each astrological zodiac sign. As for this coin, it is dedicated to the Leo – the fifth astrological sign in the Zodiac. Leo belongs to the element of Fire. This makes


Netherlands. 2016 Prachtige Collectie Munten Vincent van Gogh met beperkte oplage. Met certificaat

Netherlands, Beautiful Collection of Vincent van Gogh Coins with limited edition. Quality proof. With certificate. Finish, silver-plated solid silver and fitted with a miniature. See photos for a clear impression. Will be neatly packaged and shipped by registered mail. See


Guernsey, Alderney (Crown dependency). 1/2 Sovereign / Sovereign 2021 RNLI, 2 stuks Proof

Coin specification: Country: Guernsey, Alderney. Coin value: Sovereign, 1/2 Sovereign. Year: 2021. Weight: 8 grams, 4 grams. Metal: Gold (916/1000) Quality: Proof.   See photos for your own impression. Lot number M-8627. All our items are sent by registered mail. You can also


Fiji. 5 Dollars 2006 "Easter Island in Chile"

Original, Certificate of Authenticity. Rare and sought after 5 Dollars gold coin from 2006 "Easter Island in Chile", Queen Elizabeth II (1952-2022), Great Britain - British Overseas Territory - Fiji, IRB, gold - Au, catalog weight: 1.25 grams, 14 carat. UNC mint condition, Proof


France. Medal 2019 Johnny Hallyday, 3 monnaies

superb set of 3 Johnny-Hallyday commemorative coins from the Paris mint. peas-25g. diameter-35. each piece and in a box. new condition


Romania. 1 Leu, 50 Bani 2008 Publio Ovidio Nasone/Tudor Vladimirescu

- 1 leu coin 2008 FS - Publius Ovidius Naso, copper, 37 mm, 23.5 grams. Edition of 1000 pieces. - 50 bani coin 2021 999% silver, weight 15.55 g. Tudor Vladimirescu, PROOF. Edition of 500 pieces. With presentation brochure/certificate of authenticity. Number 0000428. Publius


Rwanda. 10 FRW Flamingo , oro.9999

“Flamingo” 10 Frw. Rwanda. Year 2021. 1/200 oz. Diameter- 8 mm. Limited edition!!!! VERY RARE COIN, perfect for your collection or as a gift! Insured and fast shipping! More coins at auction, look at my profile and you can buy more units by paying a single transport


Australia. Elizabeth II. 15 Dollars 2024 "Dragon" Certificate, 1/10 Oz (.9999)

Original, Certificate of Authenticity. A rare and sought-after gold coin with a face value of 15 Dollars "Dragon" from 2024, Australia, Queen Elizabeth II (1952-2022), Perth Mint, pure gold of the highest quality Au.9999, gold fineness: 9999 / 10000, catalog weight: 1 / 10 Oz,


Switzerland. 1991 Serie coin set 8 monete, Proof

Very rare Swiss divisional series-set from 1991 (very rare year) with 8 franc coins from 1 rappen to 5 francs. all sealed in fdc/bu mint packaging. As per photo. High value


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