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Francisco Catala - Lladró - Figurine - Porcelain

Beautiful rare porcelain statue by Lladro, number 5761 “Out for a Romp”. The price of shipping is by PostNL and this also includes a double box and packaging material.


Figurine - Gold-plated, Porcelain

"The Majestic Toad" is a figure truly shimmering with imperial beauty. It is crafted in the exotic tradition of cloisonné a technique that consists of forming small cloisons or cells out of wire which are then filled with brilliant jewel-like enamels. The base wires are richly


Nao by Lladró - Figurine, Las Fallas - Porcelain

RARE antique glitter porcelain figure NAO by Lladrò, depicting a Valencian couple of lovers, rich in details. The 'falleros' man is elegantly dressed in light blue and the 'falleras' woman wears a traditional Valencian dress with a beautiful floral detail. Branded and numbered on


Algora - Figurine - Porcelain

Algora Porcelain Figure: Elegant 20th Century Poodle. Description: Discover the timeless elegance of this captivating Algora porcelain figurine, which captures the grace and charm of the iconic Poodle. This 20th century masterpiece is a showcase of the meticulous


Epiag - Figurine - Porcelain

This is a Czechoslovakian figure, made by Epiag, from the mid-20th century. Dimensions: 20 x 22 x 14 cm. Shipping of the product will be paid by the buyer according to the dimensions, weight and destination.


Figurine - Bisque porcelain

German biscuit porcelain figure from the late 19th century: Centennial Elegance. Description: Immerse yourself in the majesty of the 19th century with this captivating piece of German Biscuit porcelain. This work of craftsmanship, meticulously crafted at the end of the 19th


Sitzendorf - Figurine - Porcelain

German statuette, made by Sitzendorf, from the mid-20th century. Authenticity mark: The base of the piece bears the distinctive mark that authenticates its origin and quality. Dimensions: 22 x 30 x 13 cm. Shipping of the product will be paid by the buyer according to the


Lladró - Figurine - Porcelain

Lladró - Figurine Dancer - Porcelain - 1994


Jose Santaeulalia - Lladró - Figurine - Porcelain

Beautiful rare porcelain statue by Lladro, number 8043 “LITTLE VIOLET”. The price of shipping is by PostNL and this also includes a double box and packaging material.


Regino Torrijos - Lladró - Figurine - Porcelain

Beautiful rare porcelain statue by Lladro, number 6174 “GRACEFUL POSE”. The price of shipping is by PostNL and this also includes a double box and packaging material.


Antonio Ruiz - Nao by Lladró - Figurine - Porcelain

Model number from the catalog: 02000115. Rare, large figure from NAO in front of Lladro from the 1960s. No chips. NAO takes its name from the old sailing boats from the time of Columbus and symbolizes a return journey to the origins and conveys creativity, skill and magic.


Goedewaagen - Figurine, The Grand Hotel, Amsterdam - Earthenware

Delft Blue - The Grand Hotel Amsterdam. Rare item. Number 277/999.


Aelteste Volkstedter - Figurine - Porcelain

A dream in porcelain: Courtly figure ensemble. Expressive and delicate figure design. Lively appearance. Impresses with its high level of artistry. 75 cm long, 38 cm deep, 45 cm high.


Capodimonte - Figurine, Columbine - Porcelain

Refined statuette of Colombina...unique female mask. It was created with a magnificent and exclusive decoration with bright colors and rich floral brush decorations. All resting on a white base with gold finishing. Under the base, in addition to the typical Capodimonte mark,


Béla Markup (1873-1945) - Herend - Figurine, Polar Bear - Porcelain

Porcelain figurine from the Herend Porcelain Manufactory. Herend is still known for high quality porcelain figurines designed and executed by renowned artists. Product Title: Polar Bear on the ice. Painted, glazed porcelain with a shiny surface. The statue was designed by


Béla Markup (1873-1945) - Zsolnay - Figurine, Wresting bears - Porcelain

Zsolnay wrestling bears, designed in 1911. Flawless, 30 cm high, Designer: Markup Béla (indicated). Zsolnay, or formally Zsolnay Porcelánmanufaktúra Zrt (Zsolnay Porcelain Manufactory Private Limited) is a Hungarian manufacturer of porcelain, tiles, and stoneware. The


Ernst Wenck (1865-1929) - Rosenthal - Figurine - Porcelain

Woman drinking from the source. Ernst Wenck (1865-1929) - Rosenthal - Sculpture. Germany. White color. 20x21x11 cm. In excellent condition. Tracked shipping.


Andrea Oliva - Figurine - Earthenware

Sculpture made in majolica terracotta by a contemporary artist, unique hand-signed piece, represents a human figure that seems to hover upwards with a dynamic and sudden spiral movement. The position of the legs is contrasted with that of the torso and arms to accentuate this


Herend - Figurine, dancing couple - Porcelain

Beautiful depiction of a dancing couple. The statue is marked on the bottom with the Herend sign. Dimensions: Height 30 cm. Length 24 cm. Depth 8 cm. Weight approx. 850 grams. Condition: In good condition. Signs of use consistent with age. Shipping: Registered with PostNL


Giovanni Ronzan - Figurine - Porcelain

Giovanni Ronzan Turin. Nice and rare ceramic figurine made by Giovanni Ronzan, modeled and decorated by hand, from the 1940s/1950s, depicting Saint Joseph. Despite its age, the figurine is in good general condition with minimal signs of wear due to ageing. It measures 30 cm


Hutschenreuther - Figurine - Porcelain

Very fine porcelain. Excellent conditions. Height approximately 29 cm. Highly valuable, collectible piece.


Giuseppe Cappè - Figurine, Photobook (2) - Bisque porcelain, Paper

Shepherdess. Biscuit decorated in polychrome. It is part of a series by Giuseppe Cappè representing various characters. Insured shipping.


Peter Strang - Meissen - Figurine - Porcelain

A fine figurine made of Meissen porcelain. Representation: clown with trombone made of porcelain. Design by Peter Strang. Height: approx. 7.5cm. Underglaze blue sword mark Meissen 1st choice to see. Very good condition, like new - showcase piece, the original packaging is


Niels Norvill - P. Ipsens Enke - Figurine, ashtray - Ceramic

A wonderful work of Danish artistic ceramics by P. Ipsens Enke, produced between 1915 and 1940, depicting an owl sitting on a dish or ashtray. P. Ipsens Enke was founded on April 15, 1843 by Peter Philipsen (1815 - 1860). The company achieved international success with its


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