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Henri Linguet - Annali politici, civili e letterari del secolo decimottavo, opera periodica del Sig. Linguet - 1780

There are four volumes of the periodical Annali polòitici, civili eletterari edited by the controversial journalist and lawyer Simon Nicholas Henri Linguet translated here into Italian. This newspaper was first printed in Great Britain in 1777, followed by numerous authorized or


Salbatore Dino - Mussolini, la mia vita segreta - 1983

My Secret Life book. Example no. 695. Grand luxury ad personam edition of 5999 unrepeatable "ORO" series pieces. Copy signed by the publisher Dino Editori. Work conceived and created by Salvatore Dino in 1983, the first centenary of the birth of Benito Mussolini. Measures: 52cm


Cipriano Efisio Oppo - Fuoco!, con una prefazione di P. L. Occhini - 1916

Hard cardboard, illustrated binding - 26 pasted images. Photos are part of the description


Lionetto Santi - Principato Piemontese - 1995

Piedmontese Principality, edited by Lionetto Santi, presentation by Valentino Brosio. Piedmontese Principality reconstructs the events of the region from the Roman occupation to the Middle Ages: from the first installations of garrisons to the foundation of new colonies; and


Francesco Kugler - Storia di Federico il Grande - 1854

KUGLER Francis. History of Frederick the Great. Mantua from the Tipografia Virgiliana by L: Caranenti 1854. First Italian Edition. Rare original edition of the biography of the famous Prussian King, Enlightenment philosopher but also great political and military strategist, one


Salmon Thomas - Storia Moderna di Tutti popoli Del Mondo Naturale, Politico, E Morale. Del Regno Di Spagna - 1745

Superb work; This is a vast encyclopedic project that describes the entire world in the 18th century, based on the accounts of ancient and modern travelers - This volume XIV is entirely devoted to Spain, and will introduce you to this country in all its aspects: its geographical


Jean Bacquet - Les oeuvres de Jean Bacquet, advocat du droit en la chambre du trésor - 1608

1 volume folio size. title: the works of Jean Bacquet, lawyer of law. in the treasure chamber. Rights of the domain of the crown of France reviewed, corrected and augmented by the annuity treaty by the same author. divided into four volumes. by: BACQUET Jean. contemporary full


Benito Mussolini - Scritti e Discorsi di Benito Mussolini - 11 Volumi (1934 - 1938) - 1934

Writings and speeches by Benito Mussolini Definitive Edition 1934 - 1938, 11 volumes. The volumes individually measure H 22.5 cm L 15.5 cm. Volume I From intervention to fascism 15 November 1914 - 23 March 1919 383 pages; Volume II The fascist revolution 23 March 1919 - 28


Francois Le Vaillant - Secondo Viaggio di F. Le Vaillant - 1817

Second Viagio di F. Le Vaillant nell'interno dell'Africa pel Capo di Buona Speranza. Traduzione dall' originale francese di F. Contari. con tavole in rame colerate. Milano Dalla Tipografia Sonzogno e Comp. 1817. Quatro volumi con 18 tavole fuori test finemento colorate da


- - Giovanni Paolo I - Morte dopo 33 giorni - Vita, Giornale completo, 14 pagine, originale - 1978

Vita evening edition. Independent daily newspaper. Year XX - n. 262. Friday 29 - Saturday 30 September 1978. Complete, original newspaper. 14 pages. Main articles: The Pope has died. John Paul I succumbed to a heart attack in his bed after 33 days of pontificate. John Paul I


VIVENZIO Nicola. - Delle Antiche Provincie del Regno di Napoli e loro Governo - 1808

VIVENTIO Nicola. Of the Ancient Provinces of the Kingdom of Naples and their Government. Naples Stamperia Simoniana 1808. First Edition. Hard to find original edition of the famous historical-economic work of the famous Neapolitan magistrate and enlightenment scholar. The work


Giovanni Treccani S.P.A. - Storia Di Venezia - 1992

History of Venice. 15 Volumes. Institute of the Italian Encyclopedia. Founded by Giovanni Treccani. Rome. Each Volume has its own volume holder. It is in perfect condition, practically like new. Extremely accurate shipping is guaranteed.


