Iron (wrought) First half 18th century Candlestick

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Wrought iron armchairs (4) - Iron (wrought) - 1950-1974

Lot of 4 wrought iron chairs/armchairs, the conditions are fair, they are very solid and require cleaning and repainting if necessary. Weight approximately 10kg each, Dimensions: seat height 45 cm, shoulder height 90 cm, seat diameter 40 cm. Shipping in total the world with


Naaikist - Casket - Oak

Fold-out XXL wooden sewing box. The chest has the typical Amsterdam school colors. In short, a unique eye-catcher in your interior. Dimensions. Height 70 cm. Length closed 56 cm, unfolded 133 cm. Width 40 cm. Weight 9.7 kilos. Photos give a clear idea of the quality and are part


Nativity scene - Silver, Wood, Natural coral

This nativity scene is made of cork and features natural red Trapani coral details. The characters are made of 800/1000 silver and are handcrafted. The nativity scene is in excellent condition and has a classic and refined design. The nativity scene is made up of a central


Candlestick (3) - Louis XVI Style - Bronze (gilt) - 19th century

Three gilded bronze candlesticks, with patterns of fluting, gadroons and falling laurels. Beautiful carving and fine gold gilding in matt and shiny. Old Louis XVI style work from the end of the 19th century, typical of that of the 1880s, tired of the pastiche of the styles


Sculpture, Coppia di sculture raffiguranti Ercole - 62 cm - Marble

Prestigious pair of sculptures depicting Hercules armed with a club in the act of killing a lion. Provenance: Italy, private collection. Medium sized, proportionate. The patina of the marble and the anatomy of the subjects are beautiful. Perfect as furnishing elements.


Candlestick - Bronze - Late 19th century

A bronze candlestick, 19th century. H.: 72 cm. Is in very good condition.


Henri Fugère (1872-1944) - Statuette, Vi et Armis - 24.5 cm - Bronze (patinated)

Bronze statue with brown patina by Henri Fugère 1872-1944. Title Vi et Armis in excellent condition. Origin France. Weight 1.6 kg, height 24.5 cm. Customs fees and handling costs are borne by the buyer.


Chandelier - Glass, Iron (wrought) - Mid 20th century

Golden wrought iron. crystal pendants. blown glass. 6 E14 socket lights. Good conditions. Perfectly working. Complete with all components. Generous total height 125cm. Diameter 60cm. Careful shipping. Personalized pricing. Equipped with a spare pair of crystals


Otto Rasmussen (1845-1912) - Sculpture, Satyr - 36 cm - Bronze (patinated), Marble

A bronze patinated statue on marble base, signed Rasmussen Otto (1845-1912), Germany. Depiction of a satyr, a figure from Greek mythology, with naked lady and child. A satyr is a cheerful and mischievous forest creature, belonging to the entourage of the god Dionysos and has the


Sculpture, Venus of Callipygia (1) - Bronze (silvered) - First half 20th century

Coming from an inheritance, this wonderful and rare silvered bronze sculpture belongs to the first half of the 20th century. Excellent workmanship and chisel; it was made by hand; I couldn't find a perhaps hidden signature. It represents the Venus or Aphrodite of Callipygia from


Sculpture, Musicista - 10.5 cm - Bronze

Musician - bronze sculpture, Austria, Vienna. Period: 1850-1900. Material: bronze. Dimensions: h 10.5 x 6.5 cm. Condition: excellent. Shipping: will be shipped via priority and insured mail.


Candlestick - (2) - Bronze

Ancient bronze candelabras, with wide and well-crafted bases with great resistance and weight. Non-original bobeches. Goldsmith details in all pieces. Certified shipping and well packaged.


Tray - Silvered bronze

Tray of rare silver-plated bronze shapes preserved in good condition as seen in the photographs. It is a tray with silver marks on the base and goldsmith work on the center finishes. Certified shipping and good packaging.


Candlestick (2) - Louis XIV - Bronze - First half 18th century

Exceptional pair of Louis XIV - Regency candlesticks, in chiseled bronze. 3-sided barrel, decorated with two scallop shells with a rare and very beautiful arched shoulder. The hexagonal binet, the barrel and the bell are richly guilloché. Contoured bases, ogees and grooves.


Relief, Fregio - 125 cm - Plaster - 1900

Hand-decorated plaster relief frieze. Slight lack of photographic cone. Measures 125 x 30 cm. Very nice


Sculpture, Gesù bambino con culla - 22 cm - Earthenware, Glass - 1930

Baby Jesus with straw cradle. Terracotta with beautiful glass eyes. Made around the 1930s in Southern Italy, nativity scene from a private Catholic family chapel. The photos show its beauty and conservation conditions.


After Hans Keck (1875-1941) - Sculpture, Female nude - 23 cm - Bronze, Marble

bronze sculpture on marble pedestal after Hans Keck (1875-1941) an austrian sculptor active in the 1920's who also produced chryselphantine sculptures Not signed good condition old patina Dimensions: total 23 cm H x 5 cm diameter base weight: 896 grams Period: late


Trunk - Iron (wrought), Wood - Second half 19th century

Beautiful travel trunk from the late 19th century restored by a Milanese restoration professional in perfect condition. Measures. height 57. Width 70. Depth 46


Sculpture, un volto di anziano con barba - 12 cm - Marble - 1901

Ancient sculpture in white Carrara marble. the face of an elderly man with a beard is represented (perhaps Michelangelo) Very well finished. Perfect conservation. On the back the writing "Pisa 8 September 1901"


Zsigmond Kisfaludi Strobl (1884-1975) - Sculpture, Female Nude with lizard - 49 cm - Ceramic - 1921

Beautiful and rare art deco terracotta sculpture - "The lizard" - from Zsigmond Kisfaludi Strobl (1884-1975), by a two-time Kossuth Prize winner, world-famous and recognized Hungarian sculptor. The sculpture depicts a naked lady with towel, while a curious little lizard


Wrought iron gate - Iron (wrought) - Second half 20th century

Ancient wrought iron gate, perfectly restored leaving the original patina. Ready to be mounted, complete with reconstructed wall and ground anchors. Can be mounted from right to left or from left to right. Dimensions: height 226 cm, thickness 3 cm (full iron) ,width 90 cm ,


Chandelier - Iron (wrought), Murano's glass - Early 20th century

Ancient Florentine chandelier. It comes with a teardrop pendant, flowers and various details, made of original Murano glass, transparent and brown crystal glass colours. Of great elegance and charm, delightful to place anywhere in your decor. In good overall condition,


Candlestick (2) - bronze gilded - 1850

Pair of gilt bronze candlesticks. Depicting putti's. Finely detailed. Dating approximately 1850. 44cm high. In good condition with traces of use. Not restored. Weight: 5078 grams. #StephaneVanhandenhovenCollection


François Moreau (1832-1927) - Sculpture, Mother and daughter, Return from the Garden - 56 cm (1) - Spelter - That. 1900

Graceful female figure in spelter accompanied by a girl at her side, whose classically inspired timeless beauty and stylized cannon are typical of the sculptor François Moreau (1832-1927) poses on a solid wooden base. The figure is well made, precisely chiseled, with attention


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