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Bastiano De' Rossi / Accademia della Crusca - Vocabolario degli Accademici della Crusca - 1623

Volume weight 3 kg, 950 numbered pages + 40 final pages (80 pages)


Marco Guazzo - Historie Tutti i fatti degni di memoria nel mondo successi dal MDXXIII sino a l'anno MDXLIX - 1549

Histories by M. Marco Guazzo of all the facts worthy of memory in the world that occurred from MDXXIIII up to the year MDXLIX. Good state of conservation. Internally in excellent condition. Small defects on the cover as shown in the photo. 329 numbered pages and 8 unnumbered


Scattaglia - Volume di tavole "Histoire Naturele, insectes" da: L'Encyclopedie. c.a 1790 - 1790

Eight beautiful original black and white engravings depicting insects belonging to the order of beetles. The prints, made on laid paper, are in good condition with some small foxing.


Bardi Giovanni - Memorie del calcio fiorentino tratte da diverse scritture - 1688

Fourth edition of this very rare reference work on football. Very important. The previous editions are unobtainable and this one is also difficult to find and of great value. Florence, Printing House of S.A.S. alla Condotta, 1688. In 4°, 6 pp. + 106 pp. Half-title, frontispiece


Domingo Banez - Scholastica commentaria D. Thomae - 1587/1591

Scholastic commentary in the first part. Angelici doctoris d.thomae usque ad LXIII ...f. domenico bannes....venetiis, apud altobellum salicatium, 1587. Scholastica commentary in secumdam secundae, Angelici doctoris d. Thomae, quibus quae ad fidem spem e charitatem...auctore f.


Erasmo / Manuzio / Plautus - Plauti Comoediis - 1522

EXTRAORDINARY COLLABORATION BETWEEN ERASMO AND ALDO MANUZIO - ALDINA POST INCUNABLE. "First and only Aldine edition of Plautus' comedies. Text revised and commented by Erasmus Roterodamus (Erasmus of Rotterdam) in 1508, with the collaboration of Aldus Manutius". (See Renouard, p.


Manuscript - Original page from the 16th century - 1550

Original manuscript - 16th century - paper - 13.5 × 10 cm. Condition: although more than 500 years old, the manuscript is still in good condition; the paper is slightly browned and has some spots. Elements that determine the value: its rarity, quality, age and attractiveness.


Biringuccio - Pirotechnia - 1550

Biringuccio Vannuccio. Pyrotechnia. He gave them books on pyrotechnics. Venice - 1550 - Giovanni Padovano for Curzio Troiano Navo. (8), 167, (1) c. Mr. [cross]8 A-X8. In 4th - 20 X 14.5 cm. FIRE ART AND TECHNIQUE. THE FIRST BOOK PRINTED ON METALLURGY, APPLIED CHEMISTRY, THE


Sieur de Valincour - La Vie de François de Lorraine, Duc de Guise - 1681

Extremely rare copy of this work which tells you about the life of François de Lorraine, Duke of Guise, one of the greatest military and political leaders of the 16th century - You will discover his childhood, his warlike exploits, his rivalry with the Huguenots, his influence


Le Sieur de S. Lazare - Histoire des Dignitez Honoraires de France - 1636

Extremely rare work by Sieur de S. Lazare, historiographer of the king, in this work he presents to you a history of the honorary dignities of France, from the first Merovingian kings to modern times - It reveals to you the secrets of the peers of France, the great officers of


R.P. Charles Le Breton - Paraphrase des Pseaumes de David en Vers François - 1660

Extremely rare copy of this work, which offers you a paraphrase of the hundred and fifty psalms of David in French verse - The author, R.P. Charles Le Breton, was a Jesuit priest, professor of rhetoric and theology, who was noted for his eloquence and piety. In this book, he


Napoléon - Code Civil Des Français - 1804

You have in your hands an extremely rare first edition of the French Civil Code, the founding text of modern law in France - Promulgated by Napoleon in 1804, it brings together the legal principles governing the civil life of citizens, such as family, property, contracts,


Menochio - Le Stuore overo Trattenimenti Eruditi - 1678

Very rare Bolognese edition (the first, in a single volume, dates back to 1646) of the "Stuore" by Giovanni Stefano Menochio (1575-1655). It is an impressive mix of stories and curiosities: ranging from the rivers of paradise on earth to poisonous mushrooms; from assumptions


