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N. Ludlow Beamish - Geschichte der Deutschen Legion Zweiter Theil - 1906

History of the German Legion, Second Part. 1906. 790 pages and foreword. 5.Battle plans of one illustration and several plates. 23.5x17x5.5cm. Good condition, see photos


I. Irle - Die Herero. Ein Beitrag zur Landes-, Volks- & Missionskunde - 1906

First part: The land and people of the Herero. Second part: The work of the mission among the Herero. With 56 images. and 1 well-preserved map. VIII, 352 p. 8°, half-cloth volume of the time. Signature, stamp on title, cover slightly light-stained, otherwise nice copy.


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Prévost d´Exiles / Van der Schley / Beauvain / Chedel / Bellin - Histoire Générale des Voyages, [Tome 2, Afrique, Indes, Japon] - 1747

Volume 2 (wrongly numbered 'III' on the back) with several engravings and maps from the exclusive edition by De Hondt of the most famous collection of travel stories, illustrated with engraved plates sometimes unfoldable, offering maps and figures or panoramic views. Published


M.B. Synge - A book of discovery, The History of the World's Exploration - 1912

I have here a book entitled A BOOK OF DISCOVERY The History of the World's Exploration, from the Earliest Times to the Finding of the South Pole by M B Synge. It is a first edition published in 1912 by T C & E C Jack. It has 9 full page colour plates and 16 b/w plates and 164


Bundesministerium für Landesverteidigung/Hans Liska - Österreichs Wehrmacht /Kriegs skizzenbuch 1939-44 - 1937/1977

Interesting government publication advertising the Austrian army from after the fall of the Habsburg Empire to 1937, shortly before the annexation by Germany. Very good condition. The second is a 1977 reprint from a 1944 original by the well-known Austrian illustrator and


Prévost d´Exiles / Bellin / Van der Schley - Histoire Générale des Voyages - Volumes 19, 21, 22, 23, 24 - China, Korea - 1749/1749

Lot of 5 volumes of 'l'Histoire Generale des Voyages', with hard leather cover that together describe large parts of China. All text pages are present, and some of the maps and engravings are still present (photos have been taken of all engravings still present). 1. Volume 19


Bell, N (N, D'Anvers) - Heroes of Discovery in South Africa - 1899

I have here a book for sale entitled Heroes of Discovery in South Africa by Bell, N (N, D'Anvers). First Edition revised by London, Walter Scott, 1899. Including more than forty further excellent illustrations and reproductions (mostly full plates), an author's Introduction, an


Poggio Bracciolini - Historia Florentina - 1476

First editions in vernacular. Poggius Florentinus (Bracciolini) and Leonardus Brunus Aretinus works in a volume containing their histories of Florence, printed in 1476 and comprising: POGGIUS BRACCIOLINI, Florentinus (1380-1459). Historia Florentina (in Italian, translated by


Del Giudice/Bovio - Uniformi Militari Italiane + Le Bandiere dell’Esercito - 1964/1981

Elio and Vittorio Del Giudice. ITALIAN MILITARY UNIFORMS from 1861 to the present day 2 Volumes. Milan, Bramante Editrice 1964/1968. inFolio, cm. 30X34.5, editorial cloth with illustrated dust jacket. First volume from 1861 to 1933 (printing date: October 1964): 51 pages of text


Paolo Manuzio - Epistolarum libri X [bound w:] Illustres Viros [bound w:] Epistolarum Libri IX et X - 1571

3 BEAUTIFUL ILLUSTRATED ALDINE - COLLECTOR'S COPY. A collection of the famous Latin epistles in Ciceronian style by the Venetian scholar-publisher Paolo Manuzio (1512-74), third son of Aldus the Elder (1449-1515), founder of the famous "Aldino Press". The letters, dated between


Alberti L.B. - Della Architettura della Pittura e della Statua - 1782

Alberti Leon Battista. Of the Architecture of the Painting of the Statue. by Leonbatista Alberti. In Bologna - 1782 - Institute of Sciences (Petronio Dalla Volpe) (16), 341, (3)p. 69 c. of table ill. In large folio - 36 X 24.5 cm. “THE WORK OF THE HOMO UNIVERSALIS OF THE


George Anson - Voyage autour du monde, fait dans les années MDCCXL, I, II, III, IV - 1749

Voyage autour du monde, fait dans les années MDCCXL, I, II,... (1748) Beautiful copy of the 1749 French-language edition of the travelogue of the English Lord George Anson, Captain of the 'Centurion', admiral of a squadron that traveled around the world in the years 1740-44,


F.R.G.S. [= Richard F. Burton] - Wanderings in West Africa from Liverpool to Fernando Po. By A F.R.G.S. (Volume II) - 1863

