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Wicker pram - Iron (cast/wrought) - 20th century

Original vintage doll's pram. vintage wicker pram. Used vintage, circa 1920-1950. The stroller is in very good condition with minor signs of wear and a beautiful patina. Recommended to use for decoration only. Dimensions: Width:15 cm. Depth 25 cm without handle. Length 23 cm


Sculpture, Statue depicting the famous Diana of Gabi, signed - 72 cm - Alabaster - 20th century

Gabi's Statue of the Famous Diana. sculptor : Not Comprehensible (Signed on the back) material : Alabaster. dimensions : 72cm height • 20cm • 18cm • 25kg • shipping : Yes. Our ArtGallery personally takes care of building wooden box to ensure safe transport, using the best


Armchair - Iron (wrought) - 20th century

Super elegant and resistant hand-crafted wrought iron chair because it is made with solid iron and hand-crafted by a blacksmith. They are sold individually here... but it is possible to have other sizes, models and colors on request of your choice. Possibly contact me or ask for


Bull, Sculpture (1) - Bronze - 20th century

For sale beautiful bronze bull.


Infant Jesus of Prague (1) - Baroque - Bronze - 20th century

Antique Prague Child Jesus, Infant Jesus, bronze face and hands probably made of porcelain or Bakelite and with an embedded silver coin. The Infant Jesus of Prague is a well-known statue of the Child Jesus in the Prague Carmelite Monastery in the Czech Republic. The Infant Jesus


Virgin cap i pota (1) - Wood - 20th century

Old Virgin cap and pot carved and polychrome in oil. Everything is carved from wood, head, hands, body and basket. These types of Virgins are highly sought after as they come from popular crafts. Measures high: 47.5 cm. wide at the base of the basket: 16 cm. It is articulated for


Petroleum heater (lamp) - Illor 7156 radiator - Copper - 20th century

Lilor kerosene heater converted into a lamp. Its original function as a heater is easy to restore. Very beautiful antique item with particularly beautiful light.


Original organ pipe - St. Stephen's Cathedral Vienna - Tin alloy - 20th century

St. Stephen's Cathedral in Vienna has three organs: the giant Kauffmann organ in the west gallery from 1960, the cathedral organ built in 1991 by the Vorarlberg organ building company Rieger, and the Haydn organ, also created by Rieger in 2009. The large Kauffmann organ, which


Wandelstok Farao - Messing / Hout - 20th century

Prachtige wandelstok. Deze is nog in zeer goede staat. Zal zorgvuldig verpakt en zorgvuldig verzonden worden. Word verzekerd verstuurd.


Walking stick - Alloy - 20th century

Beautiful beautiful walking stick. This one is in good and beautiful condition. Will be carefully packaged and shipped with care. Will be shipped insured.


Walking stick - Art Deco style - Brass, Wood - 20th century

Beautiful antique walking stick. Still in very good condition. Will be carefully packaged and shipped with care. Will be shipped insured


Walking stick - Brass, Wood - 20th century

Beautiful old wooden/brass walking stick. This one is in very good condition. Will be carefully packaged and shipped with care. Will be shipped insured.


Sculpture, boy with dove and cat - 100 cm (1) - Bronze (patinated) - 20th century

Patinated bronze sculpture depicting a boy with a dove and a cat. Italy, 20th CENTURY. MEASURES: Ø 47 H 100 cm.


statue of Mary in stoneware - Stoneware - 20th century

Beautiful Belgian stoneware. Perfect condition. 50cm high


ship propeller - Brass, Bronze - 20th century

Beautiful ship propeller/screw. Probably from a lifeboat/sloop. Completely polished in the past. It hung on the wall as decoration for a long time. Diameter is 13 inches. Beautiful as decoration or possibly for further use.


D'après Rembrandt Bugatti - Sculpture, devouring jaguar - Length 45 cm - Patinated bronze - 20th century

Bronze devouring jaguar after Rembrandt Bugatti (1885-1916. Quite rare reproduction by this artist, 20th century. Jaguar on its cherry marble base (in its own juice), I did not want to clean it, I leave that to the purchaser. Bronze is hollow. Beautiful patina very pleasant to


Stained-glass window pendant “VOC Galljoen” - Stained glass - 20th century

Beautiful stained glass window hanger of a “VOC Galleon” with beautiful colors. In excellent condition, see photos. The lot will be well packaged and sent by registered mail.


Golden Hand Carved Wall Mirror - Rococo Style - Gilt, Wood - 20th century

beautiful XX. century golden hand carved Italian wall mirror. ca 1920-1930 beautifully carved all around the frame with flower motifs and has been used oro zecchino Measure: 70 x 100 cm. Particular item will be shipped inside a wood secured box. Storage and container


Angel (2) - Wood, paint, gold leaf - 20th century

2 hand-carved angels, very detailed and made with attention to detail. Made of wood, hand-painted and gold-plated! Around 1900, origin Italy. Dimensions: each: Height: 13cm. Width 11cm. Beautiful and expressive craftsmanship. Light craquelure on the colored glaze refines the


Extending table - Renaissance Style - Carved Walnut - 20th century

Antique Extendable Table, in Renaissance Style, 1900s. Furniture pleasantly carved in walnut wood, supported by a beautiful central stem structure with various carvings depicting typical sculptures of the style (see photo). Internal structure, which when opened features two


Florentine console - Marble, Wood - 20th century

Ancient Florentine console, 1900s. Made with fine wood, lacquered and pleasantly painted. It features various carvings with a floral motif (see photo) and golden finishes. Accompanied by a fabulous Original Marble Top. In good overall condition, testifying to the passage of


Display cabinet - Historicism - Mahogany - 20th century

Historicism showcase around 1900. Dimensions: H = 172 cm W = 125 cm D = 41 cm. Wood: Mahogany veneered on solid wood in the shape of a field with artistic inlay work. Artfully carved, three-way glazed, all glasses in order. All locks are present, the keys are only used to open.


Louis XV style GAME BOX in lacquer with Chinese motifs for the quadrille game - Wood - 20th century

ORIGINAL GAME BOX painted LOUIS XV style with Chinese motifs for the quadrille game with 4 interior boxes. Good condition. See all photos that are part of the description. L.20 D.14.5 H.5cm +/-


Chair, Games table (5) - Wood - 20th century

Tavolo da gioco originale reversibile con piano a scacchi e sull'altro lato panno verde per le carte, diviso in quattro scomparti, molto robusto. Set composto da tavolo e quattro poltrone coordinate con intarsi ed elementi decorativi in metallo sia sul tavolo che sulle sedie.


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