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Bastiano De' Rossi / Accademia della Crusca - Vocabolario degli Accademici della Crusca - 1623

Volume weight 3 kg, 950 numbered pages + 40 final pages (80 pages)


Marco Guazzo - Historie Tutti i fatti degni di memoria nel mondo successi dal MDXXIII sino a l'anno MDXLIX - 1549

Histories by M. Marco Guazzo of all the facts worthy of memory in the world that occurred from MDXXIIII up to the year MDXLIX. Good state of conservation. Internally in excellent condition. Small defects on the cover as shown in the photo. 329 numbered pages and 8 unnumbered


Vasari - Vite de' più eccellenti pittori, scultori et architetti - 1647

RENAISSANCE REVEALED: SPLENDID ILLUSTRATED EDITION OF VASARI'S "LIVES" A beautiful illustrated copy from 1647 with 152 portraits engraved on wood. The most complete edition of Giorgio Vasari's masterful work. Discover the stories, intrigues and brilliant moments of creativity


Gioseppe Rosaccio - Il Mondo e sue Parti. Cioé Europa, Africa, Asia et America - 1596

ROSACCIO Gioseppe. The World and its Parts. That is Europe, Africa, Asia and America. Verona, Francesco dalle Donne and Scipione Vargnano, 1596. Prestigious and extremely rare sixteenth-century atlas by the famous Friulian cartographer and topographer, astronomer and astrologer.


Erasmo / Manuzio / Plautus - Plauti Comoediis - 1522

EXTRAORDINARY COLLABORATION BETWEEN ERASMO AND ALDO MANUZIO - ALDINA POST INCUNABLE. "First and only Aldine edition of Plautus' comedies. Text revised and commented by Erasmus Roterodamus (Erasmus of Rotterdam) in 1508, with the collaboration of Aldus Manutius". (See Renouard, p.


Marigny - Histoire des Arabes sous le gouvernement des Califes. ‎Généalogie de Mahomet ( Islam) - 1750

First edition of this classic work on the history of Arabia. “highly esteemed” writes Hage Chahine 3021. Chadenat n°1818. Complete copy in 4 volumes in period bindings in full marbled & glazed calfskin, very well preserved and decorative. Containing an interesting historical


Tomasini Giacomo - Illustrium virorum elogia iconibus exornata.... bound with Squitinio della libertà veneta nel quale - 1630

Iacobi Philippi Tomasini Patavini Illustrium virorum praises iconibus exornata. (1630) combined with Squitinius of Venetian liberty in which the reasons for the Roman Empire over the city and Lordship of Venetia are also adduced in the rare original edition of 1612 probably


Biringuccio - Pirotechnia - 1550

Biringuccio Vannuccio. Pyrotechnia. He gave them books on pyrotechnics. Venice - 1550 - Giovanni Padovano for Curzio Troiano Navo. (8), 167, (1) c. Mr. [cross]8 A-X8. In 4th - 20 X 14.5 cm. FIRE ART AND TECHNIQUE. THE FIRST BOOK PRINTED ON METALLURGY, APPLIED CHEMISTRY, THE


M. de Marolles - L' Office de la Semaine Sainte, selon le Missel... - 1673

L'Office de la Semaine Sainte, selon le Missel... Title page + 14 pages + 752 pages. With 4 full-page engravings.


Pierre de Médine - L'art de naviguer - 1618

Very rare late edition of the Art of Navigating by Pierre de Médine, in La Rochelle by Hiérosme Haultin, by Corneille Hertman, 1618. Complete copy, multiple pagination errors. 9 plates out of text. Initials, culs-de-lampe and numerous figures throughout the text engraved on wood.


Louis Maimbourg - Traité historique de l'établissement de l'église de Rome [rel. aux armes du Dauphin de France] - 1686

Louis Maimbourg - Historical treatise on the establishment and prerogatives of the church of Rome - in Paris, at Sébastien Mabre-Cramoisy, printer to the King, 1686 - (16) ff, 357 pages, (1) ff - full calf the time - in-4 - 19 x 26 cm. Condition: caps, joints and corners in good


Bion & Moschus - Les idylles de Bion et de Moschus - 1688

“The idylls of Bion and Moschus” “translated from Greek into French verse with remarks” “Following the Paris Copy”. By Bion Smyrnaeus & Moschos (Moschus). Amsterdam, Chez Henry Desbordes, 1688. 230 pages. The first half is an edition in Greek and French of the Idylls of Bion and


Théodore Godefroy & Jacques de Mailles - Histoire du chevalier Bayard, lieutenant Général pour le roi. - 1616

