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MINTON - Ceramic object, Plate (1) - Victorian - Ceramic, Majolica

Minton Majolica "Shakespeare" platter, plate from 1873, unique, in excellent condition. A wonderful large Victorian plate, majolica platter (majolica is pottery coated with an opaque lead-tin glaze with rich colors, a type of earthenware) by Minton, made to commemorate the 300th


Sculpture, Grand Tour Bust of the ancient Greek poet Homer (1) - Bronze (gilt), Mercury gilded - 19th century

Coming from an inheritance, this wonderful and rare mercury-gilt bronze sculpture is of excellent workmanship and chisel. Depicts a Grand Tour Gilded Bronze Bust of the ancient Greek poet Homer. I was unable to find a signature, perhaps hidden as the invoice clearly shows it to


Icon, Travel icon (3) - Bronze - 19th century

3 bronze icons (probably travel icons), one of which is enameled. Dimensions 5.5 cm x 5 cm x 5.5 cm. I bought the icons in 1994 at Christies in Amsterdam (Netherlands). Fine Icons September 27, 1994 Catalog number 54. I do not ship outside Europe


Icon, Christ the Only Begotton Son, the Word of God - Wood - 19th century

Very rare Large Antique Russian wooden orthodox icon “of the only begotten son, the word of god”


Icon, Saint Pitrim the Bishop of Tambov - Wood - 19th century

Antique Russian wooden orthodox icon of Saint Pitrim the Bischop of Tambov


Icon, Travel icon, Holiday four-part - Bronze, Enamel - 19th century

This quadriptych shows the important festivals in the Orthodox Church. These include the Annunciation, Christmas, Easter, Ascension and Pentecost. The icon shows the entire church year and also a number of images of icons of Mary. The icon has blue enamel and looks very good.


Meissen - Figurine (1) - Porcelain

VERY rare Meissen porcelain figural group from the series of Russian peasant. 19th century. About 4" high. Several parts are missing, see photo.


Icon, Mother of God, joy of all those who suffer - Wood - 19th century

God the Father is depicted in a bank of clouds in the top center. additional saints are St. Daria and St. John Chrysostom on the top left, and St. Sofron and St. Pareskewa on the right


Baccarat - Wine glass (4) - Glass

Rare collection of 4 Baccarat pressed glass wine glasses dating from late 19th century / early 20th century. Each glass is in good condition with no chips or cracks


Baccarat, (?) - Wine Goblet (2) - Glass

A pair of Baccarat wine goblets in the Diamant Bizot pattern. Each glass is in very good condition with no chips or cracks


Baccarat, Cristal Montcenis - Vase - Crystal

Extravagant vase from Baccarat/cristal Montcenis. Richly decorated with diamond points and large plate diamonds. This model belongs to 1826-1830. One defect to note on the rim(see photos). Otherwise this vase is in excellent condition clear and shiny. Similar models with diamond


Sculpture, Young Neapolitan Fishermen - Bronze - 19th century

Pair of cast bronze statues representing Young Neapolitan Fishermen 19th century 17cm


Pietro Chiaparelli (XIX) - Sculpture, Capitoline Venus - 50 cm (1) - Bronze - 19th century

Elegance in Bronze: Representation of the Capitoline Venus from the 19th Century. This exceptional bronze sculpture, depicting the Capitoline Venus, is an authentic work of art that captures the classical beauty of Greek and Roman Antiquity. Made in the 19th century and signed


Desk - Burr walnut, Walnut - 19th century

Ancient Lombard chair desk, 19th century. Furniture in walnut wood and walnut root, with beautiful lines and pleasant furnishings! Having two doors with a good capacity internal shelf! (See Photo). With three drawers on the central body, and finally it has four small drawers on


Figure, Jesus H.H. - Colored biscuit - 23 cm - Biscuit - 19th century

This antique German statue shows the Sacred Heart of Jesus in beautiful blue, cream and white porcelain/bisque. The intricate design and handcrafted craftsmanship make it a unique religious piece, perfect for collectors of Christianity-related objects. The statue is unchanged and


Keramis Boch - Antique Coffee Service (15 pieces) (15) - Ceramic

Very beautiful antique ceramic tableware made by Boch Keramis La Louvière, probably from the mid-19th century. The tableware consists of a coffee pot, a milk pot, a sugar bowl with lid and 6 small bowls with matching saucers. All parts are very simply decorated with orange lines


Angels chandeliers in suspension (2) - Gilt, Wood - 19th century

Angels chandeliers in suspension. Pair of gilded wood sculptures. Portuguese School. XIX century. Height measurements approx. of each - 41 cm. Some faults in the gilding, small defects and some restoration.


Chalice (1) - Romantic - Copper, aut - 19th century

Very pretty carved chalice, period and materials unknown. Probably work from France or Germany. Scenes of country life, with several peasants or hunters represented in alcoves, topped with birds and flowers. Several friezes are superimposed, with a floral interlacing at the


Madonna and child, Sculpture - Wood - 19th century

wooden sculpture depicting the Madonna with child datable to the early 19th century, however I think it is older but it is the opinion of the expert that I do not agree with. Look at the base below. overall size 31 x 9 cm, sculpture only cm. 24 x 5. In good condition. Shipping


processional cross - heavy brass - 19th century

heavy brass processional cross with corpus Cristi Italy, Venice ? of the nineteenth century. measures cm. 30x 18 the cross, the Christ cm, 9 head and feet cm, 8 arms width. Weight 385 g. In good condition, no defects, 24-hour special courier shipping to Italy.


Modèle Victor Acier - Meissen - Figurine (2) - Porcelain

Meissen porcelain couple after a model by Victor Acier. Germany. Meissen. Mark two swords in blue. Height: 15 cm. Base 8.5 x 9.5 cm approx. In very good state of conservation. Note a young lady's glued arm and a young man's poorly restored hand, possible micro accidents on flower


Crucifix (1) - Wood - 19th century

Very beautifully decorated wooden crucifix.


Sculpture, Castor or Pollux - Neoclassical - Bronze - 19th century

Grand Tour bronze statuette, Castor of Pollux after the image on the Dioscuren fountain on the Piazza del Quirinale in Rome (see photo). Italy, Rome, 19th century. The bronze depicts Castor of Pollux, a reduced copy of the right marble statue on the Fontana dei Dioscuri in Rome.


Fangotto and colander (2) - Ceramic

Two pieces of ancient Sicilian ceramics. A plate called mud which was used to dry tomatoes in the sun (diameter 32 cm). A colander with high edges and handles (diameter 30 x height 13 cm). Both two splendid examples of traditional Sicilian ceramics. Caltagirone. Good condition. I


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