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Mattel - Barbie doll Magnificent Barbie Christian Dior Haute Couture 1995 Limited Edition

Barbie Vintage Christian Dior Haute Couture. 1995 - Limited Edition - This beautiful Barbie is the first of two with a Christian Dior design. Christian Dior Barbie Doll one of the most, truly collector’s Barbies, to be treasured for generations... To celebrate Dior's 48th


Toschi - Car Ferrari - 1950-1959

Ferrari type 500 F2 Alberto Ascari 1952. Promotional 1:8 scale model from the Toschi di Vignola distilleries and celebrating the drivers' championship won by Ascari with the 1952 Ferrari 500 F2. It was produced in a limited number in 1953 by Luigi Marchesini's "m.l.b" of Bologna


Mattel - Doll Set 3 Ken + Barbie Sposa + Western skipper - 1980-1989

Set composed of 5 elements: 1) Ken beard with all accessories present and original clothes, in excellent condition. The sticker on the shirt is fixed with a stitch of blue thread, because it has lost its glue over the years. Complete with original instructions. 2) Ken skater with


Mattel - Barbie doll Barbie Fold 'n Fun Home Playset House w Street Light and Babysitting Courtney - 1990-2000

Barbie's iconic folding dream house from 1992 with almost all original accessories. Offered with Babysitter Courtney from 1992. Please look closely at the photos for details! Plastic slightly discolored due to age.


Corgi Toys - Dc Comics, Superman, Batman, James Bond 007 - Car Batmobile, supermobile, aston martin db5 007 - 1970-1979 - U.K.

Lot of 7 corgi toys vehicles including 3 supermobile batman dc comics 1979 with signs of wear, aston martin DB5 James bond 007 functional mechanism missing paint in places and missing the character who ejects the passenger is present, batman batmobile adorns it -breeze is broken


Playmobil - Knight Rider - 70924 - Car Knight Rider K.I.T.T. - 1980-1989

New in Box. K.I.T.T. - the iconic vehicle from the classic 80s series, complete with electronic features and a detailed interior. Touch the hood to reveal the original K.I.T.T. to hear and operate the scanner light. Including Michael Knight, Devon, Bonnie and other accessories.


Prachtige antieke pop 'Made in Belgium' - Doll met hoofd in papier-maché - Belgium

Beautiful antique doll: * head in papier-mâché, finished with special pink paint. * blue sleep eyes with eyelashes. * open mouth with 2 glass teeth. * head height: 18 cm. * mark in neck: Made in Belgium. * total height: 73 cm. * nice cool body. * hands and feet intact. * pink


Bandai - Car - 1960-1969 - Japan

Opel Rekord Vintage. Model from the 60s. Brand: Sign of Quality Japan. Very rare item. Beautiful color combination that is typical of this time. Dimensions 20x7x7 cm. The details of the ex and interior are particularly beautiful. Dashboard, steering wheel and original windows are


Branded merchandise collection

plasteco invernizzi walt disney. 33 figures


Onbekend - Collection Guardian Angels - 1970-1979 - onbekend

Beautiful collection of 23 Guardian Angels. (+ 1 double) Made of pewter, with gold-plated wings. Unfortunately I don't know where they are made or a brand. Beautifully executed, they all have a cut round crystal with them. There are large ones and slightly smaller ones; - Vriel,


Distler - Tin toy Draai orgel met aap - 1930-1940 - Germany

Distler organ organ. Made in Germany. In very nice condition. Bright colors. Has been tested and works well. Beautiful toys. Dimensions are 21 cm high and 17 cm long. See the photos for a good impression


Mattel - Barbie doll Welcome to a holiday season sparkling with joy and rosy with the glow of love! 2009 Holiday™ Barbie®

Celebrate Barbie's 50th anniversary with this particularly special collectible. Sealed box - Doll has never been removed from box! Welcome to a holiday season sparkling with joy and rosy with the glow of love! 2009 Holiday™ Barbie® doll glitters as a reflection of an


Game - Roulette spel. Compleet met toebehoren

Roulette turntable with ball, rake, chips in boxes and cloth. Marked on the bottom with: Made in Italy and number 931-932. The roulette is of heavy quality. 4 Boxes with large chips. Roulette rake, official name is râteau with ball. Dimension: Roulette game: Diameter 35 cm.


