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Murano - Lamp base

Rare lamp base without mount, circle of Alfredo Barbini, Murano around 1960. Height: approx. 34.8 cm, diameter of the base: approx. 12.0 cm. Baluster-like lamp base in the shape of a totem pole; The surface of the free-form lamp base made of colorless, partly slightly pink-tinted


Sigvard Bernadotte - IFÖ Electric - Wall lamp (2) - 6035

This pair of bathroom lamps was designed by Sigvard Bernadotte in 1965 and became an instant classic. The lamps are in good condition, no nags or anything. Designed by Sigvard Bernadotte Producer: IFÖ periode: 1960-1970’s Width 10cm Hight.


Roberto Dagnino - Outdesign Italia - Planter - BIG BELL

Vase for flowers consisting of a base in natural split Ardesia stone from the Fontanabuona Valley with wax finish and a flower holder in mouth-blown glass. The bleached beech wood spacers allow the vase to be tilted in multiple directions to obtain the best floral compositions.


Afro Celotto - Murano - Vase, 100cm

The master Afro Celotto was born in Venice, on the island of Burano, on 24 August 1963. Much calmer and less crowded compared to the other Ventian islands, Burano has houses painted in bright colours by fishermen, to make their own houses stand out from the sea. In his childhood,


Petr Kuchta - Unique glass object - “Octopus”

Beautiful unique glass sculpture “OCTOPUS” by the Czech glass artist Petr Kuchta. Mouth blown and hand shaped, Made of clear crystal with a golden yellow glass core and beautifully enclosed octopus. Something special! High 21 cm. Diameter 12 cm. Weight 4 kilos! Signed P. Kuchta


Jaroslav Marek - Optical glass object Unique - PYRAMIDE

Unique abstract glass sculpture “PYRAMID” by the Czech glass artist Jaroslav Marek. Made in sublime champagne-colored optical glass. ground and polished. With beautifully finished surface. Surprisingly different from every position, which is why it remains fascinating. In perfect


Petr Karizek - Vase “PURPLE SKY” Unique

Unique Glass Object “PURPLE SKY” By Petr Karizek, Czech Republic. Mouth-blown with beautifully cut facets, creating a fascinating work of art that will never be boring. Made in the exclusive glass color Alexandrite. Signed P.Karizek. High 24 cm. Diameter 16.5 cm. Photographed


Tomas Brzon - Unique Glass item - " BURNING SKY”

Beautiful unique glass object “BURNING SKY” by the Czech glass artist. Tomas Brzon. Made in amber-colored optical glass. Cut in facets. Due to the flawless optical glass in combination with beautiful grinding techniques. creates a work of art that continues to fascinate. It is


Mikael Kenlind - VAS VITREUM - Glass Object

Beautiful robust object from the Swedish glass studio. VAS VITRIEUM which means “Objects made of glass” Designed by Michael Kenlind. Mouth-blown and hand-shaped. Made in clear, green and emerald colored glass. High 34 cm. Wide 14 cm. Deep 12 cm. Weight 2.9 kilos. Signed and


Goran Warff - Kosta Boda - Glass sculpture - "Heartbeat" limited edition

Glass object “HEARTBEAT” by the famous Swedish glass artist Göran Wärff. Limited edition of 300. Mouth-blown and hand-shaped. Made of clear and red glass. Photographed with artificial light and daylight. High 23 cm. Wide 11 cm, deep 6.5 cm. Signed and numbered on the bottom;


Thomas Laczynsky (Warsaw) - Blown glass chessboard

Large 50x50 chessboard made of fir green and blue blown glass weighing approximately 4 kg (10 kg with pawns) and individual pieces up to 8 cm high, made in the 1990s by the Polish artist Łączyński Tomasz – Okręg Warszawski Związku Polskich Artystów Plastyków ( member of


Maarten Baptist - 2x red and white wine, water and Champagne - Glasses (8) - Louise tripod glasse

Introducing the ultimate set for wine and champagne enthusiasts - the Maarten Baptist-designed set of four glasses each for red wine, white wine, water, and Champagne, all with unique tripod feet. Crafted from high-quality laboratory glass, these glasses are not only durable


