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Panini - World Cup Brasil 2014 - Original loose sticker Lionel Messi #430 - Brazil Edition

Original sticker number 430 of Lionel Messi in the rare Brazilian version of the Panini.


Panini - Germany 2006 World Cup - Cristiano Ronaldo - 506 Loose stickers

Hello dear Panini collecting friends. I am offering 506 different stickers from my Panini collection, including Cristiano Ronaldo World Cup rookie stickers and Zidane, Ibrahimovic, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, postage stamps, many coats of arms, stadiums, teams and many player stickers.


Panini - World Cup Italia 90 - Promo sheet with Maradona sticker - 1990

Mickey Mouse magazine with a promotional sheet of Panini World Cup / World Cup 1990 Italy in the middle. This sheet of 8 stickers contains the popular picture of Diego Armando Maradona. Sheet is stuck in one place in the magazine, fortunately not on the picture of Maradona. My


Topps - Back to the Future 2 - 36 sealed bubble gum packs - 1989

36 packs with 9 movie cards, 1 sticker and 1 bubble gum. Original packaging. The box is just in bad condition. Will be shipped with DHL or PostNL.


Panini - World Cup Brasil 2014 - Original loose sticker Cristiano Ronaldo #523 - Brazil Edition

Original sticker number 523 of Cristiano Ronaldo in the rare Brazilian version of the Panini.


Panini - WC Mexico 70 - Andrade (history 1930) original loose card - 1970

Mexico 70 World Cup sticker figurine in excellent condition. Red black back


Panini - World Cup Mexico 70 - Italia 1934 red black back - Original Red Black Back card - 1970

Mexico 70 World Cup red black back sticker figurine in excellent condition


Panini - World Cup España 82 - Complete album

Complete collection, saved together, neatly glued. Weight: about 250 grams. Size: 24x27cm. However: not much to add; Everyone from the past still remembers the "old guard", who created a furore in Spain in 1982 (only goal in the match and winning goal against


Panini - World Cup 2018 & 2022 + Euro 2020 - 7 complete/incomplete albums

Lot of PANINI Football albums, ///// Russia 2018 CM Complete paperback album duplicate images 168. in triple 54. Metal box to store images. ///// Qatar 2022 Incomplete hardback album missing 152 stickers. duplicate images 135. in triplicate 28. Empty paperback album. ///// Euro


Panini - Futebol Portugal 1992/93 - 'Luis Figo' #25 loose sticker - 1992

Calendar/Chrome Luís Figo 1992/1993 (Rookie) - Rare. Calendar/Chrome of Luís Figo in his 1st Year at Sporting Clube de Portugal. Calendar/Chrome is in excellent condition. see pictures


Panini - EC Europa 80 - Franz Beckenbauer - Original loose sticker

Panini Europa 80 Beckenbauer. Linked shipments possible


Panini - Calciatori 1990/91 - Empty album + complete loose sticker set (sleeved inside collector's album)

All stickers are on tissue paper, in excellent/newsstand condition. The stickers are stored in Masterphil sheets and enclosed in personalized Masterphil binders with exclusive front/back designs (they are not in the Masterphil catalogue) and with writing on the front and spine.


Panini - Fussball '95 Bundesliga - 1 Complete Album

Panini Bundesliga 1994 / 1995 Album. This album is in very good condition including all stickers. The album is not described and has the rare extra sheet (EXTA HEFT ZUM STICKER ALBUM FUSSBALL'95). The original reorder form is of course available. a rare copy with stickers of


Panini - World Cup Germany 2006 - Messi / Zlatan - 2 Loose stickers

Original sticker Panini of Germany 2006: number 185 of Lionel Messi and 166 of Zlatan Ibrahimovic.


Panini - Futebol 2006/07 Superliga Portugal - Complete Album

Beautiful Complete Album with update stickers from Panini Superliga Futebol 2006-07 the Portuguese first division league of Football. These Album are in good condition and contains: - All the Stickers from all the teams (16) of the 1st Portuguese division presented in season


Panini - Euro 2012 - Cristiano Ronaldo - 1 Complete Set

Panini Euro 2012 Complete Album white Edge. For the real collector to complete his or her collection. This beautiful Album is; - complete with all original stickers. - well stapled. - special rare edition. - not described with results. - in very good condition. To get a nice


Panini - EC Euro 2008 - Complete album - 2008

Panini ek 2008 album. This album is in good condition with all stickers present. In addition, good at staples and not written with results. The order form is neatly included in the album. To get a good, clear picture, photos of all pages have been added. Many stars have


Panini - South Africa 2010 World Cup - Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi - 1 Empty album + complete loose sticker set

Panini World Cup 2010 ALBUM. Panini World Cup 2010 set. Consisting of; - empty album with original order form and original album stickers. - complete loose sticker set 639 stickers. - note that the 4 sets of stickers are NOT included. - 2 extra sticks (Neuer and Kroos DUI) Mint


Topps - Formula 1 2020 - 1 Complete Album

Complete Album. Very good condition. Italy. Tracked registered mail shipping


Panini - World Cup Football Collections 1970-2014 - 1 Sticker album

Album complet réunissant tous les albums de la coupe du monde panini jusqu'à 2014. Neuf sous blister avec a l intérieur un marque page. 786 pages, poids du livre 2,6 kilos. Envoi en Collissimo


Panini - Tutto Milan - 147 Sticker

Panini - LOT of 47 Original Adhesive Stickers (Stickers) + 25 Boosters with 4 Mint Stikers Each Envelope, for a total of 147 stickers, for the Album "Tutto Milan" Edition N.19 of 1997 + The Album with various stickers already the photos demonstrate. (See photos).


Panini - WC Qatar 2022 - 2 empty albums + complete loose sticker set - 1 Mixed collection

Hello, A beautiful World Cup 2022 Panini Album including all 670 stickers. Including Empty Original Hardcover Album & Softcover Album. Several players played their first World Cup here. Incl Mbappe, Messi, Ronaldo and many other Stars. Panini 00. Intro, stadiums, Legends. FWC:


Panini - World Cup 2010/14/18/22 - Cristiano Ronaldo, Kylian Mbappé, Lionel Messi - 10 Loose stickers

10 original Panini stickers of the following stars at various World Cups; Lionel Messi; 2010, 2014, 2018 and 2022. Cristiano Ronaldo; 2010, 2014, 2018 and 2022. Kylian Mbappe; 2018 (Rookie) in plastic hardened cover graded 8.5 and 2022. Stickers all in very good condition


Panini - Diego Maradona - 13x stickers incl. Rookie Footballers & World Cup - 1979

13 stickers of Diego Armando Maradona from the 1982 to 1990 World Cup, with a 1978 sticker also from the 1984/85 to 1990/91 championship. For true collectors and admirers of a champion. Maradona


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