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C. Gauthier - Voyages Du Professeur Pallas, Dans Plusieurs Provinces De L'Empire Russie Et Dans L'Asie - 1793

A fine collection of these works which relate the adventures of Professor Pallas, a German scholar who traveled the immense territory of Russia and northern Asia for six years, at the end of the 18th century - He carefully observed the fauna, flora, climate, geology, ethnography


F. Le Cerf / Dr Jeannel / Renaud Paulian / Luc Auber / L. Chopard / Yves Semeria / Lucien Berland - Atlas d’Entomologie - 1948

Atlas of entomology (exceptional set of titles and reference authors) Le Cerf F./ Dr Jeannel / Renaud Paulian / Luc Auber / Chopard L. / Semeria Yves, Berland Lucien. Published by N. Boubée & Cie, Paris, 1948-1971. Format in-12° (19.4 x 14.2 cm) Volume I. The Deer F. ‎New


Léon Binet / Roger Reboussin - La Vie des Bêtes - 1955

Magnificent edition with dedication from the author…more than rare. For the Society of Physician Bibliophiles, Amédée Baumgartner being President, “THE LIFE OF BEASTS on the earth, in the air and in the waters”, by Professor Léon Binet, was printed on the presses of Fequet and


Auguste Petit / Jules Pavillard - Résultats des campagnes scientifiques accomplies sur son yacht par Albert Ier (vols. 31 & 82) - 1905

Auguste Petit, Jules Pavillard. Résultats des campagnes scientifiques accomplies sur son yacht par Albert Ier. Vols. 31 & 82. [Monte Carlo], Imprimerie de Monaco, 1905/1931. 4to: 56 + 203 pp. In printed paper wrappers. Vol. 31 with 4 lithograph plates and vol. 82 with 3


Clive Holland - Au Japon Choses Vues - 1908

Au Japon Things Viewed by Clive Holland - Translated from English by Lugné-Philipon - Paris, Vuibert et Nony Editeurs, 1908 Original Edition - half-leather binding with brown corners, marbled paper boards, spine with gilt titled raised bands and decorated with gilded fleurons,


Tony Burnand/Charles Ritz - A la mouche. Méthodes et matériels modernes pour la pêche à la mouche de la truite .... - 1939

Tony Burnand and Charles Ritz. On the fly. Modern methods and equipment for fly fishing for trout, grayling, whitefish, the solunar theory of J.A Knight. Preface by Neuflize and Lord Glanusk. Drawings by Henri Jadoux, caricature by Pellos. Paris, Librairie des Champs-Elysées,


Buffon - Histoire naturelle des minéraux,par M. le comte de Buffon, intendant du jardin & du cabinet du roi - 1783

Complete collection of 9/9 18th century books in good condition from the famous publisher "l'impressionie royale" (see photos). Period leather bindings, format in-12" 17 x 10 cm", title parts, volume numbers, spine with raised bands decorated with fleurons, marbled edges, rare


Lucrèce / Jean Chièze - De rerum natura - De la Nature - 1958

Luxurious bilingual French-Latin edition of the great poem of Lucretius, translated by Mario Meunier, printed on the Draeger Frères presses and nicely illustrated by Jean Chièze. The Latin text is located at the bottom of the page, printed in small characters and tinted yellow.


Constantin-Weyer / Falké - Clairière - 1929

Superb first edition of this work which brings together the stories of Canada by Constantin-Weyer, a French writer who spent ten years in this country, between 1904 and 1914 - He worked in various professions there, such as hunter, fisherman, trapper or farmer. He drew from his


Auguste Vinson - Aranéides des Iles de la Réunion, Maurice et Madagascar - 1863

Beautiful edition of this work written by Auguste Vinson, an eminent naturalist who stayed in these islands in the mid-19th century, and who devoted his life to the study of local fauna and flora - In this book, he introduces you to spiders, these astonishing and little-known


M. et Mme Agassiz - Voyage au Brésil - 1882

Beautiful copy of this travelogue by Mr. and Mrs. Agassiz, two 19th century scholars, who traveled through Brazil for two years - They introduce you to the fauna, flora, geology, climate and inhabitants of this country. They bring you their observations, their experiences and


Manufrance / Maurer - Nuisibles et Rapaces / Mes chasses en Forez et ailleurs - 1946

Lot of two hunting books: -Pests and raptors, published and printed by Manufrance, Saint-Etienne, 1951. It is illustrated with 42 color plates out of text with the description of the animal opposite. Interior in good fresh condition, the notebook is removed from the binding.


