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Petrus Regout - Cache Pot (2) - Earthenware

Two beautiful flower pots with bottom bowl from Petrus Regout. Two different sizes. No cracks or breaks. There is a small chip at the top of the large pot. Look at the photos for sizes and details. Can be picked up or shipped.


Glasses (8) - Crystal, Gilt

8 rare blue and transparent crystal cups with handmade gold decorations. Shaped cup, turned stem and circular base. Fine and accurate manufacturing. Very good conservative conditions (as per photos). Vienna, 19th century. Height: 10 cm.


Vase (1) - Porcelain

Hand Painted Porcelain Vase from Old Paris (Late 19th Century). Description: Immerse yourself in the charm of the Belle Époque with this magnificent porcelain vase, a true masterpiece that has stood the test of time. The meticulous hand-painted work transports you to a time of


Platter (1) - Porcelain

Hand Painted Porcelain Piece from the Belle Époque in Old Paris (Late 19th Century) Description: Immerse yourself in the timeless elegance of Old Paris with this magnificent piece of hand-painted porcelain, dating from the late 19th century, during the dazzling Belle Époque


Baccarat - 6 wine glasses, twisted model size 8659 from the 1907 catalog - 12.1cm - Crystal

6 Baccarat crystal wine glasses, format suitable for use as wine glasses as well as for serving as an aperitif. Rare luxury model in cut crystal with regular twisted bevel patterns, cut leg with cut buttons and star-cut base. Vintage production from the end of the 19th century


Baccarat - Large carafe in richly cut Baccarat crystal - 40cm - label - Napoleon III - Crystal

Spectacular Baccarat crystal wine decanter, luxurious conical model in cut crystal, pine cone stopper and star-cut base. Our carafe, produced at the beginning of the 20th century, does not bear the signature of the crystal maker; the very careful pattern of diamond points and


Carl Krister, Waldenburg - Figure (2) - Porcelain

The woman's figure is missing her little finger, although it is barely noticeable. Since they have a hole at the back and bottom, we think they were formerly used as lamps.


Heraldic coat of arms - Marble - Late 19th century

Splendid heraldic coat of arms in Carrara marble completely sculpted with cupids and caryatids. End of the 19th century period. Measures. cm.60x49x8 cm. Weight 45kg


Hand fan (1) - Napoleon III - Bone - Late 19th century

Extremely large hand fan, ca 1890-1895. Beautifully carved and fretted bone frame. Taking a look at the sticks, the artful carvings show craftsmanship. Especially the large guards are impressive. The gauze leaf is embellished with machine made lace, which forms three medallions.


Reproduction of a Greek Attic-style black-figure vase depicting warriors - Neoclassical Style - Terracotta

Terracotta reproduction of a Greek Attic-style black-figure vase depicting warriors. Dating from the 19th century and turned by hand. I measured 41.5 cm in height, 21 cm in maximum diameter for a weight of 3522g and it is in very good condition despite some small chips on the


Ancient fireplace - Iron (cast) - Late 19th century

Refined fireplace with fireplace base plate in artful cast iron. - perlage, jellyfish veil decorations, very original Measurements: H 79 x L 116 cm. - cast iron fireplace plate Measurements: H 67 x W 67 cm. provenance private villa


Legras & Cie. - Vase (2) - Glass

Set of two vases from Legras&Cie in cloudy Clichy decor variegated technique. The production of cloudy items by Legras started beeing produced in 1891. Both vases are not signed. PLEASE NOTE Take a close attention at the photos that are part of the description. The object may


Barthélemy - Sculpture, "no fourths" (1) - Bronze, Silver-plated - Late 19th century

Beautiful late 19th century bronze sculpture, representing a couple on a green marble base, called "Pas de quartes" by the artist "Barthelemy". In well-preserved condition, the finger tips at the hand on the back of the man are missing and time-related wear and tear, see the


After F. Kessler (1792-1882) - A group of Putti with Birds - Bronze (gilt), Porcelain cookie

A beautiful porcelain biscuit sculpture on a bronze base with many carvings, With the signature on right side on the back, by artist F. Kessler (François Kessler 1792/1882). Under the base: trade mark, and numbered N°21, In its original condition, with some small missing


Samson of Paris - Lidded vases (2) - Bronze (gilt), Porcelain - Late 19th century

With "Famille verte - Chinoiserie" decoration of peonies and birds. Very good condition.


Cassone - Wood - Late 19th century

in excellent condition, with refined carvings and figures representing: in the center the coat of arms of the house which recalls the Templar culture with the lion with the beak which symbolizes the holy city, in the center of the lower front part the two nobles of the house of


GIEN - “ Les déjeuners comiques“ - GIEN - “ Les déjeuners comiques“ - Dessert set (6) - Arts & Crafts - Porcelain

Antique Dessert Plates - Old French factory GIEN, Different Scenes “Les déjeuners comiques” - talking plates with characters with different comic stories of the time. In opaque porcelain, profuse decoration highlights its abundant edge in “Chantilly” lace in intense burgundy red,


F. van Groeningen - Keramis Boch - Pair of Hand-painted Perforated Decorative Plates from 1883 (d'après Verhaert) (2) - Ceramic

Pair of very beautiful and very rare perforated decorative plates made by Boch Keramis La Louvière at the end of the 19th century. They are hand-painted by F. Van Groeningen after a design by Pieter Verhaert (1852-1908) and are dated 1883. An underglaze text by the artist on the


Blown crystal vase. Pink tinted around 1880-1900. - Crystal

Satin blown crystal vase circa 1900. Art Nouveau style with the body in moon friezes in a gradient of iridescent pinks and whites. The hot pleated collar in fuchsia pink color with white interior. No mark or signature on this old glassware in the style of Clichy, Baccarat or


Sylvain Kinsburger - Bust (1) - bisque

Bust Of Young Girl By Sylvain Kinsburger In Biscuit 1855-1935" Biscuit bust representing a young girl draped adorned with flowers, signed by S. Kinsburger 5 1855-1935) French sculptor and medalist, won the Prix de Rome and created the stone abyss in the Parc des Buttes Chaumont.


Set of 7 shaped pieces. Franco-English iron ground rue Turbigo 78 Paris - Earthenware

Very beautiful set of 7 shaped pieces dating from the 1900s including: - 1 large tureen with lid, diameter 30 cm, height 20 cm. - 1 pair of mounted plates, diameter 24 cm, height 4 cm. - 1 large bowl on foot, diameter 27 cm, height 16 cm. - 2 bowls on foot, diameter 23.5 cm,


Henri Ghaumeil - Old chevrette decors of Strasbourg from the workshops of Henri Chaumeil the Faïence de l'Est (1) - Faience

Old chevrette decorations from Strasbourg floral decoration it is written "S.PROMIS" from the workshops of Henri Chaumeil les Faïence de l'Est. We recognize here the style of ancient earthenware from the east (Lunéville, les Ilettes, Strasbourg....) good condition. H 25 CM TOTAL


Vienna style - Dish (1) - Napoleon III - Porcelain

Porcelain plate with gold decorations and hallmarks in the style of Viennese manufacture. #classicinteriorsexclusive.


Anatole J. Guillot (1865-1911) - Fabrication Française Paris - Sculpture, "Blacksmith of Peace" - 47.5 cm (1) - Spelter, Wood, Bronze patinated regula - Late 19th century

Sculpture, statue in regula entitled "Blacksmith of Peace". It is signed in hollow J. Guillot with an additional detailed plaque for Anatole J. Guillot (1865-1911). Authentic original sculpture with “French manufacturing, Made in France, Paris” stamp, a label which has existed


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