Dr. Emil Wilhelmy - China. Land und Leute. Illustrierte Geschichte des Reiches und seiner Wirren - 1904

China, country and people. Illustrated history of the empire and its turmoil. Dr. Emil Wilhelmy. Merkur Berlin 1904. L.24 cm. B.17 cm. D. 6 cm


Jacques de Hemricourt - Miroir des nobles de Hasbaye - 1673

Mirror of the nobles of Hasbaye by Jacques de Hemricourt. Where he deals with the genealogies of the ancient nobility of Liège and the surrounding area from the year 1102 until the year 1398. Put old into new language by Sr de Salbray. First edition of 1673. Rear binding (19°),


Jean Bacquet - Les oeuvres de Jean Bacquet, advocat du droit en la chambre du trésor - 1608

1 volume folio size. title: the works of Jean Bacquet, lawyer of law. in the treasure chamber. Rights of the domain of the crown of France reviewed, corrected and augmented by the annuity treaty by the same author. divided into four volumes. by: BACQUET Jean. contemporary full


Mercure Français - Suitte de l'Histoire de nostre temps, sous le règne du Très-Chrestien Roy de France & de Navarre - 1619

MERCURY FRANCOIS. Fifth volume of Mercure françois, or, Continuation of the History of our time, under the reign of the Most Christian. King of France & Navarre Louys XIII (...). Paris, Estienne Richer, 1619. In-8, full corded ivory vellum of the period, (1) f., (46), 336 p.. 304


Nicolas Malebranche - Méditations chrétiennes et métaphysiques / Entretiens sur la métaphysique et sur la religion - 1699

2 old books from the 17th century in good condition (see photos). Nicolas Malebranche, born in Paris on August 6, 1638 where he died on October 13, 1715, is a French theologian, Oratorian priest and philosopher. In his work, he synthesizes the thoughts of Saint Augustine and that


Pietro de' Crescenzi - Opera d'agricoltura. Ne laqual si contiene a che modi si debbe coltiuar la terra... Plantes erbe - 1538

Agricultural work. Peter Crescentius. It contains the ways in which the land should be cultivated: sowing, planting trees, managing gardens and vegetable gardens: the properties of all fruits, & herbs: the nature of all animals: & birds, ... Composed for the most excellent doctor


Caio Giulio Cesare - C. Iulii Caesaris Commentarii. Ab Aldo Manutio emendati et scholiis illustrati. - 1588

CAESAR Gaius Julius. C. Iulii Caesaris Commentarii. Ab Aldo Manutio emendati et scholiis illustrati. Venice, Fioravante Prati, 1588. Uncommon figurative edition of the Cesarian Commentaries with the scholia of Aldus Manutius the Younger. Ancient parchment binding. Title in gold


Thomas Linacre - Thomae Linacri britanni De emendata structura Latini sermonis. Libri sex - 1557

LINACRE Thomas. Thomae Linacri britanni De emendata structura Latini sermonis. Sex books. Cum Index very copious. Venetiis, 1557 (in late Venetiis, apud Paulum Manutium Aldi F., 1557). First edition. Very rare and beautiful original Aldine edition of one of the only two


Azuni - Giurisprudenza Mercantile - 1786

Azuni Domenico Alberto. Universal Dictionary Reasoned of. Mercantile Jurisprudence. Tome I/IV. Nice - 1786/88 - At the Printing Company. (5), XX, 392, (2) p. ; (8), 378, (2) p. ; (8), 398, (2) p. ; (8), 296, 55 (3) p. ; In 4th large - 25.2 X 20 cm. - Estimated FIRST EDITION of


Jacob Cats - Proteus of te minne-beelden verandert in sinne-beelden + Self-stryd + Mannelicke achtbaerheyt - 1621

Proteus or te minne-images changes into sinne-images - Rotterdam, P. van Waesberge 1627 - first edition - (8) 315 (1), 91, 48 (6) 49-55, 46pp [Bound with:] J. Cats Self-Struggle. That Is Powerful Movement of Flesh and Spirit. More poetically wise, it is shown in the person and


Johann Zeman & Dr. Ferd. Fischer - Dingler's polytechnisches journal : 6 volumes - 1878/1882

Johann Zeman & Dr. Ferd. Fischer - Dingler's polytechnisches journal : 6 volumes - Published between 1878:1882. - Marbled front and rear boards to each volume. - 248 total double-page plates highlighting the inner workings of various industrial machines used in the late 19th


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