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Pot - Porcelain

Dehua white porcelain perfume burner. China Kangxi period late 17th century. branch decorations on one side in relief. the walls are decorated with archaic motifs, two bands of raised dots at the base and neck of the vase. two heads of Fo dogs on opposite sides. the lid is carved


Figure - Coral - Woman in typical dress - China - Early 20th century

Red coral statuette. Carved coral depicting a woman in typical dress, hairstyle of the period with a flower in her hand. Base in natural stone. In excellent condition. Coral height 8.7cm x 1.5cm / Total height 10.7cm x 3cm. Weight: 52g. Delivery: Shipping with tracking


Statuette De Kwanyin Chinoise Musicienne - Bakelite - Cherry Amber Color - China - Twentieth century

Very Beautiful and Large Chinese Statuette in Bakelite Cherry Amber color + Base - Early 20th century. The sculpture is very fine: the woman is holding a musical instrument in her hands. Very Beautiful Slightly Translucent Bakelite with a Pretty Red Orange Cherry Amber Color.


Bronze, Enamel - China - Qing Dynasty (1644-1911)

A parcel enamelled bronze figure of Shoulao ( originally seated on deer censer ) probably 19th century. Condition as you can see in the photos.


fabric - China Textile

Antique china textile,nice collection and Collors Size:57x54 cm


Figure - jade untested - China - Qing Dynasty (1644-1911)

Chinese nephrite jade carving of a pig, the piece is carved from a striated light green stone of 19th century. This is a tomb item, these were put in the hands of the deceased so as they would have food in the after life; reminiscent of the Egyptian porcelain figures which would


Snuff bottle (1) - Stunning Chinese orange white cloud Beijing glass snuff bottle with yellow glass stopper

Very rare stunning one of a kind Chinese orange white cloud Beijing glass snuff bottle with yellow glass stopper. 19th century. You will not find a second one. Measurements: totalHeight with stopper: 8 cm. Width: 5.5 cm. Condition: Bottle: very good condition. micro signs of


Baluster vase (2) - Porcelain - Canton - China - Late 19th century

Pair of Canton porcelain vases with polychrome decoration of scenes of daily life and birds among flowers in cartridges, late 19th century, early 20th century. They are in good condition, there is a tiny loss on the edge of the neck of one vase, visible in the eleventh photo. It


Plate (2) - MARKS: GUANGXU - 官窑内造 (fait par les fours officiels) - Porcelain

China, Qing dynasty, Guangxu period. (1875-1908) Pair of underglazed blue-white porcelain plates, decorated with a peony flower in the center, surrounded by four other peonies on the wing. Guangxu mark and Guān yáo nèi zào官窑内造 mark (made by official kilns) (Imperial Kiln of the


- - Gong - China

Stunningly beautiful highly decorative and very charming large stand with gong. The stand is richly decorated with two dragons and floral motives. The stand is beautifully colored with light red and golden/bronze colors. The gong has been well used and it still sound strong and


Anders - Geen - China - 20th - early (WW I)

In the photos you see a beautiful fine Chinese painting in a frame from the 20th century. Excellent! Dimensions 48x35cm. Will be carefully packaged and shipped worldwide.


Dish (9) - Porcelain

Set of nine canton famille rose style plates. Qing Dynasty. 1: D 21.5 cm. H 3 cm. 316g. Very good state. 2: D 21.5 cm. H 3 cm. 290g. Very good state. 3: 21 cm. Height 3cm. 270g. Very good state. 4: D 20 cm. H 3 cm. 342g. Very good state. 5: D 21.5cm. H 3 cm. 326g. Chip on the


Stem bowl - Ceramic

Late 19th Century Chinese Export to Thai Famille Rose Benjarong Stem Dish. It is 2.4 inches (6 cm) tall by 4.9 inches (12.5 cm) wide. It is 0.75 LB.


