Pewter/Tin 1900-1920 Chess set

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Chess set (1) - Composite

Chess with figures from the star wars saga, everything is in very good condition, with no broken pieces, everything in perfect condition, with no broken pieces, it has its original board representing the universe and an explanatory booklet in 6 languages, it still has its


Jydsk Telefon-Aktieselskab - telephone - special edition - Cast iron

Very rare model from the Danish brand Jydsk. Special because the telephone has both a crank and a dial. When telephone exchanges were modernized in the 1920s and the dial was introduced, contact could no longer be made via an operator and telephones had to be replaced by a model


Underwood 5 - Typewriter, 1920s - Steel

A fabolous Underwood Typewriter with glossy green glass keys (Dutch) in a good preserved condition for its age. Dutch Enscription; Ned. Octrooi No. 9461 Serial number 3558394-5 The Underwood Model 5, introduced in 1899, is the result of almost thirty years of


Burgunder - Telephone - Wood

Phone in excellent condition. Made in France. Dimensions: 25 cmX 20 Cm x 6 cm. Sending by colissimo. Perfect walnut woodwork, no holes or cracks. Super shiny chrome. Cotton cords in very good condition, no tears. Very shiny varnish. Headphones from 1905, like the


Religious Nativity Scene - consist 20 pieces - 22 cm ! - Plaster

A beautiful antique Nativity Scene consist 20 pieces dimensions : the large figurine 22 cm H , including: Maria, Joseph , baby Jesus , 5 sheeps, dog , camila, cow, donky , the three kingdoms from the east,the , the old man a beautiful set antique special for church


Continental - Wanderer Werke Chemnitz A.G. - Standard - Typewriter, 1910s - Iron (cast/wrought)

Continental Standard typewriter. Year of construction 1914. Very original object with special print on the front. This machine still works, but restoration is recommended


MFG Bell Telephone - Telephone - Steel

Are you looking for a vintage treasure to complete your collection or add a touch of elegance to your interior decor? Do not look any further ! We offer you an old telephone of Belgian origin, manufactured by the MFG Company at the beginning of the 20th century. This item is


Continental Standard - Typewriter, 1910s - Iron (cast/wrought)

Beautiful Continental Standard Typewriter serial no. 293710 built around 1917. Beautiful working typewriter, well maintained after being more than 100 years old. Origin Wandere Werke Chemnitz-Schonau, former East Germany. Photos are part of the description, BEWARE shipping


Vintage Large collector's chess at the beginning of the 20th century - Wooden board and bronze figures

Vintage Spectacular wooden chess set and bronze/tin figures with attached green velvet subbase important and see extensive photographic detail to evaluate and determine. according to its condition to be assessed. He is fine despite his age. It will be specialized packaging to


Richelieu Whitework hand embroidered Tablecloth Bedcover Bedspread - 210 x 210 cm - Linen - 1900-1920

Antique large white tablecloth or bedspread. with gorgeous white broderie anglaise and Richelieu embroidery. Everything is elaborately handcrafted. Made from the finest white linen. Dimensions 210 x 210 cm. Due to its dimensions, the tablecloth can also be used as a bed cover or


Dressel, Kister & Cie , Passau - Figurine of a young boy with sheep - Porcelain

A touching antique statue of a young boy feeding sheep. Originally a model of the Höchster Porzellan Manufaktur (1746-1796) In 1796, all models and molds were auctioned and sold to other factories. This also applies to Dressel, Kister & Cie in Passau who made this statue but


wood chisels (11) - Iron (cast/wrought), Wood

11 carpenter's wood chisels from the 1900s and 1920s in good condition from different brands ready to serve


Chess set (32) - Lacquer, Wood

Antique art deco Russian 1940s chess complete set all hand-painted lacquer wood , in good condition for it's age, all the figures are perfect condition no chis cracks , labeled in side the board made in russia. Size of the figures: King :10.5cm X 3.4cm diameter Queen : 9.7cm


Christmas group early 20th century - Plaster

Very beautiful Christmas group, over 100 years old. Statues are made of plaster in good used condition. Some images have a small chip missing, but certainly not disturbing. The photos are part of the description. Images are packaged very well


Rood - wit met doos - Chess set (33) - Wood

Complete wooden chess set in the original box. Beautiful horses and pieces still in the old red-white colors that form the bridge to previous Bone chess sets. This makes this set from the early 19th century. circa 1930. It is also a nice large set for the time with a king height


Meissen - Vase - Porcelain

Potiche with lid, Meissen manufacture - porcelain. Germany - years 1900-1920. Diameter 17 cm, height 35 cm. In good condition as shown in the photos. Tracked shipping.


Antique wooden box (1) - Arts & Crafts - Pewter/Tin, Wood

Very beautiful antique wooden box with pewter plaques on all four sides and above with a beautiful representation of putti and lions. Most likely made of walnut wood. The box is in very good condition for its age and has a very nice patina. Small traces of age and use can be seen


lion of Waterloo (1) - Bronze

Beautiful bronze sculpture of the lion of Waterloo with the text on the pedestal WATERLOO XVIII JUNE MDCCCXV. This statue was made in memory of the Battle of Waterloo which took place on June 18, 1815 and is made of two castings which are attached to each other with rivets. In


Chess set, Magnificent Soviet chess pieces - marquetry

Very beautiful chess set, marquetry board. Magnificent Soviet chess pieces. Complete and in excellent condition. Varnished parts. King height approximately 8.5 cm. Red velvet on each piece.


Alb. Kull. - Parey Berlin 1900-20 - Beautiful old Original Vintage School Poster Stork Lithograph - Linen

Vintage School Poster Stork. Title – Stork. Signed by – Alb. Kull. Published by – Parey Berlin. The plate is from the series - Schroder und Kull biological wall tables. Stick size – 85. Plate size – 80-96 cm. Description – Beautiful and very old plate. Quality - The plate has


Unknow - Graser’s Verlag Annaberg 1900/1920 - Beautiful old Vintage School Poster Poisonous Mushrooms Lithograph - paper and wood

School poster Poisonous Mushrooms Lithograph. Title – Poisonous Mushrooms. Published by – Graser's Verlag Annaberg. The plate comes from the series - Graser's Natural and Agricultural Tables No. 2. Stick size – 88 cm. Plate size – 51-82 cm. Description – Beautiful old poster on


Graser’s Verlag Annaberg 1900/20 - Beautiful old Vintage School Poster Sea Fish Lithograph - paper and wood

School poster Sea fishing Lithograph. Title – Einheimischer Seefische. Published by – Graser's Verlag Annaberg. The plate comes from the series - Graser's Naturwissenschaftliche und Landwirtschaftliche tables no. 6. Stick size – 95 cm. Plate size – 61-92 cm. Description –


Large vase - 131cm - Porcelain

Hand Painted and Glazed Porcelain Vase - Artistic Elegance. This French porcelain vase is an authentic work of art that combines the beauty of porcelain with the painterly art and skill of emaille. Made by hand, every detail of this vase is the result of craftsmanship and


Antique Black Forest Perpetual Calendar hand carved Owl (1) - Plastic, Wood

Antique hand-carved wooden perpetual calendar decorated with an owl and made in the Black Forest in Germany. The calendar is complete and the cards are printed on both sides on old plastic, the day numbers are in excellent condition, the cards indicating the days and months are a


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