Silverplate 1920-1949 Bowl

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Argentor Vienna - Cake stand, Vienna centrepiece

Antique centerpiece stand in Viennese Art Nouveau "Argentor" style, in pure Austrian secession style. The stand is made up of a central cup supported by three columns that rest on the round stepped base. Remarkable and refined decorations covering both the base and the cup in


Georges Leleu - Modernist / Art Deco period table lamp

French 1920's - 1930's assembled table lamp by Georges Leleu, the famous Paris based lighting company. The shade is signed G.Leleu Condition : good although there is a small chip on the low part of the glass shade (see picture 5), in working condition, see all pictures to


Albin Müller - Reinhold Hanke - Art Deco terrine met stilistisch decor • Model 2360 • 1910

Bijzondere art deco Bowl met stilistisch decor ontworpen door Albin Müller voor Reinhold Hanke. De terrine is in prima gebruikte staat. Deze terrine wordt ook vermeld in het boek: Westerwälder Steinzug • Die neue Ära • Jugendstil und Werkbund op blz. 62. Zondermeer een


Raymond Chevallier - Boch Frères, La Louvière - Large art deco vase with limited polychrome floral decor 'Mikado' D2919

Beautiful and decorative Boch Frères • La Louvière vase designed by Raymond Chevalier with limited polychrome floral decor called 'Mikado'. The item is in excellent used condition. (See pictures). Marked: Boch Frères La Louvière brand. Stamp: D2919. Model in relief: 1475. Your


WMF Württembergische Metallwarenfabrik , Entwurf Kurt Mayer 1930 - Modell 2500 "Art Deco"/6 Personen - decorative, rare 30-piece silver-plated (90) cutlery set/Bauhaus

WMF Württembergische Metallwarenfabrik: Offering a beautiful, 30-piece silver-plated (90 alloy) Art Deco cutlery set, model 2500 "Art Deco"/Bauhaus. Designed by Kurt Mayer in 1930. For 6 people. Consisting of. 6 dinner forks (approx. 18.4 cm), 6 dinner knives (approx. 20.5 cm), 6


Louis Dage - Art Deco vase with stylistic polychrome floral decor • marked

Beautiful Art Deco vase with stylistic polychrome floral decor designed by Louis Dage. The vase is in excellent used condition. Marked: L. Dage. The item will be packaged with care, insured with track & trace to your door. Louis Auguste Dage (1885- 1963) Student of, among



Art Nouveau jug made of porcelain or earthenware with a lady as a handle. The jug is 19 cm high and intact. At the bottom it is marked with a blue mark unknown to me containing, among other things. the letters B and M. In addition, the number 3617 is engraved in the bottom. There


Charles Catteau - Boch Frères La Louvière • Gres Keramis - Art deco grès vase with polychrome floral decor • D668 • 1920-1940

A beautiful Boch Frères • Keramis grès vase from the art deco period (1920's), On the belly, four rectangular windows decorated with dahlia flowers on a marbled ground. Neck and foot finished with a brown wavy trim finished with white dots. Designed by Charles Catteau. Marked on


Charles Catteau - Boch Frères • La Louvière - Art deco vase with polychrome floral decoration • model D787 - ca 1923

Beautiful and decorative Boch Frères • Keramis vase designed by Charles Catteau. The neck and foot are left white and are connected by six vertical black strips that alternate with green strips. The black strips are decorated from the shoulder to the belly with three stylized


Charles Graffart - Val Saint Lambert - Art Deco Luxval vase 'AMÉRICAIN' • color Amber • 1935

Beautiful Art Deco Luxval vase 'AMÉRICAIN' in the color Amber. Manufactured by Val Saint Lambert. after a design by Charles Graffart & Rene Delvenne. This was made in 1935 in various Luxval colours, including Amber. The vase is in excellent used condition with minimal signs of


Keramis Boch Frères La Louvière - Art Deco vase with stylistic polychrome decoration of grapes and rectangles - D2904

Beautiful Boch Frères La Louvière vase with stylistic polychrome decor of grapes and rectangles - D2904. The vase is in excellent used condition. D2904. Boch Frères La Louvière. The item will be packaged with care, insured with track & trace to your door.


Desk lamp, Lamp, art deco, France, squirrel, globe, ball lamp, night light, bedside lamp

Superb and rare French figurative lamp from the art deco period (1930s). It includes a spelter/bronze sculpture of a squirrel, finely carved, elongated, the front legs holding a hazelnut with a beautiful voluminous plumed tail. The globe is made of iridescent glass in green waves


Jewellery box - Jewel box - .833 silver, Wood

Guard jewels. In wood and silver. Will be sent by registered mail


Lalique René Lalique - Vase - Lucie - Glass

Beautiful flower vase called Lucie. Designed and made by René Lalique in the last century. Vase is in new condition. High13.5. Width12.5cm. The details as usual from Lalique are fabulous. The photos say enough.


Luxurious Oriental Art Deco fabric - 300x300cm - Gold - Textile - 300 cm - 0.02 cm

Rare art deco fabric 100% silk effect cotton of excellent certified quality. Lightweight. 110gr. square meters. Perfect for sheet bags and pillowcases! Exclusive 100% silk effect cotton fabric. A new type of fabric selected by Sagi art for sheets, dresses, dresses and light


Muller Frères - Hanging lamp

A beautiful French art deco hanging lamp from 1930, made of nickel-plated bronze or solid brass. The fixture consists of a large hexagonal bowl and three side arms, in glass pressed in a mold. Frosted look using acid with glossy highlights polished by hand. This Muller glass


Daum Frères - Bowl, Miniature

Daum Nancy miniature cup, art nouveau 1895, signed. Opalescent glass cup, multi-layered, acid-etched, representing a seaside landscape, with sailing boats, groves of trees and shrubs, a mill and houses, as well as birds. Apparent bluish reflections, gray marmoreal edges.


Mantel clock - H.Molins - Marble - 1920-1930

Magnificent ART DECO clock signed MOLINS. Very beautiful sculpture in regula. Mechanism not blocked, transport may require adjustments on arrival. Supplied with a key. Traces of time and experience of course. Check the photos. The sculpture will be dismantled for transport.


Legras & Cie., Montjoye - Vase (1) - Very large Model 41 cm with hexagonal neck and fluted body - Enamel, Glass, painted and highlighted with fine gold

sent by Colissimo AR with ad valorem insurance. Very large vase with fluted body and hexagonal neck created by Theodore Legras at the end of the 19th century. Decor of daffodils painted and enhanced with gold. Very good condition despite one or two cooking bubbles inside the


2 Art Deco paarden beeldjes jaren 30 - Figurine - (2) - Ceramic, White Glaze

2 White glazed Art Deco horse figurines from the 1930s. In good condition. Tiny piece of glaze on foot is missing (see photo) 1st half 20th century. Dimensions 18 x 15 cm.


St. Clément - Cache pot

Art Deco cache pot. Beautiful "ox blood" colour. France, 1920s. St.Clément. Height 22.5 cm, diameter 26.5 cm. In very good condition, a minor flake below the edge, see photos.


Harva - Paris - Art Deco perfume burner

Rare perfume burner. Arab woman. Art Deco. Porcelain. Harva - Paris, France, 1920s. Height 19 cm. Perfect condition. Lamp mount at the bottom not original but perfectly usable.


Art dedo Powder box

Powder box. Very Art Deco. French calibration stamps. Early 1920s. Geometric decor. In perfect condition. 8 cm x 8 cm


Vase (1) - Uranium Glass

Beautiful ribbed vase from Leerdam, designer unknown to me. About 1925. The vase has some frits on the top edge.


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