Momo natural coral sculpture. - Coral - China - First half 20th century

Graceful sculpture in 100% natural coral, called MOMO coral. Beautifully crafted noblewoman with very detailed hair. It is approximately 9 cm tall and weighs 56 grams. Hand engraved. It is in excellent condition with the normal signs of age and 100% natural and untreated coral.


Foo-Dog Vaas - Porcelain, Wood - China - Qing Dynasty (1644-1911)

Offered: Beautiful Chinese Porcelain Vase from the Qing Dynasty, dated around 1880, 19th century. The vase is decorated with 2 Foo dogs and floral drawings. In famille verte colors against a glazed background in powder blue. The bottom is marked with the 2 characteristic 2 blue


Ancient Chinese - Bonham’s Auction Catalogues of Fine Chinese ceramics and works of art

Bonham’s Auction Catalogues of Fine Chinese ceramics and works of art. Approximately 5 Bonham’s auction catalogues comprising a number of important Chinese furniture, bronzes, snuff bottles, Chinese ceramics and works of art sale catalogues from London. Comprising: The Roy


Dragon chasing the pearl - Silk - China - Qing Dynasty (1644-1911)

Antique Chinese silk embroidery. Late 18th or early 19th century. Stains may occur, please see the pictures. Framed, behind glass. Dimensions: 46x61 cm. Shipping tracked


Milk jug - Grand pot à lait en porcelaine aux émaux de la Famille Rose dans le style de Meissen - Porcelain

Large porcelain milk jug with Famille Rose enamels in the Meissen style, the body decorated with flowers and a pink frieze. The handle is painted with golden enamels. The lid is decorated in the same enamels as the body of the pot and the lid grip is also gold colored. China


Mask (1) - Wood - Demon - China - 18th - 19th century

A very rare, finely carved mask, representing a demon, with strong features, a protruding forehead bearing a third eye, protruding eyes, beaked nose, open mouth showing teeth. Wood, with remnants of polychrome painting. China, Qing Dynasty, early 19th century or earlier. Height:


Mask (1) - Wood - Mahakala - Bhutan - 18th - 19th century

Very old mask of Defender of the Buddhist Faith, inspired from the God Mahakala, carved in relief with a terrifying expression meant to ward off evil spirits. Wood, with nice slightly encrusted glossy dark patina. Himalayan Region, Bhutan, 18th century, possibly earlier. Height:


Jardinière - Une jardinière en porcelaine à décor bleu et blanc d'objets précieux et fleurs dans des cartouches - Porcelain

Porcelain planter with blue and white decoration in cartridges of precious objects alternating with flowers. The neck is fitted with a bronze rim. Double circle mark on the back. China XVIII. Kangxi period (1661-1722) Height: 12.9cm. Diameter at the base: 12.3cm. Diameter at


Dish - Petit plat évasé en porcelaine à décor dit "Kraak" d'une double gourde et feuille de tabac - Porcelain

Small flared dish in blue and white porcelain with a decoration called "Kraak" of a double gourd and tobacco leaves, the edge decorated with symbols and flowers. The gourd is said to represent the gourd of the poet Li Bai. China XVIIth. Wanli Period (1573-1619) Diameter: 16.5cm.


Bowl Bowl - Bleu de Hue - Porcelain - For the Vietnamese market Marked - China - 19th century

Porcelain cup and plate - China for Vietnam - 19th. Small porcelain cup called Bleu de Hue for the Vietnamese market, rich decoration of symbolic motifs and prunus flowers. The collar is surrounded by metal. The decor is very delicate and elegant. Bear a mark under the base. Cup


Dish - Plat en porcelaine à décor central de roseaux et de fleurs - Porcelain

Porcelain dish with blue and white decoration of reeds and flowers in a double circle. Flowers on the border also surrounded by a double circle. China XVIII. Kangxi period (1661-1722) Diameter: 28cm. Excellent condition, tiny chips at the top of the dish


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