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Netherlands. Stuiverset KNM

Netherlands, Stuiverset. KNM. See photos for a clear impression. Will be neatly packaged and shipped by registered mail. See also our other lots!


Belgium. Koninklijke stamboom België - Elisabeth Filia Rex

Weight: 0.7 grams. Gold grade: .585. Diameter: 12.5mm. View the images for a good impression of the gold coin. The lot will be carefully packaged and shipped by registered and insured mail. Welcome to pray on my other items:


Netherlands. Willem I (1813-1840). 10 Gulden 1825 B

10 Gulden Willem I 1825 B. Country the Netherlands. Coin value: 10 Gulden. Year: 1828 B. Weight: 6.72 grams. Metal: Gold (900/1000) See images for your own impression. Registered insured shipping. Can also be picked up in Deventer.


Netherlands. Juliana (1948-1980). 1 / 10 Gulden 1954/1964 Monnaie n’ayant plus cours

Currency no longer valid. In solid silver. In its original box having never been in circulation. Begins to darken slightly. For sure. Thank you to the connoisseur for doing the research to make a purchase that satisfies everyone. See 1st photo for correct impression!


Netherlands. Wilhelmina (1890-1948). Gulden 1898 Key Date

Netherlands Guilder 1898 Wilhelmina. Key Date. Graded NGC Unc Details. See photos, beautiful coin


Netherlands, West Friesland. Leeuwendaalder 1616

27.01 gr


Netherlands. Willem III (1849-1890). 2 1/2 Gulden 1849

Netherlands 2 1/2 Guilders 1849 Willem 3. 2.5 Guilders 1849 Willem 3. See the photos for the quality. Will be neatly packaged and shipped with a tracking code.


Netherlands. Willem III (1849-1890). 2 1/2 Gulden 1851-1870

Netherlands 4 x 2 1/2 Gulden Willem 3. 2.5 guilders 1851. 2.5 Gulden 1862. 2.5 guilders 1867. 2.5 guilders 1870. See the photos for the quality. Will be neatly packaged and shipped with a tracking code.


Netherlands. Wilhelmina (1890-1948). 10 cent 1915 (1 stuk)

The lot contains a 10 cent 1915.


Netherlands. Willem III (1849-1890). 1 Gulden 1866

This lot contains a guilder from 1866.


Netherlands. Willem III (1849-1890). 10 cent 1878

This lot contains a 10 cent 1878.


Netherlands. Wilhelmina (1890-1948). 2 1/2 Gulden 1932 (Grof Haar)

This lot contains a Rijksdaalder 1932, Coarse hair.


Netherlands. Wilhelmina (1890-1948). 10 / 25 Cents 1892 (2 stuks)

This lot contains two coins. 10 cents 1892. 25 cents 1892


Netherlands. Egbert II. 1 Denar z.j. (1068-1090)

Frisian County. Egbert II. 1068-1090. AR denar 19mm, 0.58g. Garrelsweer mint. Facing crowned bust / Facing busts of Simon and Judas; cross above. Dannenberg 530., usual weakness of the blow. Certified by NGC in MS63 (unc) NGC is aware of 2 that are higher graded. Rare


Netherlands. Willem I (1813-1840). 1 Gulden 1840

Silver Gulden Willem I from 1840. This silver guilder comes from my private collection. The coin is in good condition and has some signs of wear. See the photos for your own impression. Delivery: Pick up in Papendrecht. Shipping with track and trace including sturdy box and


Netherlands. 6 Stuiver of Scheepjesschelling 1753/1790 (3 stuks)

6 stuiver or Scheepjesschelling. 3 pieces. Silver. West Friesland 1754 about 52. West Friesland 1753. 1790. Zeeland. See photos for a good impression


Netherlands. Willem II (1840-1849). 2 1/2 Gulden 1842

2 1/2 guilders 1842 Willem. 11 18 40-1849 Silver 24.9 gr. Bust of Willem 11 to the left. Through. D van der Kell and. Get. Reverse crowned. Dutch coat of arms. Between 2 1/2 G. Edge lettering god be with us


Netherlands. Wilhelmina (1890-1948). 1 Gulden 1898

1 guilder Wilhelmina 1898 ZF +!! Obverse: Portrait with diadem. Reverse: crowned Dutch coat of arms between 1 and G 100c under coat of arms. Coin Master: Halberd. circulation: 2,000,000 (scarce) Quality: Very nice plus. Silver,0945/1000, 10 grams. 28mm. Designer: P.Pander.


Netherlands. Willem I (1813-1840). 5 cents 1827U met jaartalwijziging

Netherlands, silver 5 cents 1827/18?? You, minted in Utrecht under Willem l. Year change. See images for your own impression. Will be sent by registered mail.


Netherlands. Willem II (1840-1849). 10 Cents 1848

Netherlands, 10 cents 1848, minted under William II. See images for your own impression. Will be sent by registered mail.


Netherlands. Nederlands Oorlogsgeld 1940-1945 (incl. zilver)

Cassette met 11 munten 5 x zink, 5 x zilver en een keer brons en een grote zilveren penning. Zink. 1 cent 1942. 2 en een halve cent 1941. 5 cent 1941. 10 cent 1942. 25 cent 1941. Brons. 1 cent 1943. Zilver. Rijksdaalder 1943. Gulden 1943. 25 cent 1944. Dubbeltje 1944. 5 cent


Netherlands, Overijssel. leeuwendaalder 1606 Overijssel Rare

Leeuwendaalder 1606 Overijssel. Very rare. Delmond : R3. Weight: 27.7 grams. Diameter : 41mm. Stroke count: ????? Delm: No. 836. Quality: See photos for your own indication. Very nice quality


Netherlands. Wilhelmina (1890-1948). 2 1/2 Gulden 1898 a

Netherlands, silver 2½ guilders 1898a, struck under Wilhelmina. With point between P and Pander. See images for your own impression. Registered shipping.


Netherlands. Willem II (1840-1849). 1 Gulden 1845/1848 (2 stuks)

Guilder. 1845. and. 1848 silver. 945/1000. 10 gr. Edge lettering God. she. of. us. See photos for a good impression


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