Seguso Vetri d'Arte - Jar - Ghiaccio

Like New. Italy. Height 39 cm. Base 16cm x 17cm. UPS. Masterpiece created by Seguso Vetri d'Arte, "I Ghiacci" series, wrought, with large wheel. The vase on the base recalls the shapes of the Earn series with a design by Vittorio Rigattieri also produced at the time by Seguso


Angelo Mangiarotti - La Sorgente Dei Mobili - Credenza (3) - Programma S11

Extraordinary set of 3 rosewood modules "Programma S11" by Angelo Mangiarotti for La Sorgente dei Mobili of Arosio, CO. This sideboard is part of a complete collection called S11 (System 11), designed to furnish every corner of your home with versatile and modular elements,


Lalique France - Thistle vase

Superb vase with imposing dimensions. This unusual model highlights the know-how of Lalique artisans with superb frosted festooning around the central part in transparent crystal. Model visible at the Lalique museum (Wingen sur Moder 67) 20th century period. Weight 7 kg. Width


Carlo Scarpa - Venini - Bowl

You are bidding on a rare leaf bowl from the famous Venini glass manufacturer in Murano. The bowl was made by Carlo Scarpa for Venini around 1935. On the bottom there is the two-line etching stamp "venini murano", which Venini used in the 1930s. The bowl is in excellent,


Napoleone Martinuzzi - Venini - Vase

You are bidding on a very rare 'A Bolle' vase by Napoleone Martinuzzi, made for Venini circa 1927. On the bottom is the three-line etched signature "venini murano ITALIA" Height about 25 cm. Diameter about 20 cm. The vase is in excellent condition with no damage. Minimal traces


Gino Cenedese - Cenedese - Bowl

Limited bowl "Magma", Gino CENEDESE, Murano, 1965-72. Height: approx. 16.3 cm, diameter: approx. 23.5 cm. Bowl with bell-shaped body; The surface of the colorless glass, colored and iridescent with reduction colors in rust red, yellow and green tones, forms the background for


Barovier & Toso - Vase - Barbarico

Ercole BAROVIER, Murano, 1951. Height: approx. 9.5 cm, width: approx. 17.4 cm, depth: approx. 7.0 cm. "Barbarico" vase made of colorless glass with blue mineral powder inclusions; bulbous body merging into an elliptical mouth. 2 handles formed by folding the hot glass at the


Pino Signoretto - Murano - Figurine

PINO SIGNORETTO (1944-2017), Murano. Height: approx. 47 cm, width: approx. 48 cm, depth: approx. 25 cm, weight: approx. 19 kg. "Galloping Horse", - SINGLE PIECE - Freely formed, smoky green-gray, solid glass, base and mane acid-matted. . Pino Signoretto is one of the world's


Vistosi - Vase

Sergio Asti (1920-2021), vase model "Lingam", Vistosi Vetri d'Arte, Murano 1980. Height: approx. 36cm, diameter: approx. 17.5 cm. Vase made of thick-walled glass; Base made of black glass, above it a disc of white glass ("lattimo"), vessel body made of marbled black glass


Squarcina - Murano - Glass object

Glass sculpture: abstract representation of a buffalo, in the style of Alfredo BARBINI. Height: approx. 21.2 cm, length: approx. 25.4 cm, width of the body: approx. 6.1 cm. Sculpture of a buffalo made from a solid glass body, whose compactness is reminiscent of Stone Age cave


Pino Signoretto - Limited glass object

Limited glass object, XI / XII, Pino Signoretto, Murano, 04/16/1994. Height: approx. 22.5 cm, depth: approx. 7.0 cm. Round "pinched" hollow body of colorless glass enclosing a sphere of clear glass stained with gold powder. The golden ball seems to float inside the glass body.


Richard Price - Rainbow Lady - Glass object, 100 cm

Richard Price (1960, Aldershot - Hampshire - UK) was fascinated by glass as an art form as a child. He attended the local art academy and completed it with a Bachelor in Art & Design in 1982. He then settled in Amsterdam to continue his studies at the prestigious Gerrit Rietveld


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