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Heinz Tabertshofer - Swarovski - Cockatoo - 261635 (1) - Crystal

Swarovski - Cockatoo. Brand: Swarovski Crystal 2001. Designer Heinz Tabertshofer. Retired 2006. The cockatoo is made of clear crystal with black eyes and beak. The crown is yellow. The tree branch on which the cockatoo sits is matted with a small clear crystal stone in the


Swarovski - Disney - Finding Nemo - Dory - 5252048 (1) - Crystal

Original Swarovski Disney Dory series, 5252048, from Finding Nemo. In excellent condition, stored in a dustproof display case, no original box.


Swarovski - SCS - Annual Edition 2013 - Elephant + Baby Elephant Ribbon (1) - Crystal

Without box with seal of authenticity


Swarovski - Deer Fawn - 235045 - Boxed (1) - Crystal

Magnificent DEER in transparent crystal with faceted crystal body, dark colored muzzle and eyes. Complete with packaging and Swarovski certificate. In excellent condition. Ideal as a gift or to enrich your collection. Fast and well packaged tracked shipping only in Europe. No


Swarovski - Little Red Riding Hood - Inkwell - Baby's Bottle - Crystal

ORIGINAL MEMORIES - Swarovski - 3 figures "Inkwell with feather"; "Spin the Bottle"; - " Little Red Riding Hood". Crystal. 2 figures ORIGINAL MEMORIES : "Inkwell with feather"; "Spin the Bottle". ORIGINAL MEMORIES. "Inkwell with feather" #189195. The inkwell is made of


Swarovski - Christmas Ornament - Annual Edition 2006 - 5059026 - Boxed (1) - Crystal

Christmas piece from Swarovski, 2006. In the original packaging


Borek Sipek - Swarovski - Bowl Apollo - 206212 - Boxed (1) - Crystal

The Swarovski Apollo Bowl is a white frosted bowl with 40 colored stones. The dimensions: approximately 7.5" (19.05 cm) in diameter and 3" (7.62 cm) in height. The Swarovski Apollo Bowl was produced from 1996-2004. Sold including original box. Purchased on May 27, 1998. No.


Joel Desgrippes - Swarovski - Letter opener “Coupe paper” - Crystal, Wood- Elm

Swarovski letter opener "Coupe-Papier" from the Selection series, designer Joel Desgrippes, limited worldwide to 3366 pcs. 9280000023/172756. This unique piece is made of elm wood with an attached crystal fan. The object is signed by the designer. It comes in the original


Tsang Mei Fong - Swarovski - Hong Kong object crystal pyramid - Crystal

Swarovski Hong Kong object from the Series Selection, limited worldwide 1038/1997, 9280000035/222858. This unique pyramid consists of two joined parts in the middle of which there is a jade ball. Due to the special shape, the ball is optically broken from the ground view into 9


Swarovski - Kris Bear - Your big day - 905791 (1) - Crystal

Swarovski Kris bear 905791. In perfect condition. Spare box present. Insured shipping. Height 5cm. Rare item


Heinz Tabertshofer - Swarovski - 2021 Oxpecker bird SCS 5557831 Elegance of Africa (1) - Crystal

5557831. SCS Oxpecker bird. Size: 4.1 x 2.2 x 7cm. Designer: Heinz Tabertshofer. Introduced: 2021. Retired: 2021. Totally new with box. Only taken out to take photos!