Mattel - Figure - Victorian Lady Barbie - (1) - Plastic

Victorian Lady Barbie 14900, Collector Edition


Game - Mahjong spel - Bone-Wood

Mahjong game. The game consists of 144 bone pieces and a pair of dice. The stones are in wooden drawers, in a wooden cupboard. The whole is still in very good condition, with minor signs of wear. View the photos for your own impression. The lot will be packaged with great


Themed collection - Miniatuur Parfum flesjes - Estee Lauder/Pleasures - Clarins Paris/Eau Dynamisante - Hermes/Calèche

- Miniature by Estee Lauder - Pleasures. - Perfume 3.5 ml - fully available. - in very good condition. - Miniature of Clarins Paris - Eau Dynamisante. - Perfume 15 ml - fully available. - in very good condition. - Miniature of Parfum Grès - Pastel de Cabotine. - Eau de Parfum 5


Steiff: Kerstornament 2013 - Teddy bear - 2010-2020 - Germany

Christmas ornament 2013, Teddy bear with red hat in a Christmas ball-like object. Christmas ball is made of felt. The bear is made of mohair. Felt hat. Hat is loose but can be secured with 1-2 pins. In box but no certificate. Limited annual edition 2013. This is item 273/ Bear


Disney verzameling - Figure - (141) - diverse materials

DISNEY collection. from the period 1960-2010. 141 different items. very diverse collection: pins, key rings, figurines, stickers and cutouts. extensive keychain collection of Melior Amsterdam (1960's)


Steiff: Cosy Friends sneeuwpop, EAN 115028 - Teddy bear - 2000-2010 - Germany

Snow doll from the Cozy Friends series, made by Steiff from plush. Has a sign in his hands with the text Happy Xmas', Cute snowman with a youthful appearance. It is 23-24cm high in total, With Steiff button, Steiff pennant and paper manual. With original box. Bear in good


Corgi Toys - Miniature figure - Corgi Forward March "Battle of Trafalgar" Sets met figuren - (2) - Composite

From producer Corgi (U.K.) the following "Forward March" sets: CC59174 - Battle of Trafalgar - Royal Navy Rating fighting French Sailor. Diorama with 2 hand-painted figures. Limited Edition - only 1,250 sets released worldwide. CC59175 - Battle of Trafalgar - Royal Navy


Mantic - Toy Kings of War, Ogrer Mega Army + Rulebook - 2010-2020

Kings of War - Ogre Mega Army (Mantic) New + Rulebook (143 pages) When Ogres unite into large War Parties, it is a rare thing indeed. There is no record of an army ever holding fast against them and scholars debate long into the night as to whether this is because Ogres have so


Sideshow Toys - Diorama The incredible Hulk VS Spiderman - 2000-2010

I am selling this sideshow diorama which is all in all magnificent if we omit the two break zones, Hulk's right calf and the red light mast which supports Spider-Man. The right calf was consolidated with a liquid plaster to fill the hollow of the leg and make it more solid.


Scalectrix, Faller, Airfix - Slot car MicroScalextric Formula 1 Set Mclaren (Hamilton vs Alonso) + Faller Racing Scenic H0 Buildings + - 2000-2010 - China

2007 MicroScalextric (Scale 1:64) Set in original box, accompanied by vintage Faller racing themed buildings sets 4902, 4904 & 4906 (all built). Ín terms of car models, the 2 original F1 racers are included, but not working during test. However I am quite sure this would be


Bambola Victoria Julius Hering & Sohn - Doll Victoria - 1900-1910 - Germany

I wanted to transcribe the certificate, the appraisal, the "Identity Card" of this beautiful Doll, for the benefit of possible foreign enthusiasts. It is very beautiful, well kept, always young... despite being over a hundred years old... I wanted to add that the little hands


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