Roubillac - Cahier des Fleurs (Jasmin / Rose / Reine Marguerite / Pancée / Capucine) - a la sangue - 1750

Pretty red chalk print from: Roubillac (del et sculp): Cahier de Fleurs, probably published by Mondhare around 1750. The sheet shows: Jasmine / Rose / Reine Marguerite / Pancée / Capucine. Slightly stained, edge barely trimmed.


La Bretonnerie - L'Ecole du Jardin Fruitier, qui comprend l'origine des Arbres Fruitiers; les terres qui ... - 1784

Rare in such good condition. First edition of this very complete and very technical classic treatise on tree pruning, different types of grafting, plantings, diseases, etc. by the French agronomist La Bretonnerie (from ; Paris c. 1720 - c. 1795), author of "The new rustic house".


Roubillac - Primevères Muguets No. 1 - Lithographier - 1850

Primevères muguets. A. A. Jumon Editeurs, Paris - Imp. Lemercier & Cie., Paris around 1850. Original lithograph of a primrose bush. With creases, browned edges, occasionally slightly cracked at the edges.


Valmont de Bomare - dictionnaire raisonné universel d'histoire naturelle - 1764

the different subjects (animals, plants, minerals, stars, natural phenomena) are classified in alphabetical order. Volume 1 (A to C): 624 pages. volume 2 (C to H): 659 pages. volume 3 (H to N): 606 pages. volume 4 (O to R): 659 pages. volume 5 (R = Z): 715 pages. Sending via


Étienne-Louis Geoffroy - Histoire abrégée des insectes; dans laquelle ces Animaux sont rangés suivant un ordre méthodique - 1764

Second edition of remarkable entomological work from the 18th century, illustrated in a very beautiful edition of 22 very pretty folding plates, each illustrated with several figures (insects); and a folding table (on their classification) engraved by Prévost and Defehrt.


Bernardin de Saint-Pierre - Oeuvres Complétes. Voyages en Russie, Pologne, Ile-de-France / Etude sur les Marées - 1830

Rare copy in this condition. Very beautiful complete edition "increased with various unpublished pieces, put in order and preceded by the life of the author" by Louis Aimé-Martin, follows the 1818 edition (Mequignon-Marvis). Illustrated with 14 out-of-text plates including a


Buffon - Matières générales, Théorie de la Terre, Minéraux - 1848

Beautiful ensemble, written by Georges-Louis Leclerc, Count of Buffon, one of the greatest naturalists of the 18th century - These are the first two volumes of Buffon's complete works, which also include his history of animals, minerals and birds. It contains Buffon's theory of


David Woodard - Relation des malheurs et de la captivité, pendant deux ans et cinq mois - 1805

FIRST FRENCH EDITION (1805) of the story of adventures of American Captain DAVID WOODARD and four seamen in the East Indies, who lost their ship during a voyage between Batavia (capital of the Dutch East Indies) and Manila (Philippines) on the American ship "The Enterprise", and


M. Le Comte de Buffon - Histoire naturelle, generale et particuliere, avec la description du cabinet du roy - 1749

Two beautiful volumes of the "Historie Naturelle" by George Louis Leclerc de Buffon. Bound in leather and embossed with a coat of arms, in fairly good condition. Histoire Naturelle, generale et particulière, with the description of the cabinet of the king. Tome Second. A Paris,


Collectif - Suite Des Mémoires De Mathématique Et De Physique - Année 1732 - 1736

Beautiful copy of this work which brings together the memoirs presented to the Royal Academy of Sciences, the most prestigious scientific institution of the time - These memoirs present the work and discoveries of various scientists, who contributed to the progress of knowledge


Horto van Houtteano - Brunswiga Ciliaris - 1850

Horto van Houtteano: Brunswiga Ciliaris. Around 1850... Folded in the middle, with a small tear at the fold, traces of assembly on the verso..


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