Precious and rare book. Godfrey Théodore & Jacques de Mailles. History of the knight Bayard, lieutenant general for the king in the government of Dauphiné, and of several memorable things that happened in France, Italy, Spain and the Netherlands, during the reign of kings Charles


Sieur de Valincour - La Vie de François de Lorraine, Duc de Guise - 1681

Extremely rare copy of this work which tells you about the life of François de Lorraine, Duke of Guise, one of the greatest military and political leaders of the 16th century - You will discover his childhood, his warlike exploits, his rivalry with the Huguenots, his influence


Menochio - Le Stuore overo Trattenimenti Eruditi - 1678

Very rare Bolognese edition (the first, in a single volume, dates back to 1646) of the "Stuore" by Giovanni Stefano Menochio (1575-1655). It is an impressive mix of stories and curiosities: ranging from the rivers of paradise on earth to poisonous mushrooms; from assumptions


Pietro de' Crescenzi - Opera d'agricoltura. Ne laqual si contiene a che modi si debbe coltiuar la terra... Plantes erbe - 1538

Agricultural work. Peter Crescentius. It contains the ways in which the land should be cultivated: sowing, planting trees, managing gardens and vegetable gardens: the properties of all fruits, & herbs: the nature of all animals: & birds, ... Composed for the most excellent doctor


Caio Giulio Cesare - C. Iulii Caesaris Commentarii. Ab Aldo Manutio emendati et scholiis illustrati. - 1588

CAESAR Gaius Julius. C. Iulii Caesaris Commentarii. Ab Aldo Manutio emendati et scholiis illustrati. Venice, Fioravante Prati, 1588. Uncommon figurative edition of the Cesarian Commentaries with the scholia of Aldus Manutius the Younger. Ancient parchment binding. Title in gold


Thomas Linacre - Thomae Linacri britanni De emendata structura Latini sermonis. Libri sex - 1557

LINACRE Thomas. Thomae Linacri britanni De emendata structura Latini sermonis. Sex books. Cum Index very copious. Venetiis, 1557 (in late Venetiis, apud Paulum Manutium Aldi F., 1557). First edition. Very rare and beautiful original Aldine edition of one of the only two


Madeleine Dietz, Juan Ramon Jimenez - Eternidad, Dulce Niña - 2006

Madeleine Dietz. Born in 1953 in Germany, Madeleine Dietz studied at the Mannheim School of Art and was especially interested in books and graphic illustration. She is known for her often moving installations, performances and videos, in very symbolic places such as churches or


Azuni - Giurisprudenza Mercantile - 1786

Azuni Domenico Alberto. Universal Dictionary Reasoned of. Mercantile Jurisprudence. Tome I/IV. Nice - 1786/88 - At the Printing Company. (5), XX, 392, (2) p. ; (8), 378, (2) p. ; (8), 398, (2) p. ; (8), 296, 55 (3) p. ; In 4th large - 25.2 X 20 cm. - Estimated FIRST EDITION of


Marcus. Tullius Tiro - M. Tullii Ciceronis Epistolarum Ad M. Terentium Varronem Liber IX,X,XI,XII,XIII,XIV,XV,XVI - Tomus - 1676

This very rare edition also contains a commentary by Paulus Manutius, a famous humanist and printer of the 16th century, who explains and criticizes Cicero's letters. The contents of this edition consist of 1,040 pages containing the Latin text of Cicero's letters to his


Karl Kautsky - Античный мир, иудейство и христианство - 1909

This book was first published in Germany in 1908, and already in 1909 it was published in Russia in Russian. In the original language, the book was called “The Origin of Christianity.” In his work, the famous theorist of social democracy Karl Kautsky (1854-1938) focuses on the


Balthasar Cordier (Balthasar Corderius) - Catena sexaginta quinque Patrum græcorum in S. Lucam - 1628

Balthasar Cordier [Balthasar Corderius] - Catena sexaginta quinque Patrum græcorum in S. Lucam (...) - Antverpiæ, Officina Plantiniana, 1628 - (24) + 633 + Index + Memorabilium + concionatorius - 35 x 24 cm. Condition: very good - very neat binding with very solid joints (spine


Coronelli Vincenzo - Arme, blasoni o insegne gentilitie delle famiglie patritie nella Serenissima Repubblica di Venezia - 1694

VINCENZO CORONELLI – WEAPONS, COAT OF ARMS OR GENTILITIE INSIGNIA OF THE PATRITIC FAMILIES IN THE MOST SERENISH REPUBLIC OF VENICE – WITHOUT DATE (but printed between 1694 and 1701). Edition without typographical data. It was almost certainly printed in Venice. This work can be


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