I have here for sale an exceptionally RARE book entitled Wanderings in West Africa from Liverpool to Fernando Po. Volume II. By A F.R.G.S. {Richard F. ]. Burton}. Published by Tinsley Brothers, London, 1863. A poor ex-lib. copy of volume two, of the first edition of Burton's


Stichting de Roos - Lot met 4 bibliofiele uitgaven en 3 catalogi - 1960/1981

Four bibliophile publications from the De Roos Foundation and three catalogues. 1. Clemens Brentano. Die more Wehmüller und ungarischen Nationalgeschichter. Binding design and 17 lithographs by Kurt Löb. The lithographs were printed on the hand press by Piet Clement. Stichting de


Consociazione Turistica Italiana - Libro del 1938 con 640 pagine/15 carte geografiche/16 piante centri abitati/10 di edifici + rivista - 1935/1938

- Rare lot consisting of 1 original book from 1938, with 640 pages. Includes 15 geographical maps, 16 maps of population centres, 10 plans. of buildings + 1 magazine from 1935. 1) Guide to Italian East Africa. - 1 edition of 490,000 copies. - publisher: Italian Tourist


Victor Riquetti, marquis de Mirabeau et à François Quesnay - Philosophie rurale, ou Economie générale et politique de l'Agriculture, réduite à l'ordre immuable d - 1764

Rural philosophy, or general economy and politics of agriculture, reduced to the immutable order of physical and moral laws, which ensure the prosperity of empires. Works attributed to Victor Riquetti, Marquis de Mirabeau and François Quesnay. 2 complete volumes with folding


V. Huen e.a. - 3 Anciennes publications sur la Grande Guerre - 1917/1918

Set of 3 brochures: 1) Papier-Fetzen: Deutsche Bekanntmachungen in Belgien und Frankreich - 1917 - Soft publisher's cover - 37 x 27 cm - 38 p. This leaflet contains German orders from the First World War. These are reproductions of posters which were displayed in Belgium and


Signed; Charles Andler - La Jeunesse de Nietzsche [dedicated to Henri Bergson]. - 1921

Charles Philippe Théodore Andler (1866-1933), French philosopher and Germanologist. Nietzsche, sa Vie et sa Pensée / Tome II - La Jeunesse de Nietzsche. Paris, Éditions Bossard, 1921. One of the 6 volumes dedicated to the great German philosopher. In-8 (23 cm x 14.5 cm). 232


Dr. Emil Wilhelmy - China. Land und Leute. Illustrierte Geschichte des Reiches und seiner Wirren - 1904

China, country and people. Illustrated history of the empire and its turmoil. Dr. Emil Wilhelmy. Merkur Berlin 1904. L.24 cm. B.17 cm. D. 6 cm


Comte Edouard de Warren - L'Inde Anglaise, avant et après l'insurrection - 1857

Count Edouard de Warren - English India, before and after the insurrection of 1857 - Third edition, revised and considerably enlarged - Paris, bookstore of L. Hachette et Cie, 1857 - III pp, 511 pp, (2) ff, 340 pp - Half-chagrin of the time - in-8 - 12 x 18 cm. Condition: Caps,


De Bry / Benzoni - America pars Quinta - 1595

“America Pars Quinta” -Part 5 of De Bry's Grands Voyages. -Benzoni's description of the Americas. Includes a section on Crocodiles. -1st Latin Edition - Theodore De Bry - 1595 (ca.1617) -Large Quarto - 34 x 24cm - Unbound. - TP, 1-92 , 22 (of 22) plates. - Complete Text and


Pierre Sonnerat - Voyage aux Indes orientales et à la Chine (Travel to the East Indies and China) - 1782

FIRST OCTAVO EDITION in three (3) volumes of this "celebrated classic of natural history exploration and discoveries in the Far East" (Hill). The author, SONNERAT Pierre (1748-1814) travelled to India, China, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Philippines, Indonesia, New Guinea, Malaysia,


Guidobaldo Bonarelli Della Rovere - Discorsi del Sig Conte ..., Accademico intrepido, in difesa del doppio amor della sua Celia - 1703

In-12mo (14x10cm), 16 leaves, 189 pages, contemporary parchment. Business suit. Literate, playwright, philosopher and poet Bonarelli della Rovere was in the service of Cardinal Federico Borromeo in Milan, then of the Este family in Ferrara and Modena for whom he held various


Johann Zeman & Dr. Ferd. Fischer - Dingler's polytechnisches journal : 6 volumes - 1878/1882

Johann Zeman & Dr. Ferd. Fischer - Dingler's polytechnisches journal : 6 volumes - Published between 1878:1882. - Marbled front and rear boards to each volume. - 248 total double-page plates highlighting the inner workings of various industrial machines used in the late 19th

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