Wood First half 19th century Jewellery box

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Cartaglorie (2) - Louis XIV - Copper, Wood - 18th century

Pair of Louis XIV glory cards adapted to finely embossed copper mirrors. Antique internal mirrors with traces of oxidation. Rear structures in silver wood. Good general condition; natural patina, wear and signs of aging (as shown in the photo). Italy, 18th century era. Max


Icon, Simeon, Theodore, Pareskewa - Wood - Late 19th century

heavy wooden board (cypress) The ornamented and colored icon edge is gold leaf. Depicted are St. Simeon the God-Bearer, the warrior saint Theodore of Tiron and St. Pareskewa. a central crack was restored


Icon, St. Nikephoros with the 3 hierarchs - Wood - 19th century

Above is St. Nikephoros the Confessor, Patriarch of Constantinople. underneath are the holy 3 hierarchs Basilius, Johannes Chrysostom and Gregorius. On the lower left of St. Nikephoros there is an uninterpreted inscription. Nimbes, books and the inner edge are gold leaf


Icon, Old Testament Trinity (Hospitality of Abraham) - Wood - 19th century

Antique Russian wooden orthodox icon of the Old Testament Trinity With minimal restorations


manifattura Giustiniani Napoli - Dish (1) - earthenware

Earthenware plate from the Giustiniani manufacture in Naples. It represents a view of the city. In perfect condition.


Jacob Petit - Paris porcelain pitcher / milk jug circa 1840 - Louis Philippe - Porcelain

Jug or milk jug in polychrome and gold Paris porcelain, with beautiful matte and shiny gilding, attributable to Jacob Petit, unsigned. Around 1840. Jacob Mordochée (known as Jacob Petit), born and died in Paris (1796-1868), is a 19th century French porcelain manufacturer.


Icon, St. Modestus - Wood - 18th century

the nimbus is exposed and shows the original chalk ground (Levkas) some color loss, a small area around the right ear (seen from the viewer) has been restored


Icon, Apparition of the Mother of God to Sergius of Radonesh - Wood - Late 18th century

The Holy Trinity is depicted in the top center - Sergius founded the Trinity Monastery. The Mother of God appears accompanied by the Apostle Peter and John St. Sergius. The middle field and the robe of the Mother of God are decorated with baroque golden ornamentation. minor


Icon, Christ Pantocrator - Wood - around 1900

The icon was painted on gold leaf in the Greek style of the 16th century. probably by a Greek painter in Russia


Icon, St. Leonty of Rostov - Wood - 19th century

The gold leaf of the ornamented edge is partially rubbed. Nimbus and Gospel book gold leaf. Wooden panel lined with cypress wood from the Holy Land


Nativity Nativity Bell - Wood - First half 19th century

Very rare Nativity bell from the 19th century, the glass bell has been adapted, therefore more modern, the base and the statuettes are from the 19th century in wood, baby Jesus is missing, I can provide the buyer with a more modern one. Very beautiful and impactful. Measures. H


Icon, Nicholas of Moshaisk - large format - Wood - 19th century

St. Nicholas is depicted in full length, holding a sword in his right hand with which he protects the city depicted on his left. Nimben etc silver leaf, gold patinated. as a peripheral saint on the left the guardian angel and on the right a holy bishop (Naum?) large format icon


Icon, holiday icon - Wood - Early 19th century

For a description, see the attached report from Galerie Puch 1982


Table - Charles X - Wood - First half 19th century

Antique Charles X table, early 19th century. Furniture made of fine woods, which has a very long opening (450cm), with the possibility of choosing your own length! Contemporary mechanisms. In good overall condition, testifying to the passage of time with signs of wear which,


Box, Jewellery box, Victorian inlaid burr walnut sewing box with contents - Victorian - Boxwood, Burr walnut, Burrwood, Ebony, Satinwood, Walnut, Wood, Fruitwood - Second half 19th century

Beautiful Victorian burr walnut sewing box with hinged lid and sewing box contents from the last 50 years. Wonderfully ornate lid with a central fruitwood oval medallion and cross-banding of satinwood, boxwood and ebony. The size of the box makes it perfect for storing


wooden bas-relief depicting a saint - Wood - First half 19th century

wooden bas-relief perhaps England neo-Gothic period in the 19th century depicting a saint who holds a particular cross with three crossbars and wears a long habit with a cord at the waist that descends along the body. The work measures 80 x 27.5 cm and has a thickness of


Sculpture, Angel/Putto - 50 cm - Gilt, Wood - Late 18th century

Extraordinary Angel/Putto in carved and gilded wood of large dimensions and exceptional quality. Venetian area with small defects highlighted in the photos, which however do not affect the overall work. Measurement height cm. 50. Maximum width cm. 40.


Sculpture, angel head - Wood - Second half 19th century

beautiful antique wooden polychrome angel head. On the back, the remnant of a piece of paper can be seen , this could indicate that this is a decorative piece from the period 1880. Or it could be even older and be a documentation label from a collection. On the left side a small


Icon - Stone (mineral stone), Wood - 20th century

Mosaic depicting the Madonna of Perpetual Help produced in Rome, s.c of the REV. FACTORY of San Pietro in Vaticano N° 3513 A. Dimensions: 23.5x20.5x2.5. Weight: 1385 gr


Icon - Wood - 17th century

Antique Russian wooden orthodox three panels icon Panels were put together in the 19th century. Paintings itself are from the 17th century On top is the old is the Old Testament trinity On the bottom left is the birth of Christ pictured On the bottom right is the crusifixion


Anatole J. Guillot (1865-1911) - Fabrication Française Paris - Sculpture, "Blacksmith of Peace" - 47.5 cm (1) - Spelter, Wood, Bronze patinated regula - Late 19th century

Sculpture, statue in regula entitled "Blacksmith of Peace". It is signed in hollow J. Guillot with an additional detailed plaque for Anatole J. Guillot (1865-1911). Authentic original sculpture with “French manufacturing, Made in France, Paris” stamp, a label which has existed


Crucifix, Christ lacquered in wood crucified - Wood - Second half 19th century

Magnificent wooden Christ of beautiful dimensions, early 19th century in lacquered carved wood, beautiful original patina!!! small signs of wear over time. the arms are just detached, as per detailed photos!! Christ measures 36 by 26 cm. crucifix measures 36 by 98 cm. for further


Sculpture, Pair of cherubs (2) - Wood - 18th century

Pair of cherubs. Made of wood. Coming from a private chapel, they have original lacquering. Anti-woodworm treatment was carried out. Origin Italy. 18th century. Height 37cm. Length 17cm. Width 11cm. Shipping includes professional packing and streetside delivery, NOT flat. In


Icon, Blessed Mother Joy of All Sufferers - Dated - Wood - 19th century

The icon is dated on the lower edge of the icon and comes from the Tver region. In this rarer variant, no supplicants are depicted, but rather various groups of saints. Above the saint you can see the Archangel Michael on the left and the Holy Guardian Angel with scrolls on the


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