Swarovski - Rare - In Flight Hummingbird - 7552NR100 - Boxed (2) - Crystal

Splendid and very rare piece for Swarovski collectors. Never put on sale in Italy. Purchased in the USA. Perfect. Like New. Without any marks or chips. Present guarantee and its original packaging. The mirror base used for photographs is original Swarovski and was purchased


Stefanie Nederegger - Swarovski - Jaguar - 1096796 - Boxed (1) - Crystal

Swarovski crystal golden shine jaguar figurine 1096796. In perfect condition. Original box present. Insured shipping


Martin Zendron - Swarovski - 2001 - Limited Edition - Wild Horses - Limited Edition 1234/10000 - In Luxury case (1) - Crystal

The wild horses were made of clear crystal, with opaque manes and tails, the horses are displayed on a black wooden base imprinted with the designer's signature and year of issue. The Wild Horses are the third in the series of numbered limited edition pieces. The Wild Horses


Swarovski Crystal - 2 pieces of jewelry - Ring and bracelet - Crystal

Swarovski Crystal - 2 pieces of jewelry. Ring and bracelet - Crystal. Ring size 58. Ring - 5139636. Bracelet - 5505469. View the photos for a good impression. Will be packaged with care and sent by registered mail. See also our other lots!


Swarovski - Little Red Riding Hood - 191695 - Boxed - Crystal

Swarovski - Little Red Riding Hood - 1996 - Crystal. 7550/000/001. See photos for a clear impression. Will be neatly packaged and shipped by registered mail. See also our other lots!


Swarovski Crystal - 2 pieces of jewelry - Necklaces - Crystal

Swarovski Crystal - 2 pieces of jewelry. Chains. - Crystal. View the photos for a good impression. Will be packaged with care and sent by registered mail. See also our other lots!


Swarovski Crystal - 2 pieces of jewelry - Bracelet and earrings - Crystal

Swarovski Crystal - 2 pieces of jewelry. Bracelet and earrings - Crystal. View the photos for a good impression. Will be packaged with care and sent by registered mail. See also our other lots!


Collection of 7 splendid Swarovski Annual Stars - From the year 2001 to 2007 (7) - Crystal

Collection of 7 splendid Swarovski Annual Stars. From the year 2001 to 2007 inclusive. Always kept in their original 2002,2003,2004,2006,2007 packaging with lid. The other 2 (2001-2005) have the bottom of the box (but will be perfectly packaged with meticulous care and a lot of


Anton Hirzinger - Swarovski - Pair of blue tits 5004727 with box (1) - Crystal

Pair of blue tits in clear crystal with tails in Light Sapphire crystal, eyes in Jet crystal and beaks in Black Diamond crystal. They rest on a clear crystal base decorated with three Rosaline crystal flowers. Size: 106mm high. Designer: Anton Hirzinger. Introduced: 2014.


Martin Zendron - Swarovski - SCS - Jubilee Edition 2022 - Mother Elephant Zena - 5607667 - Boxed, NEW! (1) - Crystal

Swarovski anniversary edition 2022. Elephant Zena. Item number: 5607667. Collection: Elegance of Africa. Color gray. Height: 8.33 cm. Width: 5.25 cm. Length: 13.4cm. Designer: Martin Zendron. Including the original packaging. Condition: New!


Swarovski - Kris Bears - The first kiss - 1114098 (2) - Crystal

Kris Bears - First Kisses are part of the Lovlots Kris Bears collection. This heartwarming couple of Kris Bears are about to kiss for the first time! They are made of transparent crystal. Their eyes and nose are made of Jet crystal. She has a rose crystal necklace. He has a Jet


Swarovski - Kris Beer - Spring Feeling - Online Edition 2022 - Crystal

This Kris Bear is part of the Lovlots Kris Bear Collection. Made of clear crystal with an arch of summer flowers in yellow and pink crystal. Special edition that was only available online. Designer: Edith Mair. Dimensions (LxWxH): 3.3 x 2.9 x 5.6 cm. Year in collection: 2022.


Sculpture, statuette, orientalist figurine - Bedouin with rifle - Bronze (gilt/silvered/patinated/cold painted)

Very beautiful sculpture, statuette, orientalist figurine in the style of the work of Franz Xaver Bergman (1898-1936). It is a cold-painted bronze from Vienna representing a Bedouin, an Arab sitting cross-legged on a carpet, at tea time and holding a weapon, a rifle, in his


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