Varese - Storia della Repubblica di Genova - 1835

Rare first edition of this famous work on the History of Genoa, written by Carlo Varese (1793-1866) from Tortono, which however was not at all appreciated by the Genoese due to its tone of excessive adulation towards the Savoy dynasty. See Manno, 22479. Carlo Varese, History of


Padre Eusebio - Il testamento spirituale di Mussolini - 1998

Book The Spiritual Testament of Mussolini by Father Eusebio Dino Editore. Specimen no. 207 ad personam luxury edition in a very limited and unrepeatable edition of 1999 copies. Copy signed by the publisher. Work conceived and created by Salvatore Dino. Printed with noble Roman


Romano Mussolini - Mussolini e le opere - 1999

Book Mussolini and the Works of Romano Mussolini. Specimen no. 181 ad personam grand luxury edition in a print run of 1999 unrepeatable "ORO" series, bears the signatures of Romano Mussolini and the publisher Dino. Work conceived and created in two volumes by Salvatore Dino,


De Haller Carlo Ludovico - Ristaurazione della scienza politica ovvero teoria dello stato naturale sociale opposta alla - 1826

Restoration of political science or theory of the natural social state as opposed to the assumption of a factual civil state. First Italian translation. by De Haller Carlo Ludovico. A work that is difficult to find, but incomplete in 6 volumes (the last two are missing, however


AA.VV. - Storia della Farmacia a Napoli - Antichi mortai di Farmacia- Congresso Titolari di Farmacia - 1955

History of Pharmacy in Naples. From the conventual Spetiaria to the nineteenth-century workshops. by Pope S. - Chichierchia L. pp. 175 with rich iconography. flexible cover, color and b/w illustrations. size 25 x 25 cm. Electa Naples 1998. Very good condition. Ancient pharmacy


Achille Sansi - Storia del Comune di Spoleto - 1879

SANSI Achilles. History of the Municipality of Spoleto. Foligno Establishment of P. Sgariglia 1879. JOINED TO: SANSI Achille. Memories added to the History of the Municipality of Spoleto. Foligno Establishment of P. Sgariglia 1886. First Edition. Unfindable original editions of


Riccardi, Tommaso - Storia dei vescovi vicentini dedicata a sua eccellenza reverendissima monsig. Marco Zaguri nel suo - 1786

Marbled binding in half parchment, pages XXVIII, 263, 1, dimensions 25 x 19 cm. Excellent conservation, printed on strong and margined paper, intaglio coat of arms of Bishop Zaguri on the title page. History of 86 bishops of Vicenza from the 1st to the 18th century, from San


Rosini - Luisa Strozzi. Storia del Secolo XVI - 1833

Valuable original edition, splendidly illustrated, of this classic of historical literature in which the author represents, with those of Luisa Strozzi, daughter of the famous Filippo, the events and customs of Alessandro known as dei Medici, first Duke of Florence. Giovanni


- - Rapimento Aldo Moro - Il Tempo, Giornale completo, 28 pagine, originale - 18 marzo - 1978

The weather. Rome Year XXXV - n. 76. Saturday 18 March 1978. Complete, original newspaper. 28 pages. Main articles: Aldo Moro's kidnappers don't show up. The raids continue: first arrests. Calm is not enough. Measures by decree agreed at the summit. Investigations in Rome:


Dino editore - Mio Padre Il Duce - 1998

Book My Father Il Duce 1883 - 1945. Specimen no. 340 ad personam grand luxury edition in a print run of 1999 unrepeatable "ORO" series with signature of the publisher Dino Editore. Measures: 52cm x 15cm x 12cm. Possibility of purchasing in bulk with other books of the same


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