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Library ladder - Leather, Wood - Mid 20th century

Beautiful and ancient spiral bookcase/library ladder. Original leather steps, the rod simulates bamboo and. ends with a brass pine cone.


Footrest - Leather, Wood - Late 19th century

intact piece with dimensions of: length 45cm. width 48cm. height 22cm


Wallet with portraits of Emperor Napoleon III and Eugénie. (1) - Brass, Glass, Leather, Satin, Faux Tortoiseshell, Metal - Second half 19th century

Wallet with lithographic portraits of Emperor Napoleon II (1808-1873) and Empress Eugénie (1826-1920) of France. The portrait resembles a portrait by Winterhalter around 1855, when Napoleon III was emperor for 3 years. Napoleon III's second empire ceased to exist after losing the


Writing slope - Leather, Wood - ca. 1880

Beautiful mahogany writing box. The lot will be packaged with care and shipped by registered mail. Photos complete this description.


Elegant authentic green knotted leather Chesterfield side chair Approx. 1940 - Leather, Wood - First half 20th century

Elegant authentic green knotted leather Chesterfield side chair Approx. 1940 - Wood, Leather - First half 20th century. England. In well-preserved condition, only damage to the leather armrest. Dimensions: Backrest height: 91 cm. Seat height: 45 cm. Width: 63 cm. Length: 66 cm.


Large 19th century authentic trunk with wooden frame and storage space in levels " H.B - Iron (cast/wrought), Leather, Textiles, Wood - Late 19th century

Exceptionally large 19th century authentic trunk with wooden frame and storage space in levels - Textile, Iron (cast/wrought), Leather, Wood - Late 19th century. France. In well-preserved condition. Dimensions: Height: 71 cm. Width: 58 cm. Length: 100 cm. Weight: 22.5 kg.


Sculpture, "La Concorde" - Eugène Louis Lequesne (1815-1887) - attributed to Val d’Osne - Iron (cast) - Second half 19th century

The statue is located in Milan and is one of the two Eugène-Louis Lequesne statues we have. The conditions are good in the sense that there are no broken or missing parts, but obviously the effect of time has compromised the quality. For the shipment you will need to come and


Chair (2) - Leather, Wood - 19th century

Selling as a pair, not individually


Antique XIX large bronze door handle - Lion's head - Bronze (patinated) - circa 1900

Beautiful antique large bronze door handle - Lion's head. Of very good quality with a beautiful deep brown patina and a total height of approximately 20 cm.


Vase - Marble

Antique heavy marble vase, urn handmade in Italy. very good condition, with small signs of aging due to age and small chips on the base and on the opening, however you can see the general conditions from the detailed photos included which are an integral part of the announcement.


Writing desk - Leather, Mahogany - Mid 19th century

Antique Neapolitan Louis Philippe desk with scissor feet, mid-19th century. Made of Mahogany Wood with Leather Top. It has a removable writing surface on the front. In good overall condition, testifying to the passage of time with signs of wear which, however, do not affect the


Desk - Leather, Oak - Late 18th to early 19th century

Explore the charm of the craftsmanship of the late 19th and early 20th century with this antique carved walnut desk. This piece of furniture is a work of art in itself, with the intricately carved walnut wood adding a touch of elegance and history to your space. The leather top


Figurine - Iron (cast)

Cast iron abstract lady with rust patina that evolves with the seasons. Yoga . Very beautiful for both indoors and outdoors. The dimensions are as follows (+/-): Height: 24 cm. Width: 19 cm. All our products are well packaged and shipped with insurance. Fat lady / Abstract art


Seating group (5) - Iron (cast/wrought)

Beautiful sitting room four armchairs and coffee table. Excellent condition, no breaks, no restorations. Fast shipping with careful packaging on a pallet.


Caltagirone - Sculpture, Polifemo - 25 cm - Ceramic

Wall mask in Caltagirone ceramic, valuable sculpture combined with a splendid shade of enamel. Fair condition, see photos. Tracked shipping entrusted to industry experts, better packaging on Catawiki, see reviews.


Shelving unit - Iron (wrought)

Beautiful wrought iron etagere, coming from the garden of an ancient Genoese villa. Super offer not to be missed.


Sculpture, Antichi Cactus in Ferro Battuto - 161 cm - Iron (wrought)

Explore the timeless charm of a bygone era with our collection of "Antique Wrought Iron Cacti" dating back to the 1900s. These extraordinary artefacts, the result of craftsmanship and timeless design, represent a tangible testimony of elegance and creativity of a bygone era.


Bust, David naar Michelangelo - 45 cm - concrete

Beautiful concrete stone bust of I think David Michelangelo in perfect condition, weight 34 kilos, estimated origin, Europe, estimated period 20th century, see photos for details and dimensions, will be neatly packaged and shipped insured. Packaging material is included in higher


Relief, Magistrale pala d'altare in marmo - San Michele arcangelo e lucifero - 80 cm - Marble

Exceptional altarpiece in Nembro marble depicting Saint Michael the Archangel and Lucifer, worked and sculpted by hand. The work comes from a private collection in the city of Venice, it was paired with another work depicting Saint George, also available. The work captures the


Relic (1) - Bronze - 1900-1910

Relic Ex Indumentis of Santa Rita of Cascia.


Leather for furniture - Leather - 19th century

Leather for furniture (armchair, chair). Embossed, painted. Late 19th early 20th century. Presumably Austria. Not when not used. Water damage (corner). Dimensions 65x75. Dimensions 50x50. (plus minus 1 cm, not including the damaged corner). Indicated in the photo.


Lavabo - Marble - 20th century

Ancient washbasin from the 20th century, an authentic work of art in white marble enriched by two-tone marble inlays. Its beauty conveys a timeless charm, giving a touch of refinement to any environment. In good overall condition, testifying to the passage of time with signs


Center Table - Leather, Wood - 20th century

Antique center table from the early 20th century, refined Thonet style model, made of fine wood and crowned with a soft green leather top. A combination of elegance and history that will transform any environment into an experience of class and timeless beauty. In good overall


Secrétaire à abattant - Empire Style - Bronze (gilt), Leather, Wood, Chiseled bronze - 20th century

Antique 20th Century Secretaire. Empire style. Cabinet with three drawers in the lower body for excellent serviceability, with gilded and chiseled bronze handles with a zoomorphic shape (see photo). Inside, there are 9 small drawers and in the center a mirror in perfect


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